6 Weighted Blankets for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Weighted blankets can help calm the mind and bodies of people who have Parkinson’s Disease by providing deep pressure stimulation to reduce anxiety and control sensory processing. Here are some of the best weighted blankets to help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

woman with menopause using a fan to cool off

The Top 5 Weighted Blankets For Menopause

Many women enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets but worry about getting too hot due to menopause symptoms. But, these cooling weighted blankets for menopause might be the best of both worlds.

senior man with knee pain after using weighted blanket

Can Weighted Blankets Cause Knee And Leg Pain?

The simple answer is yes, weighted blankets can cause leg and knee pain and there have also been reports of hip and back pain. Here are some potential causes and solutions for this problem.

senior couple sleeping with weighted blanket that keeps you cool

6 Weighted Blankets That Keep You Cool For Better Sleep

Would you love to use a weighted blanket but also tend to get hot when you sleep? These weighted blankets are designed to cool you off while you sleep so that you can enjoy the mental and physical benefits of a weighted blanket.