warm clothing for the elderly

Warm Clothing For The Elderly… From Head to Toe

Because seniors feel the cold more than younger folks, they need to bundle up in warmer clothing when exposed to colder temperatures. Here are some options of warm clothing for the elderly to keep them warm from head to toe.

older man using a safe heater for seniors

5 Safe Heaters For Seniors: Getting Toasty and Warm… Safely!

Feeling cold is a common complaint of aging. Often this is a side effect of medication or symptom of different ailments. But, seniors are also at a higher risk of injury or death in a fire. Here are some safe heaters for seniors and elderly people to keep them toasty and warm… safely!

how to keep the elderly warm

How To Keep The Elderly Warm [Advice + 7 Tips]

Feeling cold is a common complaint of the elderly and there are lots of ways to keep elderly people warm. Learn more about traditional ways like layered clothing and blankets plus so higher tech ways through thermostats and electronic devices.

winter safety tips for seniors

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors to Keep Them Safe and Warm

Keep the seniors you love safer in the winter by improving their overall health, evaluating their environment, having a backup plan, and making sure they have the right clothing and footwear. Here are more winter safety tips for seniors.

grandmother doing activities with grandkids inside house in winter

Need Things To Do With Grandchildren In The Winter?

This list of things to do with your grandchildren in the winter will help keep boredom away and build memories that will last for years. Choose from these educational and fun activities to keep your grandkids busy for hours.