The Best Texting Apps For Seniors (Easy Messaging Apps for Older Adults)


The internet has done a great job in connecting people despite the distance from one another. And with texting apps, the elderly can easily keep in touch with their loved ones.

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Texting Apps For Seniors

The internet has become one of the most important things and has an impact on different areas of everyone’s life. It has made things easier, especially communication and keeping in touch with loved ones. It is no longer something that is for the young people, but elders are getting to enjoy it too.

The assumption that it is hard to operate devices needs to stop because there are many seniors enjoying their devices and keeping in touch with their loved ones.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to apps seniors need. Texting with loved ones is a good way to keep in touch because it can be used even when the other person is busy.

The importance of communication apps for seniors and the elderly was seen during the pandemic because seniors had a hard time keeping in touch with their loved ones because of the lockdowns and restrictions. They had to be isolated and not able to receive their loved ones.

The TV didn’t offer much value. This made it important for them to be connected with their loved ones in other ways. 

The good thing is many of them have laptops, computers, and mobile phones around them. It has become common to find them on social media platforms like Facebook. They are becoming more and more comfortable with the realm of “connectivity.”

Parents and grandparents can easily keep in touch with their children and grandchildren. It also makes it easier for them to keep in touch with their friends, which is an important thing for seniors. The traditional method of communicating is not enough because seniors want to see their loved ones too.

texting apps for seniors list
The ideal texting apps for seniors are those that are easy to use and convenient.

Texting Apps For Seniors

Texting apps for seniors should be easy to use and convenient too. With a lot of options to choose from, it is a good idea to take the time and look at some great options.

It can take some time to learn how to use these apps, but everything becomes pretty easy once they understand it. Below are some texting apps that seniors can use to stay connected.


This is the most popular messaging app with billions of users. It has become a great alternative to SMS because it doesn’t cost. All you need is an internet connection. This is an app that the elderly can easily use, especially those with arthritis and visual impairment that makes it hard to type.

The app can be downloaded to any device. The good thing with WhatsApp is the option of using voice messaging instead of typing it out.

Some features that seniors appreciate with the app are video and photo transfer, which is an easy thing they can learn. All that is needed is a little training from loved ones or a friend. The senior can use it with ease.

The app comes with a built-in camera which makes it easier for them to snap a photo and send it. This is good because choosing a photo from the gallery and sending it can be a challenge for some.

One that has made WhatsApp a great option is features like calling and chatting from any device, no matter the platform. The user can send text or voice messages. It is also possible to install it on the computer.

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp is the option to call up to 8 people. This can make it easy to have a group conversation with the family.

Video calls will keep everyone connected, and they will make a person happy because they get to see their loved ones at the same time. This is a simple texting app that every senior needs.

Facebook Messenger

This has become one of the most popular apps with seniors. In the past, Facebook was seen as a thing for young people, and many seniors didn’t bother with it.

This has changed, and many of them are now on the platform. It took time for them to become comfortable with the platform, but now most of them are fully comfortable with the platform.

Most of them joined Facebook because their friends and family were there. Some were pressured to join to make it easier for them to remain connected. There are those who joined the platform because they wanted to become part of the Facebook community. 

Facebook Messenger is an amazing app that can do even more. You might not have used Facebook Messenger, but it is easy to install, versatile, and compatible with all conceivable devices – laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The app can also be installed on both iOS and Android. 

It has both visual and audio call features. The users can use both of them at the same time on any device, but the person being called has to be on Messenger. Seniors might need help installing this app, but it is simple. All that is needed is a quick demonstration, and they can start using it.

The Messenger app is going to help seniors keep connected with their families. They can text or call their loved ones no matter where they are. 

texting apps for seniors Telegram
The Telegram app contains a lot of safety and privacy features.


Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that prides itself on being the most secure system in the world. There are a lot of safety features on the app that ensures your conversation and data remain private.

It has a Secret Chat feature that is going to delete the message from both devices automatically. You are going to set how long before the message can be deleted. It can be after two seconds or one week. This is a good feature for people who are concerned about privacy.

It offers end-to-end encryption, which means there is no trace left on the company’s servers, which means only the person being sent the message is going to read it. 

Telegram is becoming more and more popular, with over half a billion users. It is easy to send videos and photos using the app. It has a higher file size limit compared to other platforms like WhatsApp

There are other messaging apps like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. FaceTime is a good option because more and more seniors are using it. People like it when they can see the person they are talking to.

The downside is FaceTime is only available on Apple devices and on the App Store. If you are not using them, just use the above options because they are going to work fine.

Final Thoughts

Setting up the above apps can be a challenge for most seniors because it can involve a lot of steps. But these simple phone apps make older adult’s phones much easier to use overall.

It is important for family members to help out. If a family member cannot help with that, caregivers can come to the rescue. There is nothing much needed, just the setup and a short tutorial.

It is normal for the learning process to take time, just be patient. They don’t have to learn everything at once. Some things they are going to learn when they start using the app.

It is important to choose the best texting apps for seniors. Something that makes it easier to keep in touch with their loved ones. It also helps to teach them about texting etiquette. Look at the different options, then choose one that is easy for them.

You also have to consider the apps being used by your friends and family. There is no need to have an app installed when no one is on it. It is hard to communicate when you are on Telegram, and the other person is on WhatsApp.

The good thing is they can have more than one app. Seniors need to try different options and see which one works best for them.

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