The Benefits Of Lightweight Wheelchairs When Entering The Next Stage In Life

young hand holding an elderly hand with a wheelchair in the backgroundYou’re entering the next stage in life. The things which you can do easily back when you were still a teen are things which now seem like a burden to you. You can no longer stay up late until the wee hours of the morning and play sports with friends for hours. Your outlook on life has also changed. Before, you’d always want to go out with friends and meet new people, but now, you’re fine with staying at home for the weekend. And soon enough, you know that you’ll be needing mobility aids for you to move around. It’ll be hard for you to walk and move from one place to another on your own. As preparation, you’re thinking of using lightweight wheelchairs. You have seen many seniors using them, and you believe this will also be very helpful for you in the near future.

Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchairs

Nowadays, there are many kinds of wheelchairs sold in the market. You can now buy ergonomic wheelchairs, recliner, tilt and even bariatric. But with the number of options you can choose from, a lightweight wheelchair is still the choice of many. To convince you how useful lightweight wheelchairs are, here are some of its benefits:

  1. Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to store: Using a wheelchair can become a challenge especially if your home isn’t spacious enough. You’ll have a hard time looking for areas where you can store your wheelchair when you’re sleeping or when you’d rather use the sofa. In scenarios like these, lightweight wheelchairs can help. These types of wheelchairs are very easy to store which means when not in use, you can have the option of placing it in any corner of your home. These are also foldable so storing it won’t take so much of your space.
  2. Lightweight wheelchairs are lighter to carry: Seniors fear that because they’re already old, they’ll end up spending their hours inside the house, not being able to go anywhere – and you might be one of them. With a lightweight wheelchair, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Since lightweight wheelchairs only weigh about 14kg, it’s very light and can be carried anywhere. This means that you can bring your wheelchair wherever you are with ease. If your family is planning to travel to another state, you can still join them since you can always have your wheelchair with you.
  3. Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to maneuver: When seniors start to use mobility aids, they think they can no longer function at home. They think that mobility aids will hinder them from doing simple chores. This kind of mindset can affect their mental health adversely. When you buy a lightweight wheelchair, you can have mobility and performance at the same time. You can still meet your daily tasks easier. Additionally, lightweight wheelchairs usually come with fitted and larger wheels which require less effort from you to maneuver. You’ll be able to move around faster, complete tasks while having fun and reduce stress and strain on your arms. Being able to experience all of these things as a senior can greatly improve your quality of life!
  4. Lightweight wheelchairs equally distribute weight: Yes, even seniors who are heavy can make use of lightweight wheelchairs. As ironic as it sounds, lightweight wheelchairs actually are more suited for heavier users. Although their aluminum frames are lightweight, they are sturdy and can support a person who weighs 250 pounds. Lightweight wheelchairs also equally distribute the weight of the user while seated. This promotes self-propulsion while making it easier for them to move around using the wheelchair quickly.
  5. Lightweight wheelchairs are very comfortable: Using a wheelchair shouldn’t cause any kind of pain or discomfort for users like you. On the contrary, you should be comfortable and at ease whenever you’re seated in it. These factors are essential especially if you’re recovering from any type of illnesses and prevent common bone diseases. Although it has a skinnier build compared to others, lightweight wheelchairs provide comfort to its users. If you want to take it up a notch with your wheelchair, you can always add in extra padding in the framework. You can even add shock absorbers to make your ride very smooth. All of these things can be done with lightweight wheelchairs since these are very adaptable to your needs.
  6. Lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for indoor and outdoor use: Seniors also need to breathe fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Doing these regularly can have a positive impact on their health. And instead of going through the hassle of moving from one wheelchair to another whenever you’re going out, use a lightweight wheelchair. These are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Now all you need is a ramp at home and you can easily stroll outdoors using the same wheelchair.
  7. Lightweight wheelchairs can provide additional storage options: There are still some hobbies you can do as a senior. You can still spend time reading good books or drink a cup of your favorite coffee during leisure. This is something a lightweight wheelchair can support you with. Lightweight wheelchairs offer additional storage which means you can carry all of these while seated without worrying about adding weight to the wheelchair. You can still navigate through the wheelchair easily even if you have these things with you.
  8. Lightweight wheelchairs can improve your range of motion: Some wheelchairs available today are very bulky and comes with different accessories. These can be helpful for some but these can also hinder you from moving quickly and easily. As the name suggests, lightweight wheelchairs are very light which gives you more control over what you can do with it. You can solely control the wheelchair, and not the other way around.
  9. Lightweight wheelchairs can give you greater independence: Aside from stating the obvious, there is one thing which lightweight wheelchairs can give to its users – that is greater independence. With the number of benefits this type of wheelchair can give you, you’ll be able to do more and live life to the fullest even as a senior. You can still meet your responsibilities at home and event travel with friends and family!

Think Positive

Regardless of the lifestyle you have right now, time will come when your youth will be gone. Things will change for you mentally, physically and emotionally. This is how life goes. But instead of sulking around, contemplating on how limited your actions can be, why not try to see the good when you’re entering the next stage of life? Yes, you’re older but you can still do a lot, and it’s because of a lightweight wheelchair. A lightweight wheelchair can become your tool to make life easier for you, even when you’re a senior.

Editor Note: This article was provided by Carol Gibbins who believes in the power of writing to be able to touch the hearts and minds of readers, and this is exactly what motivates her to pursue a career as a blogger and contributor for sites such as Disability Friendly. Her penchant to write pieces with a unique and creative flair has allowed her to both entertain and inform her readers on various issues and topics related to healthcare and medicine.

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