24 Unusual Gifts For Elderly Ladies (A Unique Gift to Make Her Smile)


Looking for a gift for an elderly lady that's a bit different? This list of the best unusual gifts for older women is complete with practical, stylish, and fun ideas.

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unusual gifts for elderly ladies

Finding unique and practical gifts for elderly women can be difficult.

Many older women have already accumulated a lifetime of possessions and may not need or want more “stuff.” However, they still appreciate thoughtful gifts that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Forget the same old boring list of standard gifts for older women – we created this unique list of gift ideas to be:

  1. Unusual: We searched for gifts for seniors they wouldn’t normally receive.
  2. Sentimental: We also wanted to suggest some gifts with sentimental value to women. Gifts she can think about and cherish for years to come.
  3. Practical: We are big fans of providing ideas of gifts that people will actually use and be thankful to get. So, we found several unusual gift ideas that also make life easier or more enjoyable for women or seniors.
  4. Thoughtful: Gifts should also show that you have actually thought about her and that you care about her.

Using these criteria, we found many fantastic gift ideas for elderly women that are also unique!

So if these are the types of gifts you want for the senior lady in your life, you will likely find the perfect gift idea in our suggestions below.

Practical and Useful Gift Ideas

She’s Birdie–The Original Personal Safety Alarm for Women by Women–130dB Siren, Strobe Light and Key Chain in 5 Pop Colors (Aqua)

Personal Safety Keychain

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

The Personal Safety Keychain is an excellent gift for older women because it allows her to easily and quickly summon assistance in an emergency.

The panic button on the keychain, worn around the neck or clipped to a purse or belt, emits a loud alarm signal when pressed.

The keychain also includes a flashlight, which helps her see in the dark or call for assistance.

Because it is portable, lightweight, and TSA-approved, it is ideal for taking with her wherever she goes.

Ontel Handy Heater Plug-In Personal Heater for Quick and Easy Heat, Features Compact Design, Digital Display, and On/Off Timer - Great for Travel

Portable Handy Heater

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

This plug-in heater is a perfect gift for seniors who want a quick and easy way to warm up any room.

It’s simple to use; seniors can plug it in and turn it on without fiddling with many buttons or controls.

The heater is small and takes up little space, making it a great small gift for elderly women with smaller apartments or homes. It is safer to use because it stays cool to the touch.

Brimma Fruit Infuser Water Bottle - 32 oz 0.25 gallon Water Bottle, Large Leakproof Plastic Fruit Infusion Water Bottle for Gym, Bike, Camping, and Travel

Healthy Fruit Infuser

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

This fruit infuser is a great way for her to get her fruit fix while staying hydrated. It’s easy to use and clean.

It’s a fun and different gift that helps incorporate fruits into her water in various colors and designs to suit any preference.

Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD

Senior Home Meal Delivery


Give her the gift of healthy, delicious pre-cooked meals with senior home meal delivery.

With fresher and more nutritious options for seniors than commercially prepared meals, senior home meal delivery is the perfect way to ensure your loved one is eating well.

And you can rest assured that they are getting their specific dietary needs because there are several nutritional plans to choose from. 

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Meal Kit Delivery Service


If you’re searching for a more thoughtful gift for an elderly lady in your life, why not try a Hello Fresh meal kit delivery service?

This gift idea will make her life easier, as she won’t need to go grocery shopping or prepare meals.

Entire meals will be packaged and delivered straight to her door – ready to cook. It can be a huge relief, especially if she doesn’t get out much.

It’s also a terrific gift for someone who loves to cook but doesn’t want to spend all day in the kitchen chopping and stirring.

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

Is the woman you are shopping for an avid reader? Maybe she doesn’t read as often as she used to.

This bright LED reading light is suitable for reading without causing eye strain. Because it is adjustable, she can position the light however she sees fit.

And, because the light is so light, she will find it comfortable enough to wear for long periods. It won’t get hot, either.

A USB port powers this book reading light. You can plug it directly into a tablet or Kindle device while the elderly owner is reading or working.

Cozy Comfort Gifts for Elderly Women

Heated Blanket with Foot Pocket, Machine Washable Extremely Soft and Comfortable Electric Blanket Throw with 3 Heating Settings and auto Shut-Off, Blue (50 x 62)

Microplush Electric Blanket with Foot Pocket

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

The Microplush Electric Blanket is the perfect gift for keeping her toasty during cold winter nights.

It has a built-in foot pocket, so she can keep her feet warm and comfortable without wearing extra socks or slippers.

It provides therapeutic heat relief that relieves aches and pains. The blanket is machine-washable, making it simple to maintain.

It even comes in various lovely colors, so you might as well pick her favorite color!

Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat, Shiatsu Heated Electric Kneading Foot Massager Machine for Plantar Fasciitis, Built-in Infrared Heat Function and Power Cord

Infrared Foot Massager

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

As you age, your muscles and joints experience more pain.

The Infrared Foot Massager is an excellent gift for older women who suffer from foot pain, lower leg pain, and tension.

It may help improve circulation and reduce swelling in the feet and lower legs.

It can help relax the muscles in the feet and lower legs and promote better sleep.

Hydra - Gray

Pain-Relieving Sandals


These orthopedic sandals are a total lifesaver for elderly ladies who experience severe pain in their feet from various conditions.

The sandals use Orthofeet’s unique insole technology to both comfort and support her feet.

They also have a non-slip sole and heel strap, making them a safer slipper than others she may have received as gifts over the years.

Cotton Napper

Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket may be a helpful gift for women who want a good night’s sleep.

These blankets are designed to relieve pain and discomfort caused by insomnia and other conditions.

They can also provide a sense of security and comfort, which can be especially helpful for people who suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

This blanket is made of organic cotton and is machine washable and dryer safe, making it easy to keep clean.

It also doesn’t have those annoying glass beads that bunch up and are uncomfortable. The Napper looks and feels like a soft homemade, knotted blanket you might make as a homemade gift.

ASUTRA Silk Eye Pillow for Sleep, Pink | Filled w/Lavender & Flax Seeds | Weighted | Meditation & Light Blocking Blindfold

Silk Eye Pillow for Sleep

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

Looking for a unique and luxurious gift for an elderly lady in your life? Check out this silk sleep eye pillow.

This eye pillow is filled with calming lavender and flaxseed, making it the ideal relaxation tool for any woman suffering from insomnia or anxiety.

The pillow’s soft, satin fabric is gentle on her sensitive skin, and the soothing scent of lavender will help her sleep.

This gel mask relieves eye fatigue and feels lovely on tired eyes. Refrigerate it for a relaxing, cooling effect!

WoolFit® Office Slippers Taiga with Rubber Sole, beige

Luxury Wool Slippers


The slippers are the perfect gift for older ladies who appreciate quality, toasty warm feet, and stylish footwear.

The Taiga Woolfit slippers are made of 100% natural wool sustainably. They wick away moisture while keeping her feet dry and comfortable.

The bottom has a non-slip rubber coating, and the ankles are supported too.

This is a great gift for active senior women, but we don’t recommend it for people with mobility problems.

Great Tech Gifts for Older Ladies

Tile Mate (2022) 1-Pack.Black. Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags and More; Up to 250 ft. Range. Water-Resistant. Phone Finder. iOS and Android Compatible.

Easy Tracking Device

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

This new device is a game-changing gift for forgetful senior women.

The Tile Mate is a small, compact device powered by innovative technology that can help older women who frequently misplace their belongings.

No more lost keys or wallets! This handy device lets her find whatever she’s misplaced, whether it’s her keys, wallet, or even a pet.

Just use your phone to locate the tracker, and you’re good to go. They are super simple to use and would make excellent gifts for senior women.

Amazon Halo View fitness tracker, with color display for at-a-glance access to heart rate, activity, and sleep tracking – Lavender Dream – Medium/Large

Fitness Tracker

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

Fitness trackers are perfect for keeping older women active and independent.

She can track daily activity levels, sleep patterns, and other health factors so that older women can stay on top of their fitness progress.

This gift idea is an Alexa-enabled device, so she can get quick summaries of her health status, activity score, sleep quality, and more.

NAXA Electronics NPB-268 Portable CD/Cassette Boombox (Silver/Black)

Portable Cassette/CD Music Player Boombox

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

A portable music player boombox would be an excellent gift for elderly ladies who love music or listening to the news.

She can listen to their favorite tunes, whether on cassette or CD. The portability of the boombox would let them take it wherever they go, whether to the park or on a trip.

This gift will give her a sense of independence by letting them control their listening experience.

Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro (60 Sheets) 3x3 2-in-1 Portable Wireless Instant Camera & Photo Printer, Compatible with iOS, Android & Bluetooth, Real Photo HD, 4PASS Technology & Laminated Finish – White

Digital Instant Camera

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

Instant print cameras are much easier to use than traditional film or digital ones.

The convenience of immediately having a photo in her hand that she took herself is exhilarating.

If you’re looking for a fun, techy gift for an elderly loved one, why not consider a camera? It might just lead to a new hobby and help them stay active.

Learning to use a new camera can be a fun challenge for someone who’s used to a more sedentary lifestyle.

See more digital cameras for seniors in this guide.


GrandPad Tablet for Seniors, Accessibility Enabled Tablet, 4G LTE Enabled Tablet with Wireless Charger, Stylus - 3 Months Premium Service with 4G Included

GrandPad Tablet

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

A tablet is a great gift idea for a senior in your life. This tablet is an ideal gift for seniors because it can perform many tasks while remaining portable and simple.

Its large, easy-to-navigate screen makes it perfect for those who want to stay connected without all the complicated bells and whistles.

The tablet has various apps and games to keep elderly ladies occupied for hours.

The tablet is usable with or without a stylus. Seniors will value the ability to video call their children and grandchildren at the touch of a button.

AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Self-Charging Robotic vacuums, 2800 Pa Suction, 120 Mins Runtime, App Control, Quiet, Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpets, P20

Smart Robot Vacuum

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

Smart Robot Vacuums help senior ladies in so many ways – she’ll keep her floors clean and free of dust, dirt, and pet hair.

If she has mobility issues or can’t move around as much as she used to, they can be a big help. Plus, she can reduce house cleaning-related stress and anxiety.

A smart vacuum is an excellent gift for seniors. Some vacuums can map out rooms and clean on a schedule, which is handy for seniors who might struggle with those tasks.

Sweeping or vacuuming the floor may seem simple to younger people, but it can be time-consuming, challenging, and even dangerous.

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Personalized Tree-Design Necklace With Names And Birthstones

Family Tree Birthstone Necklace


The Family Tree Birthstone Necklace is a beautiful example of jewelry making a lovely gift for elderly ladies.

It’s timeless, goes with everything, and will have a lot of significance for her.

She’ll be reminded of her family every time she wears the gift, and she’ll be able to pass it down to future generations.

The birthstone gems add a personal touch to the necklace, making it even more special. It’s well-made and made of high-quality materials to last a long time.

The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs (Green)

Story of a Lifetime Memory Book

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

The Story of a Lifetime Memory Book is an excellent gift for older women for many reasons.

It’s a beautiful way to keep precious memories alive, and she’ll treasure it for years.

The book is also a super thoughtful way to show your affection for her and will be a constant reminder of your love and support.

Most older women love going down memory lane and recalling their most significant life events, so she’ll appreciate having all her memories in this lovely memory book.

KANARS Whiskey Glasses Set of 4, 10 OZ Crystal Old Fashioned Glass In Gift Box, Bourbon Tumblers for Scotch Cocktail Whisky Rum Cognac Vodka Drinking, Rock Barware for Men

Crystal Whiskey Glass with Gift Box

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

Crystal Whiskey Glass with Gift Box is the ideal gift for elderly ladies because it is beautiful and functional.

The lead-free glass has high-quality crystal diamond-like detailing for texture and brilliant refraction.

Elegant and fashionable, it is ideal for elderly ladies who enjoy a nip of whiskey now and then.

Gifts for Her Health

Hatch Restore - Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine, Bedside Reading Light, Wind Down Content and Sunrise Alarm Clock for Gentle Wake Up

Hatch Restore Sleep and Waking Machine

as of 01/27/2023 5:01 pm

This gift is perfect for older women who want to sleep better at night. It gently wakes them each morning with warm light, simulating a sunrise.

Plus, it makes a soothing noise to help you fall asleep faster. And it’s a far safer alternative to any medication.

Aculief Headache, Migraine, & Stress Relief Hat - Natural Ice Mask for Tension & Muscle Pain – Supports Relaxation, Soreness, Sinus Alleviation, Chemo - Stretchy, Comfortable, & Cool Wearable – Teal

Natural Headache Relief Hat

This new device, Aculife, is a different way to get rid of headaches naturally.

Just clip it onto pressure points on your body, and the pain will disappear. It’s a practical gift for older loved ones who want to say goodbye to pain.

Plus, it’s small and portable, so she can take it wherever you go. And it comes in different colors too!

Neck Massager

Vive Neck and Back Shiatsu Massager with Heat


This massager can help relieve chronic pain and tension in the neck and back. The heat feature can help relieve muscle aches and pains.

This gift can ease muscle soreness, muscle tightness, or even pain caused by these issues by heating, massaging, and relaxing sore back and neck muscles.

No appointment is needed, no need to travel across town, and no unpleasantness – professional massages can be easy and convenient.

General Gift-Buying Advice for an Elderly Woman

An elderly woman is one of the most challenging people to shop for. Most seem to have everything they need and can be very particular about what they like too.

But don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of thoughtful and unique gifts out there that any older woman would love to receive.

Here are a few things to ponder when shopping for awesome gifts for older women:

1. Think About Her Interests

What is she passionate about? What are her hobbies? 

Getting a gift that speaks to her interests is always a winner. If she is passionate about gardening, a great gift idea would be a new set of gardening tools.

In-depth cookbooks or ergonomic cooking utensils make great gifts if she enjoys cooking.

2. Consider Her Health and Well-being

Is there something that would make her life easier or more comfortable? Something that would help her stay healthy and active?

A gift that would help an older woman with arthritis might be a new pair of gloves designed to reduce pain.

Or, if she is trying to stay active, a gift certificate to a local gym or yoga studio would be a great gift.

3. Think About Her Personal Style

What kind of things does she usually wear or carry with her? What is her home décor like?

Gifts that fits her unique or unusual personal style shows you pay attention to her.

If she usually wears classic and sophisticated clothing, a gift certificate to a nice clothing store would be a great gift.

If her home décor is more modern and contemporary, she would appreciate a nice piece of art or a new set of dishes.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

There are no set rules for what makes an excellent gift for an older woman.

Being older doesn’t mean she wants or needs something boring or practical. Get creative and think outside the box to find a gift that will make her smile.

If she loves animals, adopt a pet from a local shelter or zoo in her name. If she enjoys traveling, buy her a ticket to somewhere she’s always wanted to go but has never had the chance.

5. Think About Something Practical and Useful

Practical gifts can make her life easier.

A new set of dishes or a nice piece of art would be a great gift. A gift certificate to a local gym or yoga studio is nice if she tries to stay active.

6. Don’t Forget the Power of a Heartfelt Sentiment

A gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be special. Sometimes, it is the simplest things that are the most meaningful.

A handwritten note expressing your gratitude for her friendship or a small token of affection like a favorite book or trinket can be just as cherished as a more costly present. 

Summary and Final Recommendations

When buying unusual gifts for older women, thinking outside the box and getting creative is essential.

There are no set rules for what makes a great gift, so don’t be afraid to wander outside the box to find something she will love. A practical and useful gift is always a great option, but don’t forget the power of a heartfelt sentiment.

Sometimes, simple gifts are the most meaningful. No matter what you choose, an older woman will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that went into selecting her gift.

If you’re stuck on what to get an older woman in your life, our guide can help. Just follow our tips, and you can pick out the perfect present. Remember that the main reason for giving gifts is to show how much you care!


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