The Best Weight Lifting Apps For Seniors (Improve Tone and Self-Confidence!)

In order to offset some of the adverse effects of aging, weight training can be beneficial to older adults. Apps like these can help older adults implement a safe weight lifting program.

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Weight Training Apps For Seniors
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As we age, it is natural that we lose muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina. Seniors can also suffer from bone density issues. It can become discouraging to realize that we are not in the first flush of youth.

But the good news is that weight training for seniors can have tremendous benefits when it comes to offsetting the effects of aging. Weight training should, however, not be seen in isolation.

It should be part of a workout that includes cardiovascular exercise and exercise that is aimed at increasing flexibility and balance, as well as muscle tone and overall health.

The benefits of an exercise plan that includes weight training extend far beyond the physical. It increases blood flow, allows seniors to enjoy greater self-confidence – and offers opportunities for socialization.

All of these factors can help to stave off depression – and that can be invaluable. Studies have shown that depression is one of the leading causes of health issues in seniors.

Fortunately, technology in the form of fitness and exercise apps for seniors can help. There are a number of widely available apps that can help seniors enjoy a weight training program that also includes cardiovascular exercise and a variety of exercises that contribute to overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Best Strength Training App For Seniors

Mighty Health

Online or virtual strength training apps tend to focus on those who are young and fit. They provide strength training exercises and dietary advice for those who are already in the prime of their life but may want to become leaner, fitter, and stronger. However, what about seniors? 

Many seniors have conditions that can include aching joints – and also may have bone density issues or perhaps have muscles that simply are not as powerful as they once were.

For older members of the community, something special is required. A weight training and fitness program that takes their special circumstances into account.

Enter Mighty Health. The app developed by this company is specifically tailored to meet the needs of older people who are in search of a fitness solution that includes hints on nutrition and fitness – and takes into account the particular challenges of the senior.

The San Franciso company has already raised a significant amount of venture capital and is the brainchild of James Li, who came up with the concept after his father was rushed to the hospital for open-heart surgery.

The app, designed for those older than 50, is available from the App Store.

Weight Training Apps For Seniors

So weight lifting per se may not be the be-all and end-all of the physical exercise that seniors should be targeting – but it certainly can play its part. That said, here are some of the best physical fitness programs that either focus on or include elements of weight lifting.

And all of them are delivered courtesy of the apps that are today widely available on a variety of devices – from those powered by Apple’s iOS system to those for Android users.

1. Openfit

Openfit has something for every senior. Want to build that core strength – they’ve got you covered. Want to build muscle tome – check. Want to strip down to lean muscle or lose weight? Openfit has the solution for you.

You can access experts who will help you along your journey to a better body or go it on your own – there is simply so much choice. But this app offers so much more. It can also provide advice on lifestyle choices and nutrition.

In other words – if you want your workout to go above and beyond simple weight lifting – this app has it all.

2. Fitbod

Here’s another app that lets you find your own way when it comes to your fitness goals. You can go for that weight lifting program, but, as a senior, you can also choose to combine it with some great cardio options.

You can create your own exercise options in the app or enlist the help of an expert who will help to guide you on the path to success. As with most top-class apps, Fitbod will also assist you with tracking your path to that ideal body and state of health.

This is one of those apps that can get pushy – just like a personal trainer. You are going to be nagged – and it’s effective because it takes you on that extra mile on your journey towards a great-looking body and great health.

weight training apps for seniors J&J
With the following app, in just 7 minutes per day, you get a variety of exercises.

3. Johnson & Johnson: 7 Minute Workout

Most weight lifting programs ask you to pick up dumbells and kettlebells, but seniors have to remember that when you’re dealing with weight, one of your best assets is your own body. Lifting and managing your body weight certainly counts as weight lifting.

In fact, it’s one of the purest forms of weight lifting that exists. The Johnson & Johnson: 7 Minute Workout app allows you to build core strength and strip down weight while allowing you to take that step towards a healthy, great-looking body.

Just 7 minutes a day and a variety of exercises (72 and 22 additional workouts) will ensure that you don’t have to hit the gym – just enlist the help of your own body to reach your goals of maximum fitness and look great.

4. FitOn

We often look at television personalities and presenters and wonder “how does she/he” look so great at their age? It’s not all makeup. They do spend a lot of time exercising.

And while not all seniors may have access to dieticians and makeup artists every hour of the day – but that doesn’t mean these stars of television and hr silver screen do not have any advice to give about looking great and feeling great.

FitOn provides information on the workouts – including lifting weights that many of the famous follow. You can choose from weight training to cardio and yoga and even opt for dance.

You are not going to need any special equipment, and most of the exercise can be undertaken at home. All the programs are available for both users of Android and iOS devices.

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To say that JEFIT has been a tremendous success is to understate things dramatically. This weight lifting app has been recognized as simply one of the best ever made. Its strength is in the ability to let the user choose their intensity and track their progress.

It’ll allow seniors to take a closer look at things like Body Mass Index and raw weight. It’s more useful to those who have access to a full range of gym equipment – but there are certain exercise programs that can be the focus of a home gym session.

If you are a senior who wants to experience the thrill of free weights and those wonderful gym machines that can build muscle mass, then this might just be the app for you.

6. Nike Training Club

If there are experts out there who know fitness in all its many forms, there’s a good chance that at some point in their professional career, they have held a position at Nike. These people know fitness in all its forms.

The Nike Training Club app is free and allows seniors to track daily, weekly, and monthly goals – and it is perfect for those who have access to all that free weight equipment or who simply want to start off slowly in the comfort of home without investing in all that equipment.

You have almost unlimited access to a variety of exercise programs. As with the best apps available, it tracks your progress and provides feedback that will allow you to maximize each and every exercise session you undertake.

weight training apps for seniors strength
The Mighty Health app is tailored to meet the fitness needs of older adults.

Should Seniors Lift Weights?

As with everything in life, it is a case of “horses for courses.”

If you want to build strong muscle and core strength, then there are very few exercise programs that will accomplish that as quickly or as efficiently as a structured weight lifting program. However, it is possible to focus that little bit too much.

As we age, we should be taking a holistic view of our health. We need to focus on bone strength and flexibility, as well as our mental health. There are several good stretching apps for seniors that can help with this too.

There are apps that can help seniors find calm and those that can help with mental acuity. There are exercises that can assist with mobility and joint health. There are even those that can help with memory – and help seniors to connect with others.

Weight lifting offers more than just the promise of a great-looking body. It also offers the opportunity to meaningfully interact with others. And that could be just as valuable when it comes to that balance between physical and mental health as any weight.

Physical exercise must be balanced with a holistic view of who we are as human beings in society and our place in our group of loved ones – and that does not change, no matter our age.

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