Why Assisted Living Is An Important Option For Older Adults

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Assisted living is an important option for your senior loved ones in order for them to receive the proper care they need or might be looking for. Some services offered by assisted living communities include personal care, medication monitoring, social services, etc. So here, we go into the details of why assisted living is an important option for older adults.

Why Assisted Living Is An Important Option For Older Adults
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Have you been taking care of your senior loved one at home? Are you wondering whether or not they will benefit from the services of an assisted living facility?

Well, here is what you need to know about assisted living facilities and how they can help your elderly loved one. Be sure to read my Ultimate Guide to Assisted Living to learn about the whole process.

What Is An Assisted Living Facility?

It refers to housing that cares for people looking for different types of personal and medical care. Living spaces in assisted living facilities can be apartments, individual rooms, or shared quarters.

Here, your elderly loved one will enjoy a home setting, and their independence will not be affected.

What Services Do Assisted Living Communities Offer To Seniors And Older Adults?

The types of services offered in an assisted living community may vary depending on the facility. However, some of the common services include the following.

  1. Meal preparation to ensure that your loved ones are eating healthy.
  2. Medication monitoring ensures that your loved ones take the right dosage at the right time.
  3. Personal care and hygiene such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.
  4. Laundry and housekeeping 
  5. 24-hour emergency care
  6. Transportation to the doctor’s office or hospital for appointments
  7. Recreational and social services

Signing up your loved one to live in an assisted living facility will get the help they need to maintain their independent life without any hassles.

Here, they will be handled by professionals who manage their day-to-day care to ensure your loved one is safe and comfortable in their old age.

why assisted living is an important option for older adults benefits
Assisted living facilities will provide quality care according to your elderly loved one’s personal needs.

The Benefits Of Assisted Living For Seniors And Older Adults

You may feel that taking care of your elderly loved one is the only choice since you know them better than anyone. However, assisted living facilities can help you care for your senior loved ones without hassles.

Here are some of the benefits of assisted living facilities for seniors and elderly adults.

1. Personalized Care

Assisted living communities will focus on your loved one’s unique health needs, experiences, and personal preferences.

The caregivers in an assisted living facility will take time to know your loved ones and make them feel at home. They will find out the type of support they need and create a comfortable environment to help them achieve that.

Whether it’s medication administration, nursing care, or behavior monitoring, they will ensure your loved one gets all the care they need.

2. Safety And Security 

The top priority when caring for your elderly loved one should be their safety. You need to consider assisted living if it’s unsafe for them to drive around or cook alone at home.

Here, they will receive hands-on care from the best caregivers in the industry. Even better, there will always be an emergency team on standby in the event of anything.

Most of the apartments available in assisted living communities have safety features in place to alert the necessary people in the event of an emergency. Therefore, you can rest assured that your loved one is safe at an assisted living facility.

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3. No Boredom

Once they retire, seniors may feel overwhelmed by the free time on their hands. They may choose to pick up new hobbies or pursue different passions.

At an assisted living facility, your elderly loved one can enjoy movie nights, communal gardens, poker tournaments, art and music classes, a book club, and many more activities. With such socializing, they will never get lonely or bored as they grow older.

If you feel like your elderly loved one is too isolated when living alone, it’s time to consider an assisted living facility for these benefits.

4. Healthier Lifestyle

As we grow older, our fitness and nutrition needs will also change. When your elderly loved one is living at home, you will be responsible for preparing balanced meals and healthy snacks and organizing transport to fitness centers and physical therapy sessions.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands as a caregiver, it’s easy enough to neglect these tasks. Well, there is no harm in signing your loved one up for a senior assisted living facility. Here, they can enjoy services such as:

  • Dining services with ultimate flavor and guaranteed healthy nutrition – Here, they can enjoy specialized meals depending on their unique medical and dietary needs.
  • Fitness classes that are safe for seniors on-site – These are meant to improve cognitive functions and allow proper socialization with other residents.

5. Intellectual Stimulation

Proper mental stimulation for seniors reduces the risk of cognitive decline in the long term. Assisted living facilities offer your elderly loved ones numerous opportunities for life-long learning.

Here, they can enjoy vast libraries, language lessons, and various hobbies to stimulate their mental health.

Whether participating in lectures or art lessons, your senior loved ones will enjoy participating in various activities to boost their mental health effortlessly.

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why assisted living is an important option for older adults typical day
Many exciting activities are prepared for senior adults at any time of the day.

What Is A Typical Day Like For A Senior In An Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities insist on a routine to make senior adults’ lives comfortable and safe. Here is what a typical day looks like in an assisted living facility.

1. Morning Activities

Waking up, personal grooming services, medications, and taking breakfast.

Next, your loved one will participate in classes or activities to improve their physical health. These include exercise classes, board games, or trivia games.

At this time, they may also be transported to doctor’s offices, hospitals, museums, or anywhere they plan to spend their day.

2. Afternoon

Senior adults will enjoy their lunch and connect with friends in the afternoon. After lunch, they can take time to relax in their favorite spots in the community.

Next, they can explore the hobbies they love or take medication as necessary. Some may choose to take a nap before their evening activities. 

3. Evening

It’s time to wind down with a good dinner among other residents. Next, they can prepare for bed by showering, taking their evening medications, and doing anything else necessary.

They can rest in their apartments or rooms and handle other smaller hobbies such as reading, listening to music, or completing crossword puzzles.

How To Evaluate If Assisted Living Is Right For You?

If you are growing older and are wondering whether or not it’s time to live in an assisted living facility, here are some things to consider. 

Is your health getting worse?

If your loved ones cannot manage your medical needs at home, it’s time to consider an assisted living facility where you can get all the help you need.

Have you noticed notable changes in your elderly loved one’s hygiene?

Is their hair unkempt? Are the fingernails too long? Do they have an unpleasant body odor? Poor hygiene may happen because of self-neglect.

If they cannot take care of themselves at home, you must ensure they receive professional help at an assisted living facility.

Does your elderly loved one live in isolation?

Do they rarely socialize with other people? Boredom and isolation might harm their health if not checked.

Therefore, if there is no one to talk to or socialize with, it’s a good idea to consider an assisted living facility. Here, they can socialize with other people their own age and have a great time.

Learn more about the qualifications and requirements for assisted living here.

Final Thoughts

Assisted living facilities benefit the elderly because they can socialize with others and avoid isolation. Even better, family members will have an easy time knowing that their loved ones are properly taken care of.

Take time to find the best-assisted living facility to enjoy these and more benefits.

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Assistive Technology Professional

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