Write for Us: Contributing to Graying With Grace

Interested in writing an article for www.GrayingWithGrace.com?

I do occasionally accept guest posts on this site when they meet my criteria, enhance the quality of my site, and bring real value to my readers.

Note that your post must be directly related to issues that seniors and their caregivers face every day. It is important to me that my blog helps these folks and that it stays on message.

To that end, here are my guest post submission guidelines.

Base level criteria for guests posts:

  • All posts must directly relate to aging, seniors, the elderly or their caregivers. Examples are senior care tips, tips for aging well, mobility products, bath/safety equipment, technology for seniors, or other products to improve the lives of elders.
  • All posts must be at least 2500 words and be relevant to the subject of the article. No fluff or filler. The article should be the very best on the topic available online.
  • All posts must be original content. It will be checked. If sources are used for research, kindly include them in the article.
  • Do not include any images. I will provide my own.
  • Submission and acceptance of an article for posting on the site transfers copyright ownership to www.GrayingWithGrace.com. The article and its content become my property and it may not be posted elsewhere or submitted to another site without my persmission.
  • You must link out to authoritative sites in the article. You may link to your own site once (dofollow) in the article. No affiliate links may be included in the post. I may add my own links though prior to publishing. You should also link out to complementary articles on this site.
  • Articles must be written by native English writers with a casual, conversational tone.
  • I do have final editing authority for grammatical or spelling errors and other changes necessary now or in the future.
  • I have final say as to whether a submitted post is acceptable. Submissions that don’t meet my standards will not be accepted.
  • I do not pay guest post authors nor do I charge for guest posts. However, the post must meet all the above guidelines. And, it must be good – very good.

If you agree to these guidelines and are still interested in writing for the site, contact me here:

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