About Me

My name is Scott Grant and I work for a regional medical equipment company in Hurricane WV as an Assistive Technology Professional. An Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) works with the patients with mobility problems and severe disabilities. As an ATP, I provide power wheelchairs and custom manual wheelchairs for people with pretty profound disabilities.

scott grant ATP

While working with these patients, I also see first hand the struggles that many patients have in learning to take care of themselves and be as independent as possible. I often make suggestions of other products to help make their lives easier. I learned that many of these people had no idea where to find these products or how to learn more about them.

So, I decided to bring these suggestions to the internet in the form of this website. My goal for this site is to bring you unbiased product reviews on aids that increase independence for seniors and elderly with medical problems and mobility difficulties. I hope to give you advice in the form of guides and ideas on products that will help prolong or re-establish independence.

Please contact me if you have specific questions or I can help further!

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