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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide reliable and unbiased advice to the senior community on enhancing the quality of their lives through our website. We will work to provide clear, helpful, and informed recommendations on products, services, and activities that can help seniors age gracefully and with dignity. We will strive to remain a trusted and respected source of information for our website’s users, giving them the information they need to make informed decisions.

History of Graying With Grace

Graying With Grace evolved from a former project that was started in 2017. In 2018, our founder, Scott Grant, started the Graying With Grace brand and website. Scott has extensive experience in home medical and senior care equipment, where he has worked directly with seniors and the elderly for over 20 years.

Since our start, we have expanded our guides and recommendations to include helpful advice and recommendations for:

  • Aging adults looking for information on aging better
  • Seniors and elderly with mobility problems
  • Easy-to-use technology for seniors and the elderly
  • Resources for caregivers
  • Products that make daily life easier for aging adults
  • Home and bathroom safety tips and product recommendations
  • Recreational and fun activities for older adults

About Our Founder/Editor

Scott Grant Certified Senior Advisor headshot
Scott Grant, SHSS®, CSA®, ATP

Scott has more than 20 years of experience in the home medical and senior care product markets, where he has provided, and directly recommended medical equipment and mobility aids for seniors, the elderly, and the disabled.

Professional Experience

He served as a sales representative for Medline Industries and Invacare, two of the largest manufacturers of home medical equipment and medical supplies. In these positions, he gained experience and knowledge of how these products are designed and built, plus what makes one company’s products different from another.

For the last seven years, he has worked directly with older adults and the disabled as an Assistive Technology Professional at Active Medical, a regional durable medical equipment provider serving WV, OH, and KY. In his role as an ATP, he provided specialty manual wheelchairs and custom power wheelchairs as well as other durable medical equipment for people with severe orthopedic and neurological diagnoses.

He has also earned the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® designation, indicating he has special education and practical multidisciplinary knowledge in all aspects of aging. To earn the full designation, he passed a rigorous exam and pledged to support the high ethical standards of the organization. He sought this education and designation to benefit the readers and supporters of Graying With Grace.

Additionally, he achieved the Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS®) certification and is one of a select group of professionals nationwide who has obtained the knowledge necessary to help educate older adults and family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, personal safety, and financial exploitation.

Now, he works full-time on Graying With Grace, and his goal of serving the millions of aging adults worldwide looking for trustworthy and expert advice.

Personally, he is a single father to four beautiful daughters and Paw-paw to three awesome grandkids. When not working, he enjoys outdoor activities like running, hiking, and kayaking. He also refuses to admit that he spends way too much time in his garden in his quest to eat only clean food and live to see his 100th birthday! He also loves to be on a sandy beach as much as possible!

Professional Certifications and Designations

Scott is proud to hold or have held the following honors in the past:

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®

To further his understanding of aging and to assist seniors and the elderly (and their caregivers) better, he achieved the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® certification issued by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors in December 2021. This certification is the leading certification for professionals serving older adults and is only awarded to qualified individuals who demonstrate advanced knowledge of the multiple processes and challenges of aging.

Part of the rigorous process of achieving this designation is the Working With Older Adults course, which helps participants understand what it means to be an older adult through practical, multidisciplinary education, tools, and resources. This course covers more than 26 topics that directly affect aging adults.

A rigorous exam was also required to show mastery of the material and an understanding of the aging process and aging issues to recommend the most appropriate options and solutions for seniors’ unique needs. Recipients also agree to follow a strict code of ethics while serving older adults.

You can verify this credential here by searching for me by name.

Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS®)

certified senior home safety specialist

Scott is now one of a select group of professionals nationwide who earned the Senior Home Safety Specialist® designation. This certification indicates he has obtained the special training and knowledge necessary to educate older adults and family members on the serious issues of home safety, fall prevention, personal safety, and financial exploitation.

This comprehensive course offers the only designation of its kind to individuals in the senior services industry. Senior Home Safety Specialist® graduates include a myriad of providers involved in the care, comfort, safety, and security of older adults, including occupational/physical therapists, home care providers, aging-in-place professionals, handyman services, contractors, remodelers, home inspectors, senior living staff, EMS professionals, care managers, caregivers and many others committed to assisting seniors in staying safe in the homes they love.

To help reduce and prevent falls and their associated costs, Age Safe America developed this program as a way to help professionals educate older adults and families to make preparations now to ensure ongoing freedom and independence for all.

RESNA.org Assistive Technology Professional

Scott is still an active RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional. What does that mean? It means that he works with seniors and the disabled to provide specialty wheelchairs, mobility products, and other technical solutions so that they can be more independent in their daily lives. This includes recommending bath safety solutions and other home safety products.

This highly specialized certification allows him to provide power and custom manual wheelchairs for patients with mobility problems and severe disabilities such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and ALS. Achieving this certification takes years of education, apprenticeship, and hands-on training working with seniors and the disabled. You can verify these credentials here by searching by my name.

Certified Rehab Technology Supplier

He has also been a Certified Rehab Technology Supplier (CRTS®) certified by the National Registration of Rehab Technology Suppliers. This special designation is held by a select group of wheelchair providers who specialize in complex patients and solutions.

As a member of both of these organizations, I am required to follow a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice requirements.

To learn more about my professional experience, check out my Linked In profile here.

Honors and Recognition

  • Duke Dementia Family Support Progam – Scott has been a featured speaker at Duke University’s Family Support Program Caregiver Connections where he spoke to dementia caregivers on how to use technology and tech products to make caregiving easier.
  • Virtual Duke Caregiver Community Event – Scott will be presenting “How Technology Can Help the Care Partner” at DukeHealth’s 2022 Virtual Duke Caregiver Community Event on Septemeber 20, 2022.

How We Recommend Products

We only show you unbiased product reviews on mobility aids and safety equipment that increase independence for seniors and the elderly and other daily living aids for older adults. Few people have the experience with these products that we have. Unfortunately, when the time comes, most people make decisions without all the facts. We want to change that.

These reviews and recommendations are based on our daily experience working with the elderly, seniors, and their caregivers and families. We don’t just pick a bunch of products and write an article about them. Scott, our founder, has hands-on, real-life experience with most of the products that we recommend. He has touched them, assembled them, used them, sold them, and instructed patients on how to use them.

To offset some of our costs, we do accept paid and sponsored guides and product reviews but they do not affect our opinion or recommendation of a specific product.

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