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The Best TV Speakers for Seniors Who Want to Hear the TV Better

Separate TV speakers including sound bars are best for seniors with hearing aids and who usually watch TV alone. These are available as wireless speakers that can sit right next to the user. Another version is soundbars that sit next to the TV set. Some come with headphone jacks that can be used when there are others listening to the TV at the same time.

The Top 6 Wedges For Bedridden Patients

If you or your loved one suffer from life-altering complications that resulted in a lifetime of being bedridden, it just might be time to think of investing in a wedge or two. These wedges were designed with you in mind and they offer proper support for several reasons.

Narrow Wheelchairs for Tight Spaces and Skinny Doorways

A wheelchair should fit the person who is using it but what if it doesn’t fit through narrow doorways? This guide shows you how to get a wheelchair that fits and shows you how to find the best narrow wheelchair that also fits well in small spaces. Keep reading to learn more.

What To Include In Your Homemade Nutritional Drinks For Seniors

Making nutritional drinks is a great way to fill dietary holes and ensure that you are still getting all of the nutrients an aging body needs. Nutritional drinks most often come in the form of smoothies and are surprisingly easy to make. Choose your favorite blend of these high-quality ingredients and get blending!

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I am a lucky dad to four awesome daughters and grandfather to three pretty terrific grandkids. When not working as a custom wheelchair specialist at a regional home medical equipment company, I enjoy early morning runs and occasional kayak trips. I am also a self-admitted nerd who loves anything from the 1980’s.

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