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Christmas with Dementia

Christmas with Dementia: The Ultimate Guide for the Holiday Season

Christmas can quickly become overwhelming for people with dementia – and for the people who care for them. This ultimate guide covers activities, crafts, trees, lights and decorations, gifts, traditions, family visits, and more.

Top 57 Best Gifts for Seniors and the Elderly

Top 57 Best Gifts for Seniors & the Elderly (Memorable and Helpful!)

Nothing makes a senior or elderly person smile faster than a heartfelt gift! These popular gifts for older adults are fun, memorable, comforting, creative, techy, and even tasty!

42 Gifts for Elderly Parents (Find a Gift Idea You Haven’t Considered)

Most likely, older people have already received a lifetime’s worth of gifts. Here are some suggestions and general buying tips for gifts for your elderly parents – especially if they have everything they want.

35 Awesome Gifts for Elderly Women (Find Her Perfect Gift)

Find the perfect gift idea for the senior or elderly lady in your life, whether she has a new hobby, loves to relax and pamper herself, or needs the right gear to make her life easier.

67+ Gifts for Elderly Men That Are Useful, Fun, or Helpful!

Many elderly men can really be difficult to buy gifts for. Most just won’t say what they want or need. So, here is a mix of gifts for elderly men no matter if you want something practical, tasty, or fun!

The Best of Graying With Grace

best subscription boxes for seniors

34+ Subscription Boxes for Seniors & Elderly (Send Love Monthly!)

Subscription boxes are a thoughtful way to show the seniors & elderly people in your life that you care – each and every month! Give them something to look forward to, send them with treats, or open them up to new experiences.

best slippers for seniors

Choosing the Best Non-Slip Slippers for Elderly Seniors (Safe AND Comfortable!)

For slippers to be safer for elderly people, they should fit right, accommodate swelling, support the heels, and have a slip-resistant sole. Here are my recommended slippers for seniors and the elderly that have these safety features… and look good too!

safe bathrooms for seniors

Creating Safe Bathrooms for Seniors: The Ultimate Guide

A safe and secure bathroom environment is necessary for our senior loved ones. Here is our ultimate guide to bathroom safety for seniors and the elderly.

best shoes for preventing falls

Best Shoes for Elderly to Prevent Falls and Promote Safer Walking

Wearing the right shoes is an important “step” for preventing falls at home. You need a shoe that is both supportive and comfortable to wear. Here are the best shoes for elderly to prevent falls when walking.

Scott Grant CSA with products

How We Help

Founded by Scott Grant, CSA®, ATP, Graying With Grace was created to help aging adults – and those who care for them – make educated decisions about the products they choose to make their lives better… and easier!

When researching how to help older adults, it’s important to listen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Here are just a few highlights of Scott’s extensive experience and education.

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional
20+ Years of Medical Equipment Experience

Our Most Popular Guides

11 Helpful Devices to Lift the Elderly Off the Floor After a Fall

Lifting an elderly person off the floor after a fall improperly can cause additional injuries. Plus, how can seniors who are home alone get back up? These helpful devices lift elderly people off the floor after a fall and most can be used without needing caregiver assistance.

Audiobook Players for Seniors (Enjoy Great Stories Again!)

Audiobook players are digital devices that read books out loud for seniors with failing eyesight or other conditions that make reading difficult. The best audiobooks for seniors and the elderly have large clear screens, easy to understand instructions, and loud speakers or good headphones.

8 Easy To Swallow Foods For Elderly Individuals

There are many reasons that elderly people can have trouble swallowing foods commonly called dysphagia. Seniors with this condition get choked easily and might even experience pain when swallowing. So, here are some easy to swallow foods for elderly people with this condition.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Pureed Food for the Elderly (27 Great Tasting Recipes)

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about making pureed food for the elderly. Learn how to puree different kinds of foods and what equipment you need to get the best results!

Gifts for Lonely Elderly People

40+ Gifts for Lonely Elderly People (Help Them Feel Loved)

Many elderly people spend a lot of time alone especially after the loss of a spouse or the kids have grown and gone. Here are some gifts for lonely elderly people to help them pass the time – and feel loved.

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Christmas with Dementia

Christmas with Dementia: The Ultimate Guide for the Holiday Season

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