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Top Adventure Vacations For Seniors That Offer a Little Excitement too!

Top Adventure Vacations For Seniors That Offer a Little Excitement too!

Not every senior wants a relaxing beach vacation. These exciting adventure vacations for seniors will have you ready to pack up and leave tomorrow!
adventure vacations for seniors could include desert hikes
adventure vacations for seniors could include desert hikes
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For those that are hitting their prime years, many assume it is a time to slow down on adventure and travel.

The fact is, though, traveling and having adventures isn’t just for the young. Just because you might be getting older does not mean you have to give on an adventure and a little excitement.

While some adventures certainly require more stamina and endurance than others, there are plenty that won’t require a lot of stamina or walking at all.

Below are some of my ideas for the top adventure vacations for seniors.

Travel Challenges for Seniors

Seniors typically have a difficult time keeping up with fast-paced travel and adventures that really require a lot of stamina in general.

Because of this, you want to look for adventure vacations that also offer periods of relaxation. Also, you might want to choose adventures that don’t necessarily require a lot of walking or running around, to begin with.

Top Adventure Vacations For Seniors:

senior couple getting ready to board a cruise ship for an adventurous vacationPin
Cruises are great vacations for seniors because you can vary your pace.

1. Go For a Long Cruise

Looking for an adventure that is perfectly suited for seniors with limited mobility? Or maybe you don’t have the stamina you used to?

If so, you should consider going on a cruise! There are so many different kinds of experiences that you can have if you head out on a cruise.

Royal Caribbean offers some of the best ships and trips for seniors. This is because the have some of the biggest ships that you will find anywhere with plenty to do and see while onboard. So, you can even have a world-class adventure without leaving the boat! Your ports-of-call won’t even matter. You’ll be able to enjoy everything from a nice meal to an action-packed night filled with dancing.

Of course, you don’t have to stay onboard either. There are many cruises to exotic locations for you to explore. You can even schedule onshore excursions in these places for more adventure. Most cruises have lots of excursion choices several of which are perfectly suited for seniors.

One of the best cruises for seniors would be a trip to Alaska on the Alaskan Explorer.

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senior couple on an Amtrak train tripPin
Railroad vacations offer seniors sights at new locations with breaks in between.

2. Take a Ride on the Rails with a Railroad Trip

Rail adventures are one of the best trips that you can take if you want to explore and have a unique experience.

A scenic railroad trip can be an extremely fun and rewarding adventure. Plus they don’t usually require a lot of walking around or stamina at all. This is why they are absolutely perfect for seniors.

Rail trips offers you the ability to explore breathtaking parts of the world in remote areas that you typically wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere. Along with this, you’ll get to enjoy all kinds of beautiful and romantic dining experiences while on-board.

Amtrak offers a lot of unique railroad experiences where seniors earn 10% off of their total fare. One of the best options for seniors would be the USA and Canada Rail Experience which runs for 11 days.

seniors under a palm tree at an all-inclusive resortPin
All-inclusive resorts offer lots of opportunities for adventure… and for rest.

3. Explore an All-Inclusive Resort.

Another excellent option for those that are looking for rewarding adventure travel would have to be an all-inclusive resort.

The best part about an all-inclusive resort is that you are going to have everything laid out for you and planned for you which can take a lot of the guesswork out of things. You’ll have a lot more free time to explore the local area and around the resort because meals and activities are part of the deal.

When you stay at an all-inclusive resort, you’ll also be able to head out on tours that are offered by the resort. And, these tours are already scheduled and planned out for you too. No need for you to take up too much of your time and energy planning out adventurous tours and activities at the place you are staying.

One of the best options for those that are looking for the perfect destination for their all-inclusive trip would have to be the Caribbean. There you can experience beautiful and peaceful scenery. Everything from beaches to jungles to mountains are available all in one place.

An excellent all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean would be the Blau Varadero Hotel.

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cinderella's castle at Disney WorldPin
Disney World vacations are a great idea for seniors who want a faster paced trip.

4. Go See the Mouse at Disney World

Believe it or not, but one of the best places for seniors to travel is Disney World. While it might seem like something for children, it can be an excellent place to visit when you are older.

Yes, it is certainly a large place that requires a good amount of walking. But, the park itself does have a good mass transit system which will allow you to get where you want to go easily.

There is lots of adventure at Disney World without ever stepping on a ride too. You can tour the international areas of Epcot Center. Or, go see the animal based attractions at Animal Kingdom. You can even explore the adventure of a Hollywood movie studio at their Hollywood Studios park.

Another good thing about Disney World is the fact that it is situated in Orlando where there are plenty of close beaches nearby. So, you can turn your adventurous vacation into a very convenient and relaxing one if you want.

the red mountains and Bell Rock in Sedona AZPin
The gorgeous desert sites of Sedona can be enjoyed from a hike or a park bench alike.

5. Roam the Desert Landscape of Sedona, Arizona.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to Sedona, Arizona a few times. It is truly one of the most beautiful places that you can experience. Plus, it is very easy to get to from a lot of major cities.

The area features all kinds of multi-colored rock formations which can change color based on the time of day. Best of all, you can admire the natural beauty from ground level. Most of it can be viewed from the road side even!

The climate is more mild than you might expect. But, I would plan a trip in the spring or fall. The temperature can still get over 100 degrees. Of course, it is a dry heat. 🙂 These seasons make outdoor and adventurous activities much more practical and enjoyable – even for seniors.

There you can check out everything from bird watching to talking jeep tours.

taking a carriage ride in Williamsburg, VAPin
Historical vacations in Williamsburg are another travel choice for seniors who want adventure with the occasional break.

6. Enjoy Historical Adventure at Williamsburg, VA.

If you or your loved one are into history, you will not find a better place to visit than Williamsburg, VA.

Williamsburg offers the best historical settings where you can experience what life was like in the Colonial era. You can even stay at a traditional Colonial house which includes everything that you would have expected from back in the time period.

Need a break? You’ll even be able to sit out on the streets where you can meet up with historical characters of the time period.

Final Thoughts

In the end, finding the top adventure vacations for seniors doesn’t have to be difficult.

You don’t have to be young to enjoy traveling and have an adventurous time. There are plenty of suitable traveling experiences that don’t require too much stamina or endurance.

Simply find something that you enjoy or look for an experience that you are looking to have and you should be able to find the best adventure to set out on.

Do you other ideas for adventure vacations for seniors? Please leave them in the comments below. If you found this article helpful, please share on your favorite social media!

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