11 Bathroom Accessories for Seniors That Are Useful, Convenient, and Improve Safety!

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It’s not a secret: the bathroom can be a dangerous place for seniors. Here are some important bathroom accessories for seniors to make the bathroom a safer place.

senior couple smiling from their new bathroom accessories for seniors

It’s not a secret: the bathroom can be a dangerous place for seniors. Here are some important bathroom accessories for seniors to make the bathroom a safer place.

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A few small changes and additions to your bathroom can often make a big difference.

And, of course, the best time to make those changes is before your first major slip or injury! Make your bathroom as safe as possible before a trip to the emergency room is necessary.

We experienced this with my own grandmother. After the first fall, she was never quite the same. So don’t make the mistake we did. We tried to make changes after the fact.

Here are just a few of the many useful bathroom accessories for seniors that you can use to make your bathroom safer.

As a bonus, some of these also make your daily life a little easier to live.

Video Guide: Bathroom Accessories for Seniors

Strategically Placed Shower Grab Bars

Yeah, it didn’t take long for me to become a true believer on this one.

There are plenty of options out there. Too many it seems.

There are different types too but you must install them for maximum safety. You can call a professional to install one via drilling. You can do it yourself if you’re a bit of a handyman like me. There are actually some really great “non-drill” grab bars that use suction cups too!

But, stay away from the ones that stick to the walls with adhesive strips. You might take it down with you if you grab it during a fall.

Whichever way you go, having one of these near when you’re getting in or out of the tub before or after a shower makes a world of difference. They can help stabilize you so that you keep your balance.

That not only makes things much safer, but easier, as well. These really are a must-have for every bathroom!

There are tons of styles and designs to fit any bathroom. Here are just a few examples from Amazon:

Floor to Ceiling Grab Bars

The side grab bar is going to be enough for a lot of us.

But if balance was never your thing (even during your younger years) then this is another option that offers even more sturdy support.

Basically, this pole runs from floor to ceiling with loops about chest and waist high. It gives you lots of places to grab for support.

And that is a very good thing in the bathroom where everything seems wet and slick!

These do require some installation. But, many of them are tension mounted so the installation isn’t quite as invasive.

Anti-Slip Coatings for the Tubs and Floors

If you just happen to have one of those really slick tubs or really slick bathroom tile floors then it’s worth adding some anti-slip coating.

There are coatings for the tub, ceramic tiles, and other slick bathroom surfaces. You can choose from roll on, spread on, and spray on styles of coatings.

The price is relatively inexpensive (the coating and maybe a bucket and spreader) but the installation is permanent.

Here are a few examples:

Hand Held Shower Heads Put You in Control

Hand held shower heads are one of my favorite bathroom accessories for seniors. They give you lots of extra control while you are in the shower.

Instead of having to twist around and get in just the right position for the water to hit various body parts, you can use a handheld shower head. Just move it around your body and rinse as needed.

Simple, easy, safe, and you don’t feel like using it, just keep it on it’s little attachment nook on the shower wall.

This is a great accessory not just for safety but just versatility and convenience sake, as well. Plus, they are a necessary accessory if you also use a shower chair.

You can read my full guide to handheld shower heads that you can read by clicking here:

Toilet Safety Frame w/ Support Arms

Many seniors hold out on getting toileting help because of some misplaced sense of pride.

But usually once that pride is swallowed, you’ll wish you had done this a long time ago.

The size is adjustable depending on who is using it and the padded arm rests are comfortable. Plus, the amount of stress this saves on your knees and hips while sitting down and getting up.

These devices quickly become one of the favorite bathroom accessories for many seniors.

Like the other bathroom safety devices I’ve talked about, you have to install and use these properly to improve your safety. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.

You can also use some bedside commodes in place of a toilet safety frame by placing it over your existing toilet.

If you are dealing with a toilet that is too low, jump over to my guide on tall toilets and toilet safety devices.

Nightlights: Light the Path Ahead

Look, these aren’t just for kids.

You know where the light switch is. But who doesn’t mind being able to see enough of the hallway and bathroom so they don’t slam my knee or shin into something unexpected!

Night lights aren’t very inexpensive to buy and to operate either. They don’t add a lot to the power bill but are super helpful for those late night trips to the bathroom.

I have an entire guide on nightlights for seniors you might want to read too!

Put No-Slip Grip Strips in Slick Areas

These sticky strips go horizontally across the middle of your bathtub and can help make sure that the tub is much less slick. This gives your feet more balance and more of a grip during or after a shower.

This is another way to make the shower area a bit safer if you don’t have a shower seat or other safety option.

Even if you do, this isn’t the worst idea either! Multiple layers of safety means a much better chance of avoiding the accidents that all of us worry about.

There are many different styles and options available for these.

Use Transfer Benches For Getting In and Out of Tub

Many of my patients use these in their bathroom and swear by them!

You put these bath benches half in the tub area with the other half out into the bathroom. You then sit down on the seat and scoot over into the tub while remaining seated. All you have to do is lift the legs one at a time to get over the lid of the tub!

Some transfer benches even have sliding seats with rollers that keep you from having to scoot across the textured surface.

Admittedly, benches like these will not be as useful as a shower that is already customized for the handicapped or disabled.

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But, if you have a normal bathtub setup, combine these with a hand held shower head to potentially save a bathroom remodel.

Automatic Soap Dispensers Keep Everything in Reach

Why go to the extra effort, right?

Anything that makes life a little bit easier and allows you to speed up your time in the bathroom without giving up on hygiene is a win!

I know that at this point in my life, I believe spending a little extra on convenience certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Non-Skid Mats Reduce Chances of Slips and Trips

Having a bath mat right on the other side of the tub or outside the shower makes sense – regardless of your age.

Sometimes, bath rugs and mats will move around and cause as many problems as they are supposed to solve.

There are special non-skid mats out there though that are smaller and thinner. They are also designed to stay in one place meaning they provide much better footing for you.

This isn’t a bad way to go at all. Especially if you tend to still get some splash on the bathroom floor from every time you take a shower.

Emergency Aid Buttons Call for Help If You Need It!

Taking all the necessary precautions ahead of time helps you prevent the likelihood of an accident. But, you can never eliminate the chance completely.

I strongly recommend looking around for available options when it comes to emergency aid buttons. And always have one in the bathroom.

Keep in mind to put it somewhere that would make sense if you fell or got hurt. If it’s up by the medicine cabinet, that’s not going to do you a lot of good if you can’t get off the floor.

Click here to read about my recommended emergency call buttons!

What Bathroom Accessories Do You Recommend for Seniors?

The good news is that none of these bathroom accessories for seniors are very expensive!

Give a little bit of time and just a little bit of money and you can make your bathroom much safer. At the same time you can also make it much more versatile and more convenient for yourself, as well!

With a little bit of research and a couple of adjustments, you can make sure your bathroom really does become one of the safest rooms in the house! Tools like these may make elderly people want to bathe more often because they feel safer.

What accessories have you added to your bathroom for either safety or convenience? Tell me all about it in the comments below! If this article was helpful, I’d appreciate a share on social too!

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