6 Stylish and Functional Beach Cover-ups for Older Ladies

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

You should pay attention to two things when buying a beach cover-up: coverage and comfort. Remember, your age doesn’t stop you from revealing what you are proud of. Therefore, choose what you feel will make you look trendy and stylish. Here are our favorites.

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Growing old doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stick to some of the full-coverage, boring beachwear outfits. Sure, you may need more support from your swimsuit than a microkini or tankini with your age. But some of the beach cover-ups for older ladies come in stylish and functional options that can set the trend for others to follow.

If you are looking for such chic and stunning beach cover-ups for your next vacation, here are a few that you can buy online.

1. La Blanca Tunic Sweater Cover-Up

  • Two color choices
  • Attached drawstring hood makes the cover-up a practical outfit for older women looking for complete coverage
  • Cozy, oversized, flowing design ensures that the cover-up doesn’t stick to your body all the time
  • Breathable fabric makes the outfit soft and lightweight
  • The length of the cover-up may be slightly small for tall women
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La Blanca is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to making beach collections for women. And it comes as no surprise that it tops the chart. The La Blanca Tunic Sweater Cover-Up is not just a practical and functional cover-up for older ladies; it’s also a stylish outfit that you can flaunt in front of your friends.

Its knit cover-up gives you a feeling of a warm hug. The breathable fabric, together with its loose-fitting, ensures that you feel comfortable whenever you wear the cover-up to the beach. It also has a hood that protects you from the random showers in the afternoon or the cool breeze at night.

2. Elan V-Neck Maxi Dress

  • Adjustable spaghetti straps let you control how much skin you expose
  • Three colors: black, white and blue
  • Comes with pockets
  • Must be hand-washed
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If you are ready to embrace your old age gracefully and make your friends jealous when they go out, you should buy the Elan Maxi Dress. It’s a breezy beachwear dress that can make heads turn even if you are above sixty. It’s long length offers complete coverage whether you are strolling the boardwalk or resting in your favorite beach chair.

Elan’s billowy frock style is something that makes its dresses look elegant and stylish. This maxi dress has a deep V-back and spaghetti straps to balance the flowy bottom half.

The best part about this cover-up dress is you can wear it anywhere you want. It doesn’t necessarily have to be at a beach party. In addition to the loose-fitting and comfortable fabric, this dress also has side pockets. You can use them to keep your phone while partying.

3. Vera Crochet Cold Shoulder Cover-up Dress

  • Five colors: navy, pink, black, white, and indigo
  • Open shoulder slit detailing makes the dress stand out
  • Crochet lace trim design is another unique detail
  • Cotton/poly blend makes this a comfortable beach cover-up for summers
  • Looks a bit fluffy and may look bulky
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Age is just a number. It’s keeping your heart young that matters. And if your heart wants to wear a stylish open shoulder, crochet lace trim, go ahead and wear it. The Vera Crochet Cold Shoulder Cover-up Dress is the ideal beach cover-up for older ladies that doesn’t reveal too much yet keeps everyone on the hunt to want a little bit more. It plays on the lines of teasing the naughty and posing like a gentle lady when the time comes.

If you don’t want to wear those boring, full cover-up beach dresses, and like to show a little bit of skin, then this is the dress to buy. It is 100% rayon woven and contains a combination of 33% cotton and 67% polyester that can efficiently beat the summer heat.

Many women believe that they shouldn’t wear colorful dresses as they grow old. Instead, they should stick to light, solid colors because that’s what suits them. Well, scratch that and try the Kelsea Cover-up Tunic for your next holiday at a beach destination.

Again, growing old is inevitable. But staying young at heart is up to you. And if that means wearing a funky-colored beach cover-up while playing games on the beach, then so be it.

The Kelsea Cover-up Tunic has a contrasting trim detail that makes the outfit look vibrant and colorful. You can choose from blue Aztec stripe or blue boho coral. Its plunging neckline gives you a feeling of wearing a cover-up dress that probably your daughter should be wearing.

But ignore those thoughts. Live for the moment. This isn’t one of those exposing cover-ups that will look awkward on you. It is decent enough to wear at a beach with your friends and even attend a beach party.

5. Adreamly Womens Chiffon Tassel Kaftan Swimsuit Beach Cover-up

  • Pullover style allows you to slip on the cover-up easily
  • Nine color variations of this cover-up
  • Can also wear it at boating outings, pool parties, cruises, and other places
  • Not machine-washable
  • Translucent fabric may give a sneak peek to others of what you are wearing inside
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09/18/2021 05:18 pm GMT

Elegant, stylish, functional, sexy – these are words that will come to your mind when you see the Adreamly Women’s Chiffon Tassel Kaftan Swimsuit Beach Cover-up. It’s truly a functional beach cover-up for older ladies who don’t feel uncomfortable showing a bit of skin on their legs.

This is probably one of the cutest beach cover-ups you will come across. The design, crochet lace trim, color variations – everything fits perfectly in the puzzle to find the best beach cover-up for senior ladies.

Sometimes, you may want to stop thinking about what others would say and listen to your mind. And if your mind says that it’s okay to wear this cover-up to the beach, then don’t think twice before buying it. The cute tasseled crochet trim, sexy open slits, asymmetric hem, and semi-sheer construction are some of the factors that make the cover-up stand out from its competitors.

Ladies. Irrespective of what people think, it’s essential to stay in style. It doesn’t matter whether you show a little bit of your skin or hide everything when you go to the beach; you need to focus on a cover-up that makes you look stylish and trendy.

And the Lyla Button Up Cover-up Shirt fulfills that objective. It has a higher-in-the-front cut and longer-in-the-back hemline. So if you like to cover your assets and relax at the beach, this cover-up will do full justice. It will also offer full coverage while enjoying a beach game with friends.

Its roll-up sleeves and front patch pockets make the cover-up look preppy and stylish. Made with semi-sheer fabric and 100% rayon, this cover-up requires hand wash with mild soap. The fashionable hemline and breathable fabric make the cover-up stylish and comfortable. It’s a godsend for those who can’t wear tight-fitting clothes in summers.

Wrapping Up

You should pay attention to two things when buying a beach cover-up: coverage and comfort. Remember, your age doesn’t stop you from revealing what you are proud of. Therefore, choose what you feel will make you look trendy and stylish.

Keep the above cover-ups in mind the next time you search for one. The La Blanca Tunic Sweater Cover-Up is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of style and comfort. But the others are equally good. So, choose wisely.

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