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Beach Games for Seniors: Have Fun With These Games and Let Your Vitality Shine!

Beach Games for Seniors: Have Fun With These Games and Let Your Vitality Shine!

Beach games add more life to a day at the beach. They save our seniors from becoming sunbaked, beach-couch potatoes all year long and add some physical activity, social interaction, and friendly competition. Here are some beach games that can keep seniors active physically and mentally.
senior woman posing with beach ball
senior woman posing with beach ball
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Sunbathing, sleeping, reading, drinking, more sunbathing, and an occasional stroll to the ocean for a float around in the shallows are all common activities at the beach.

While these are excellent ways to unwind and enjoy the calm and quiet of the seaside, they aren’t the only options. You could also throw in some beach games for seniors and enjoy limitless hours of competitive fun.

Physical Games

These are great for seniors who still have good or decent mobility. They help enhance the physical fitness and well-being of the elderly. As such, if you or your loved one is in good shape and can enjoy something active but safe, here are physical games you could enjoy at the beach

Beach Bocce Ball

It is an easy-to-play game that can be enjoyed between two or more players or teams. Metal (or sometimes plastic) balls are tossed as close as possible to the bocce ball. After all the balls have been thrown, the frame ends, and points are counted. From here, points are awarded to the team or individual who gets closest to the bocce ball.

Bocce ball is a popular sport among senior adults since it is both enjoyable and competitive. It’s an Italian classic that dates back to the Roman Empire and is simple enough for even new players to pick up. The bocce ball set can also be kept and used on other outdoor and backyard adventures.

Bocce ball is a popular beach sport that is both fun and challenging for older adults.

Horseshoes on The Beach

Horseshoes is a classic lawn game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it at the beach. It’s simple to learn and, most importantly, enjoyable. All you’ll need is a flat surface (the beach) and a horseshoe set with two horseshoes for each participant, as well as a stake.

Following this, all you have to do is outscore your opponent by throwing your horseshoes closer to the stake than theirs. When purchasing your set, look for sturdy, high-quality, and durable horseshoes and stakes. You may even get one that includes a rule book and a carrying case. Amazon has this great set that includes rubber horseshoes which are definitely more beach appropriate than metal one.

Ring Toss, Beanbag Toss, or Ladder Toss

These games involve tossing items to hit certain targets or land the tossed items on a ladder. They are fun and a lot more portable than horseshoes. The best part of all is that they can entertain a variety of age groups since they are pretty simple. As such, our grandmas and grandpas can enjoy a good game with all people in the family!

Ladder ball, also called ladder toss involves tossing the rope rings to hit the pegs. The advantage here for older adults is that there is a lot less bending over and squatting when playing.

Ring toss involves landing rings or sometimes bolas on ladder rungs. Each rung has a different score. To win, a team must hit 21 points exactly. Beanbag toss involves tossing bean bags to hit set pegs.

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Beach Cornhole

Cornhole is a very popular and fun outdoor game. It is also called “bean bag”, “sack toss” or “bags”. It involves two wooden boards with a hole at the end of each platform. The boards are propped up at a low angle and set around 27 feet apart. Players take turns flinging bean bags to the board.

Whoever gets the bags into the hole of the board, gets the most points. Those who land the bag on the box of the board are also awarded. Remember to get a portable cornhole set that includes all-weather bean bags and whose frame is made of a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame. You could also find one with a carrying case so you could transport it easily to the beach.

seniors playing croquetPin
You’ve probably played croquet at home so why not take it to the beach?

Croquet Golf

Croquet golf is an enjoyable outdoor sport that may be played on grass, sand, dirt, or even snow. If you go to the beach regularly, you’re probably already familiar with this one, as it’s popular among the elderly. It’s a game in which colored wooden balls are pushed through a set of wickets spread over the ground. Players take turns to strike the balls through the wickets with wooden mallets. The player that hits the final stake first wins the game.

If you’re a pro at this one, you could use the sand to make the terrain more varied. This increases the difficulty for you and your buddies. Nonetheless, it is a relatively easy game that can be played by a large number of people. When purchasing one for a senior, look for mallets with comfortable handles that are long enough to be used by anyone. They should also be waterproof and long-lasting to handle regular trips to the beach.

Metal Detecting

It’s a game where you wander around the beach with a metal detector and a giant set of headphones. Consider it to be a treasure hunt – you never know what you might find! It’s perfect for beaches, parks, and other open-air public spaces. Metal detecting is a popular pastime among children, making it a fun game for grandparents and grandchildren to do together. If you want endless fun and fascination with your younglings, this one is a top choice.

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Beach Badminton

It’s a terrific option for seniors who want to stay active but don’t have the energy or athleticism to play a full game of tennis. It involves the use of a net, lightweight rackets, and the passing of a shuttlecock back and forth. Basically, it’s similar to tennis, but instead of tennis rackets, a shuttlecock is used. Like tennis, you’ll need two or more players for this one.

To play on the beach get a badminton set that is easy to set up and take down. You’ll also want it to be sturdy enough to sustain the winds!

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Mental Beach Games for Seniors

Let’s face it: Not all seniors can hold through a physical game. Luckily, they are not left out either! Seniors with walking difficulty or a low zeal for physical activities can also enjoy a game or two at the beach.

They could simply sit and enjoy a mental game with their counterparts at the beach. Here are the best mental games for seniors so you can have geeky fun at the beach:

Card Games

When it comes to portability, a deck of cards is hard to beat. After all, card games don’t need any electricity or hefty equipment. All you need is a flat surface and a deck of cards and a pen and paper. You can then enjoy a good game of cards with your family.

First, it will facilitate pressure-free social interaction even with strangers, and second, you’ll have lots of fun. As the cherry on the cake, your cognitive function will stay healthy! Stretch your brainpower while basking at the beach with your family!

Beach Crafts

To make your beach days even more awesome and bring the beach home with you, try some crafts! You could paint some rocks, make some jellyfish crafts with your grandkids, or even make a DIY sand bowl. Crafts are a great way to connect with kids and could be a great way to develop a new hobby.

Wrapping Up

Get ready to have fun! There are no age restrictions when it comes to having fun at the beach! You, too, deserve to unwind, let go, and take advantage of the many benefits that a physical or mental beach game may have.

After all, laughter, happiness, exercise, and fun are all necessary for every senior’s overall well-being. Maybe you should just live at the beach, huh? ​That said, have fun with these games and let your vitality shine!

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