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Best Apps For Dementia Patients (Reminders, Games, Tracking & More)

Best Apps For Dementia Patients (Reminders, Games, Tracking & More)

With tons of mobile apps currently available, there are also those specifically made and designed to help patients with dementia. Because of said apps, the lives of dementia patients and their caregivers can now be a bit easier to manage. So here, we share with you some of the best apps for dementia patients that will be helpful to you and your aging loved ones.
Apps For Dementia Patients Featured Image
Apps For Dementia Patients Featured Image
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While it is no longer a secret that certain types of mobile apps can help to improve many areas of daily life, it may come as a surprise that there are also apps designed to specifically help those with dementia. 

The applications vary from reminder apps to help those with dementia to remain a bit more independent to memory games and brain-training apps that help to delay how this condition progresses.

Many of these important health apps for seniors are also focused on supporting caregivers and family too. 

Here is a closer look at a few of the best-rated apps for dementia patients.

Reminder Apps For Dementia


This is an app created by Dan Mogenson, which was inspired after he found out that his father had Alzheimer’s disease. MemoClock connects the relative or caregiver to the patient with dementia which allows them to send a reminder to the patient’s phone.

For day-to-day tasks, the user can set up repeat reminders which will create alerts for a set time every day. This app is also able to receive voice messages and pictures. 

In addition to helping a patient with day-to-day tasks or reminding them of an appointment, this app can also help with loneliness in the way of offering a direct and simple line of communication.

For this app to work, the receiver and sender will need compatible smartphones, yet most devices will be supported. MemoClock is a free download available for both iOS and Android. 

Dementia Music App

Apps can also serve as soothing and therapeutic experiences for people with dementia. They can be used to calm the mind or to enhance mood. 


SingFit is an app that includes a therapeutic-music platform that was designed to assist with improving the mood and health of people facing cognitive decline.

SingFit was developed by a sister-brother team who had a mother with dementia. One sibling is a technology-industry veteran, while the other is a certified music therapist. 

Since they had experience with understanding the struggles associated with dementia, they had a goal of easing this journey for many others through a music-therapy app. This app enables people with dementia to sing.

The unique lyric-cueing feature of this app helps to ensure successful and fun singing sessions. Available for download on Android and iOS, the subscription cost is $4.99 a month.

Best Free Apps For Dementia Patients


Developed by a group of young adults that care for people suffering from cognitive decline, MindMate provides an intuitive all-in-one resource dedicated to dementia patients.

The app is inspired by the current research linked to dementia while helping to curtail a few of the results linked with cognitive decline.

People with dementia can benefit from exercise programs, nutrition advice, and brain-engaging games that are all designed to keep the body and mind healthy. This app is available for download on desktop/PC and iOS. 


People with dementia are highly prone to wandering and confusion, which increases their risk relating to falls.

To lower these risks, Nymbl is an app that provides fall risk assessments, balance training tools, digital-balance screenings, along with a few others to help improve independence and prevent falls. 

The development of the app is inspired by 35 years of clinical-based research, which is only on offer through certain health-insurance providers.

People that are interested in this app can complete an “interest form” on the Nymbl website or contact their health insurance provider to check for eligibility. This app is available for download on either iOS or Android. 

best apps for dementia patients gamePin
Memory game apps suitable for dementia patients may help in slowing down their memory loss.

Good Game Apps For Dementia Patients

MyReef 3D – Helpful For Advanced Dementia Sufferers

MyReef 3D Aquarium is an excellent app for dementia patients. Most find it easy to use and fun. In this game, the user interacts with 14 types of fish (virtual). The activities include putting the different fish into the aquarium and also interacting with the fish from outside the tank.

One of the functions includes tapping the tank, which annoys the fish and gets them to react in unexpected and funny ways. The user can also just sit and watch the show. 

Game Show – To Improve Memory

Game Show is a really cool app designed to help with memory improvements.

The University of Cambridge developed this app, and from their research, people with dementia that used the app showed an impressive 40% increase in thinking and memory tests.

While it is in no way a cure for dementia, it can be used to slow down advancements in thinking and memory loss. This is a game that can be found on the Peak app on iTunes and the Google Play Store. 

Apps To Track Dementia Patients

The loss of independence caused by dementia is often very frustrating for some patients, especially for those that used to live on their own independently.

While GPS tracking systems and software cannot restore the memory of dementia patients, they can be used to help these patients regain a level of independence. 

Active Tracking

An active-tracking mechanism featured on this GPS-intensive device will allow family members or caregivers to track patients with dementia more effectively.

This phone-tracking software provides the user with accurate geographical coordinates of the person, which gives the user access to the patient’s whereabouts. And this app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This app allows a caregiver or family member to locate their loved one or a dementia patient through their own computer or mobile device. In the cases where a patient has wandered off and gotten lost, the caregiver can track them down easily and direct the person back home. 

Highster Mobile offers mobile-tracking solutions that work with Android and iPhone devices. This is an easy-to-download app that can ensure dementia patients are kept safe or easily located should they wander off.

General Tracking Devices

The general tracking systems that include PocketFinder and iTraq are very helpful devices that can be used by people that care for dementia patients.

These are compact devices that are typically used for tracking lost items such as luggage or car keys, but they can also be useful for tracking a loved one. 

Each of these devices uses cellular technology that provides precise location detection. Geofencing technology also allows the caregiver to set up pre-defined areas, which will send an alert as soon as the wearer has wandered out of this boundary. 

These are GPS trackers that are easy to access from either a computer or mobile phone by downloading the app. They provide accurate locations of these devices, including street address, GPS coordinates, and the speed at which the wearer is traveling.

The tracking can also be logged for as long as 60 days, and real-time updates can be provided by email or text. 

best apps for dementia patients medical alertPin
This medical alert device is designed to keep dementia patients protected wherever they are.

Medical Alert System With GPS (From Bay Alarm Medical)

Many people are already familiar with the “I have fallen and can’t get up” medical alert systems. These are devices that have considerably evolved over the last 10 years. They now also include mobile-GPS options that allow a senior to signal for assistance when they are far from home. 

Just about every medical alert company now provides a GPS system, but the Medical Alert System with GPS from Bay Alarm Medical is the only one that includes a “caregiver tracking option” that will report on the location of a senior at any given time. 

This device provides GPS location tracking and real-time data, which is accessible through the GPS Tracking Portal for caregivers.

This platform allows a caregiver to include geofencing, which will send off an alert as soon as the senior has left a defined area. It also provides the location history of the wearer. 

This GPS tracker also includes a necklace-style lanyard, a charging pod, and a carrying case that comes with a belt clip. Automatic Fall Detection is one of the optional features you can choose to add to this device, which isn’t available with other types of GPS tracking devices. 

This is a type of medical-alert device designed to keep dementia patients protected and safe when they are either at home or once they have left home. The device has an impressive 72-hour battery life from a single charge. 

Best Game Apps For Dementia

Talking Tom Cat 2

This is a fantastic app for anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Talking Tom Cat 2 allows the player to chat to the cat character, where he will repeat what they have said straight back. 

It is also possible to stroke, brush, or prod Tom the cat using the tactile screen of a smart device. The game includes interaction incentives through different coin games by either playing various other mini-games or challenging Tom. 

The player can also dress the cat in different outfits, and the character also has other functions similar to other types of virtual pets. This is an engaging and entertaining game that will keep a user occupied and entertained for hours. 


Today, there are many ever-developing technologies and apps designed to simplify the lives of dementia patients along with their caregivers.

From therapeutic activities and brain exercises to caregiving resources and checklists, the latest dementia technologies and applications have made challenging situations a bit easier to manage.  All of these are an important part of selecting health apps for seniors, especially those with dementia.

Whether you suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s or you know of a loved one that does, these apps are designed to ensure your life is more enjoyable and a bit easier to manage.

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