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Best Bathroom Faucets for Seniors (Easy and Safe!)

Best Bathroom Faucets for Seniors (Easy and Safe!)

It can be challenging to choose a faucet for older adults because there are so many different designs, types of materials, price ranges, and finishes available. Learn more about the best bathroom faucets for seniors and the elderly!
Bathroom Faucets For Seniors
Bathroom Faucets For Seniors
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Most people don’t usually give bathroom faucets much thought, but seniors, the elderly, and/or their caretakers can be an essential part of their daily life.

Finding the best bathroom faucets for seniors is essential since they often have trouble reaching and using regular faucet knobs, which can be unsafe in some circumstances.

This article will review our recommended faucets for seniors and the elderly and offer a buying guide to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your needs.

Why Seniors Might Need Different Bathroom Faucets

Changing your household faucets is a simple but helpful bathroom accessory that might help seniors and the elderly better age in place. You may find things easier if you make this relatively low-cost improvement.

The problem is that turning a knob may become difficult as we age. Most of our sinks and bathtubs have the standard round knob faucet. We might no longer be able to twist the knob.

It becomes tricky to start or completely halt the flow of water when hand strength weakens. Our hands’ arthritis may make it challenging to hold a faucet handle.

How to Choose the Best Bathroom Faucet for Older Adults

Beyond serving as a means of supplying water to your bathroom sink and fixtures, a faucet may define the character and beauty of a bathroom. However, going beyond style is essential if you’re shopping for a new faucet.

Of course, appearance matters — but more significant factors include durability, convenience, ease of care, and safety. Although price is a relatively strong quality indicator, it is not always the most effective way to determine whether a faucet will fit in your bathroom.

Understanding the inner workings of faucets and the styles and types of features worth the extra money is helpful in making a wise choice.

Bathroom Faucet: 3 Styles for Different Sinks

  • A widespread bathroom faucet includes three components that are located independently on the countertop: the spout, the cold water valve, and the hot water valve. 
  • A two-handle centerset bathroom faucet has a spout, and both valves are connected on a single base.
  • A single-handle center-set faucet has hot and cold water flow that is regulated and controlled by a single lever or knob, which may be a component of the spout.

Best Materials for Faucets: 4 Types

  • Zinc: One of the most economical faucets to date is zinc. This is the preferred option for a second bathroom or basin among house renovators.
  • Brass: Costly but worth the investment! This is because it has the most excellent durability, is leak-proof, and requires the fewest repairs.
  • Stainless Steel: Solid brass is indeed unbeatable. Stainless steel is a serious rival to this. Why? The heat resistance is excellent. It lasts about as long as brass, neither less nor more than the other.
  • Plastic: Professionals claim that plastic faucets are becoming more and more popular. The benefits include heat resistance, no rusting, and lighter weight compared to other materials.

Faucet Finish: 5 Best Finishes for the Bathroom

1. Chrome is low-priced. It is now more widely accepted since it shines and is durable. Thanks to the finish’s finger-mark-proof design, there is almost no risk of seeing any mark or scratch.

2. Oil-rubbed bronze and satin bronze are the two aesthetic options available for the bronze series. Oil-rubbed bronze appears classy as it does not leave a fingerprint or watermark. The color is distinct and a little softer in stain bronze. 

3. Similar to the last one, nickel is available in two finishes: polished and brushed. The first one complements any decor. A superior alternative to polished nickel is brushed nickel.

4. PVD, which stands for physical vapor deposition, is the most cutting-edge finish. This solution is superior to all finishes because it provides homeowners with all the protection and security features they could ever need, making it a lifetime investment.

5. Older people adore copper for its timeless appearance, but experts prefer it for its antibacterial properties.

What to Avoid

To make sure that seniors, the elderly, and their carers feel comfortable and secure at home, avoid the following while selecting which faucets are best for them:

1. Spend Enough But Not Too Much

Even if it’s possible to find a good faucet for less, it’s more probable that you will find a low-end faucet. If you spend significantly more, you purchase premium features or styles rather than essential reliability or durability.

2. Watch the Spout Height and Reach

Spouts on faucets come in a wide range of heights and lengths, and most of the time, you may just choose the style you prefer. A tall spout, however, might not fit if there is a shelf above the sink.

A faucet with a short reach might not reach all of the basins in a three-bowl kitchen sink.

3. Choose Ceramic Valves

Buy a faucet with ceramic valves if you don’t want a leaky faucet. While other types of valves frequently last years without dripping, they fall short of ceramic valves’ long-term durability.

4. Some Finishes Are Tougher Than Others

The first rule of faucet finishes is to select one that goes best with the towel bars or cabinet hardware around it. If you intend to replace existing hardware, a wide variety of options are both long-lasting and attractive.

5. Count the Holes in Your Bathroom Sink

Consider the number of holes in the sink if you wish to go from two handles to a single-handled faucet. Most sinks feature three holes: one under the spout, one for the cold handle, and one for the hot handle.

You cannot change to a single-handle bathroom faucet if you now have a widespread model with two handles far from the spout.

6. A Single Handle Is More Convenient

The beautiful symmetry of two-handle faucets matches many bathrooms, especially traditional ones. However, in terms of practicality, single-handle faucets are better.

They’re more efficient; changing the water’s temperature is more straightforward, and there are fewer handles to clean.

7. Pull-Down Sprayers Are Better Even in the Bathroom

If you’ve ever used a side sprayer or spray handle in the sink, you’ve probably seen drips or leaks. Pull-down sprayers are often far more dependable than traditional side sprayers.

Best Bathroom Faucets for Seniors and Elderly 

Selecting the appropriate bathroom faucets is essential, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. A little knowledge and awareness of what to look for can help.

Yodel Brushed Nickel Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet with Temperature Control Mixing Valve Commercial Automatic Motion Sensor Hot Cold Mixer Solid Brass FaucetPin

Yodel Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet

as of 06/20/2024 3:42 am

I think this is the best bathroom faucet for older adults because it is easy to use, and simple to clean and maintain; plus, you can easily limit the water temperature to prevent burns or injuries.

In addition to being a great faucet for seniors, specifically, it is also well built and made faucet for bathroom sinks in general.

This heavy-duty solid brass touchless faucet is finished in brushed nickel with additional choices of chrome and matte black. So, you can make sure you are able to adequately match the other bathroom fixtures. 

And it is a touchless bathroom sink faucet, so it will be easy for aging hands to use. No handles or knobs to deal with!


  • Full temperature control and limits
  • Easy installation with instruction and diagram
  • Four AA batteries or 110 volts AC can power the sensor
  • Hot and cold water available by mixing valve included
  • Prevents cross-infection by touch-free automatic sensor faucet


  • Mounting details are way too big and just cannot be used for mounting 

TimeArrow Brushed Nickel 2 Handle 8 Inch Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet with Pop-Up Drain, Bathroom Vanity Lavatory Faucet for Sink 3 Hole with Brass 360 Degree Swivel Spout, TAF288S-BNPin

TimeArrow 2 Handle Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

as of 06/20/2024 3:42 am

I chose this two-handle bathroom faucet for seniors and the elderly because of it’s wide, flat handles and the tall spout.

The wider handles are easier for older hands to use – they can even use their palm or back of the hand to operate it without needing to grip it. The taller spout means they won’t have to bend over as far to use it. That could save some back pain for an aging back.

This faucet has a solid all-metal body design and robust brass spout with a lead-free waterway. In addition, it also has ceramic disc plates and premium drip-free brass cartridges for long life.


  • Easy DIY installation design 
  • Produces comfortable stream water
  • Promotes environment-friendly water consumption
  • Best for installation on sinks with 6–16-inch centers
  • Wide, flat handles are easier to use for seniors, especially those suffering from arthritis


  • The tendency of water to leak after several months due to low-quality cartridge

Delta Modern Single Handle Project-Pack Bathroom Faucet in Chrome 534LF-PPPin

Delta Faucet Modern Centerset Bathroom Faucet

from $110.19

If you or the person you are shopping for prefers a more traditional styled faucet, this one from Delta has a standard design with some of the features that I recommend for older adults.

It uses a single handle to control the temperature and water flow. I like the handle on this one because it is wide and easy to move. Older adults can use a few fingers or even the palm of their hand to control it. It lifts easily without requiring much force at all. 

I also like that you have a choice of two flow rates. So, you can choose the lower flow rate for seniors with sensitive skin (or if they have a tendency to leave the water running!). The higher flow rate is best for people who prefer a higher pressure.

Because this single-handle bathroom faucet is covered by a lifetime limited warranty from Delta Faucet, you can install it with assurance and save money without sacrificing productivity. 


  • Meets faucet standards set by ADA
  • Designed to fit single-hole configurations
  • Includes a matching pop-up drain assembly
  • Delta WaterSense labeled that at least 20% less water than the industry standard
  • Large, flat handles on faucets are easier to control, especially for people with frail hands


  • The distance above the sink is relatively short

Moen Wellton Single-Handle Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet, One Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet with Optional Deck Plate and Drain Assembly, 84980SRNPin

Moen Wellton Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

from $69.99

Seniors who don’t want to call attention to special bathroom equipment will appreciate the Moen Wellton line of faucets and bathroom accessories.

The faucet has a single handle that moves very easily without requiring much effort at all. It is a bit higher than most other faucets too which is ideal for typical bathroom activities like brushing teeth and washing hands.

 You will also appreciate its easy to clean, spot-resistant brushed nickel finish.

It also has an optional accessory pack that includes matching towel racks, toilet paper holder, and a robe hook. So, you can choose this faucet and get all the matching accessories for a consistent bathroom design.

The Moen Wellton Single-Handle Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet complies with EPA WaterSense standards for water conservation without compromising performance.


  • Water efficient
  • Adjusting the water pressure is simple with a one-handle lever handle
  • When paired with customized countertops, this faucet gives a cleaner appearance and offers an optional deck plate for 3-hole installations
  • A cleaner-looking bath faucet is provided by the spot-resist brushed nickel finish, which repels water spots and fingerprints
  • Easy to use handle


  • Found to be a lousy cartridge locknut

LEITECHUWEI Bathroom Faucet for Sink 3 Hole,Brushed Nickel Bathroom Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer,2 Handle Bathroom Faucet is 4 Inch Centerset Vanity Sink Faucet,Pull Down Utility Faucet,RV FaucetPin

LEITECHUWEI Bathroom Faucet for Sink With Pull Down Sprayer

This two-handled faucet has all the features I have mentioned before: wide, easy-to-use handles, easy installations, and a higher spout. But, there is another reason I am recommending faucet also.

This faucet has a pull-down sprayer probably similar to the one on your kitchen sink. The pull-down sprayer is also a good option for seniors or their caregivers who wash their hair in the sink. It even has two different spray patterns, so they can choose their favorites.

As far as specifications go, it is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, corrosion-, rust-, fade-, and fingerprint-resistant and is incredibly durable. Plus, it uses an imported ceramic valve flake device to improve leakage performance.


  • The faucet with a pull-down sprayer can be stretched 20 inches to make the clean work more convenient and efficient
  • Controls the temperature and water flow more accurately 
  • Perfect for mini kitchen, bathroom, vanity, and laundry room 
  • It prevents burns caused by overheating
  • Ergonomic handles are easier to control when it comes to water flow and temperature


  • No hole to put the drain rod

Delta Ashlyn Monitor 17 Series In2ition Shower Trim StainlessPin

DELTA Ashlyn 17 Series Dual-Function Tub and Shower Faucet Set

from $234.99

Don’t forget to look at the bath and shower faucets when you are considering an elderly person’s bathroom faucets. It is also important that they are easy to use too and aren’t likely to cause burns or injury.

I also think every older adult’s bathroom should have a handheld shower head as well. You can see my list of the best handheld shower heads for seniors here if you just need to upgrade the shower head.

You are protected from sudden changes in hot or cold water pressure by the monitor pressure balancing valve of the Delta Ashlyn Series which maintains water temperature at a safe level of degrees.

The faucet control handle is wide and ergonomically curved to make controlling the temperature easy as well. 

Plus, with the touch of a finger, you can effortlessly remove calcium and lime build-up from the spray face of your showerhead and hand shower faucet, thanks to its soft, rubber spray holes. The handheld shower head is built into the main shower head so it is always available if you need it.


  • Ensures a consistent shower temperature
  • Includes four powerful spray options
  • Backed by Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Docked safely to provide a comfortable and flexible showering experience
  • Easy to control due to its large lever


  • Poor plastic material

Moen 82304SRN Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Handshower and Rainshower Combo, Spot Resist Brushed NickelPin

Moen 82304SRN Engage Magnetix Multi-Function Shower Combo

from $183.83

This combo shower faucet is another great choice for seniors and the elderly. 

I chose it specifically because of the magnetic connection for the handheld shower. You can quickly disconnect it and use it as a handheld, then promptly replace it so that it docks with the snap of a magnet, thanks to the magnetic docking mechanism.

This is much easier on aging hands – especially with those with arthritis. It is also safer than fiddling around and trying to snap in a standard handheld shower.

The hand shower also has a long, kink-free hose for older adults who use medical equipment while they are showering.


  • Spot Resist Nickel finish prevents water and fingerprint stains for a cleaner-looking bathroom
  • Includes a kink-free metal hose that increases reach and flexibility
  • Backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Customization of your shower
  • Magnetic docking makes the faucet easier to replace, especially for elderly people with arthritic hands


  • Installation of the mixing valve may have ugly gap results if the calculations to get the measurements are incorrect

How to Know if Your New Faucet Will Fit?

A pleasant DIY home improvement task is learning how to replace a faucet. A faucet may significantly change the appearance and functionality of your room with only a few simple tools and a short amount of effort.

Always take into account the intended audience when selecting a bathroom faucet. It must be practical and efficient for the elderly and senior citizens to use.

Different arrangements are available for sinks and faucets. The number of holes in the sink and the faucet layout must match. The two parts don’t have to match exactly because additional holes can be covered up with baseplates and plugs.

To start with the basics, there are two basic designs for bathroom sinks: drop-ins and under mounts. A drop-in sink is one that has a lip that rests on the countertop. You have an under mount sink if it is fixed to the base of the counter.

You can generally just look at your faucet and count the holes. There are three holes in the sink if the hot and cold handles are separate. 

The space between the handles should be measured. If the faucet is in the way, hold the tape measure above it.

You might need to remove the faucet and will require some tools if you can’t see or measure the holes from underneath.

There are three things to keep in mind while replacing a bathroom faucet:

  • The kind of faucet you’re replacing
  • The number of holes that are available
  • The faucet’s dimensions and its mounting space

The good news is that there are workarounds to make some faucets fit if there is no identical match, even though it can be difficult to spot the holes covered by the existing faucet.

By following these instructions, you will find yourself well on your way to a successful bathroom faucet replacement.


What Makes a Bathroom Faucet ADA Compliant?

The American Disabilities Act, or ADA, includes specific specifications for public restrooms. To be genuinely ADA compliant, house modifications and accessories should replicate these features:

1. Twist and Turn

Is it possible to crank, twist, or pull the handle to start the water flowing without exerting much force? In such a case, you’re in good shape. According to ADA guidelines, you must be able to turn on a water faucet with no twisting or bending of the wrist and less than 5 lbs of force.

2. Give it a Hand

Can you only turn the handle with one hand, just like you did in the previous tip? It will be easier for those with physical limitations to turn on the water with a faucet that can be operated by one person and complies with ADA regulations.

3. Measure Up

Are the handles on the faucets too high? If they are, installing the faucet can be difficult. If the area is clear of impediments, the ADA standards indicate that the operational components of a water faucet must be no higher than 48″ from the ground.

To ensure that the installation complies with this height requirement, ADA faucet handles positioned on the faucet base are recommended.

4. Mind the Gap

Is it possible to put the water faucet on a surface with space underneath it? For knee clearance, there must be 27″ between the floor and the mounting surface’s bottom. To comply with requirements, an ADA faucet must be fitted without obstructing this area.

5. Check the Time

Does the water flow for at least 10 seconds before turning off if the water faucet contains a motion sensor?

Since they are hands-free, electronic metering faucets are a great way to provide simple access to water, but they are only helpful if the water is turned on for the whole 10-second prescribed period by ADA requirements.

Are Touchless Faucets ADA Compliant?

Yes! Touchless faucets are ADA compliant because they make it simple for anyone with a limited range of motion to use. This sort of faucet makes a bathroom more accessible to people of all abilities.

RELATED: 5 Top Bathroom Cleaning Tools For Elderly (That Work For You)

Final Words

Your grandparents or parents require the utmost love, care, and support. Hence, it is essential to have simple adjustments at home, like selecting the best bathroom faucets for their safety.

With the above recommendations of the best faucets, we tried assisting you in choosing wisely. 

We wish you success in finding the perfect and best match. If you like these best bathroom faucets for seniors, let us know which one you picked!

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