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Best Bathroom Rugs for Seniors & Elderly (Non-Slip & Easy to Clean)

Best Bathroom Rugs for Seniors & Elderly (Non-Slip & Easy to Clean)

A non-slip bathroom rug adds extra protection against slips and falls in the bathroom. Here are the best non-slip bathroom rugs for seniors and your elderly loved ones.
Bathroom Rugs For Seniors
Bathroom Rugs For Seniors
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Getting in and out of a tub or shower is something that most of us do without even thinking. But for seniors with delicate bodies and fragile bones, this can be a hazardous action. 

Elderly people need some extra protection against slipping and falling in the bathroom. And a non-slip floor mat can add comfort, confidence, and, most importantly, security in one of the most dangerous rooms of the home.

Top 3 Things to Know About Bathroom Rugs for Older Adults

  1. Choose a bathroom rug with a non-slip backing and a thin profile to reduce tripping.
  2. Also, look for lightweight and easy-to-clean rugs with antimicrobial properties.
  3. Our top pick is the Montvoo Super Absorbent Thin Bathroom Rugs because of their anti-slip backing, thin profile, and they quickly and efficiently absorb water.

Why Might Older Adults Need a Special Bathroom Rug?

While most people can fall and take a tumble with only minor injuries that will heal very quickly, this is not the case with many elderly people.

The passage of time can deteriorate the structural integrity of bones and joints and weaken muscle structures. So, elderly people are more prone to accidents and more likely to suffer considerable damage.

As a concerned relative or caregiver, it is essential that we try to prevent these injuries from happening. One great bathroom accessory for seniors that adds a level of protection for seniors climbing in and out of the shower could be a strategically placed non-slip mat.

Bathroom rugs provide an array of features that keep your loved ones safe as they move about the bathroom. Primarily, they provide excellent traction keeping unsteady feet safe and secure on the wet bathroom floor.

They are also very soft, and many offer thick foamy protection that can break a fall and prevent injury in case the worst should happen.

But, it is also crucial that we choose a rug that doesn’t cause a fall. This risk is why any bathroom rugs used by seniors and the elderly should have an anti-slip backing and a thinner profile.

In the following article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the very best options available on the market today. But first, let’s examine what features are essential to look for in a reliable non-slip bathroom mat for keeping your senior loved one safe from a nasty fall.

What Important Features Should Seniors Look For When Shopping for a Bathroom Rug?

You will surely find many options on the market and may even have a floor mat in your bathroom right now. But rugs are also notorious for causing trips and fall accidents if not chosen for their intended purpose.

Here are the important features you want in a non-slip bathroom mat.

Anti-Slip Capability

The non-slip mat must do precisely what its name implies and stays put no matter what. The anti-slip capacity of the rug or mat must be verifiable if you trust it with life and limb.

Comfort Level

In addition to being sturdy and reliable, it is also crucial that your bathroom rugs are soft and comfortable for welcoming tired and sensitive feet.

To find the best option for your situation, consult with your elderly loved one. Do they prefer a rug that is soft, plush, or spongy?

Cleaning Options

The bathroom mat will absorb a lot of moisture, which can make it prone to bacterial or mold growth. Furthermore, rugs always tend to get dirty very quickly.

The health of your elderly relative depends on keeping this rug clean, so choose one (or two) that you can clean quickly and efficiently.

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Antibacterial Properties

Another great way to keep your bathrooms hygienic is to choose a floor rug with antibacterial properties. These mats are usually easier to clean and resist molds, bacteria, and microbes that can cause odors.

This resistance to bugs could be significant for elderly persons with compromised immune systems.

Best Bathroom Rugs For Seniors and Elderly Persons

MontVoo Non-Slip Quick Dry Super Absorbent Thin Bathroom RugsPin

MontVoo Non-Slip Quick Dry Super Absorbent Thin Bathroom Rugs

as of 06/19/2024 10:03 pm

This thin profile bath rug from Montvoo is my favorite bathroom rug for seniors and the elderly because it is very absorbent, dries quickly, and stays put. 

Water on a bathroom floor can quickly cause problems, so you want it to dry up quickly or be absorbed so that it is no longer dangerous. This rug does both! It absorbs water in about 1/2 second, which keeps it from running off into the floor. 

The back is covered with a high-quality rubber that grips even on wet or smooth flooring surfaces. This material helps lock it into position so it won’t move when you step on it. 

Cleaning is a breeze, too – just rinse it off in the shower and let it dry. Or, wipe it down with a wet washcloth. 

While not necessarily a con, there are only three color choices: gray, brown, and navy blue.

Lifewit Non-Slip Bathroom RugPin

Lifewit Non-Slip Bathroom Rug

as of 06/19/2024 10:03 pm

Available in five beautiful colors and three sizes that will look great in any bathroom, this soft and plush floor rug is made of a fine chenille yarn that absorbs moisture readily.

It has a tough and secure PVC non-slip backing to keep it firmly in place. Some very nice features of this option include its self-drying capacity, absorbency, and competitive price.

This one is an excellent choice for seniors and elderly people who have stable footing and aren’t likely to trip over a thicker rug. It has lots of soft padding if a fall should occur and will not move while being stood or walked on.

Magnificent Non-Slip Bath MatPin

Magnificent Non-Slip Bath Mat

as of 06/19/2024 10:03 pm

This memory foam bath mat is one of the most popular bathroom rugs for a good reason. It has a stalwart anti-slip system that provides confidence when moving in and out of the bathtub.

The durable memory foam cradles and holds the most unsteady foot. It also has antibacterial properties, impressive absorbency, self-drying capacity, and a plush soft feel to round out its remarkable features.

For seniors, this is a mat that stays put even on hard floor surfaces like hardwood and vinyl flooring. It quickly absorbs water to minimize the risk of slipping on a wet floor. The mat also has a thinner profile and is only 5/8 inches thick.

Genteele Slip-Resistant Bath MatPin

Genteele Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

as of 06/19/2024 10:03 pm

If you are looking for something beautiful, comfortable, and so stylish that it would make a perfect gift, here is the option.

Not only does it feature important points like superior non-slip capacity, easy-cleaning, and fast-drying properties, but it features a velvet covering that is nothing less than luxurious.

It is also available in a spectacular array of colors and has a lifetime warranty.

This one may be an excellent choice for older adults who appreciate a luxurious feel. However, the rug’s thickness is too thick for elderly people with balance issues.

ITSOFT Non-Slip Bathroom Floor MatPin

ITSOFT Non-Slip Bathroom Floor Mat

If you are looking for a slightly more traditional style and appeal, this luxurious non-slip rug is a great option. With thick loops made of microfiber materials, this option also has high absorbency and incredible comfort.

It is also machine washable and self-drying, which preserves its softness.

Although the rug has a thicker profile, the loops are pliable and give quickly once stepped on. However, elderly people with poor foot clearance will need a mat with a thinner profile than this one. 

What Can I Use Instead of Bathroom Rugs?

The best way to avoid slip and fall accidents is to increase the bathroom floor’s traction.

If you feel that a bathroom rug is not the most suitable choice for keeping your elderly loved one safe from falls, here are some other options you can consider.

Non-Slip Stickers

The traction of the bathroom floor can be increased with strategically placed safety stickers, strips, or other appliques. You can lay these self-adhesive products across any surface that could become slippery when wet and pose a danger to seniors.

A great thing about this option is that they can be laid out wherever required. Because they are waterproof, they can be applied anywhere, including inside the bathtub or shower stall. Non-slip stickers are not only a very reliable option but an affordable one as well.

Non-Slip Tiles

If comfort underfoot is not the primary concern and you want to make the entire bathroom floor slip-resistant, you may consider non-slip tiling. These tiles are made with a unique texture that prevents slipping.

These tiles may be the more expensive option, but it is probably a good idea if you live in a home with elderly people and small children.

Tips For Using Bathroom Mats

Now that you know more about what you are looking for, here are some essential tips for using your bathroom rug in your bathroom.

What size of bathroom rug should I use?

Most bathrooms can’t be carpeted or covered with a single rug. The standard size for a bathroom rug is between 20″ to 24″ wide and 30″ to 34″ long.

This size is proportional to the size of most standard bathtubs and ensures the most critical area for entering and exiting the bathtub is covered.

Of course, you should consider the actual route your elderly loved one will be walking with wet feet to ensure that you avoid all risks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For safety’s sake, ensure that all four corners of the mat lie flat on the floor. If the walls or other bathroom features push the corners or edges up, this could pose a tripping risk and make the investment pointless.

Where should bathroom rugs be placed?

Typically, the most important locations for the bathroom mat are in the most high-traffic areas of the bathroom. These areas include in front of the sink, the bathtub, and in front of the toilet.

These are also the areas of the bathroom that are most likely to get wet and slippery.

How often should bathroom rugs be washed?

In a bathroom used by a single person, you may not need to clean them very often as the moisture will dry before microbes and bacteria have a chance to establish themselves.

As a rule of thumb, you should swab out bathroom rugs once or twice a week to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

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Final Notes on Choosing the Best Bathroom Rugs for Your Elderly Relative

We hope this article has helped shed some light on improving bathroom safety for your loved one.

As you can see, the right bathroom rug can play an essential role in keeping your elderly loved one safe in this high-risk home area.

Of course, achieving this level of safety will require matching the right product to your needs.

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