The Best Beach Ball Games & Activities For Seniors

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Just because senior beach goers are... well, older... doesn't mean they are content to sit in their chair on the sidelines. Here are 7 beach ball games that many older adults will enjoy!

beach ball games for seniors
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One of the best activities for seniors is going to the beach since the sun, sea and sand can have many energizing and rejuvenating effects on the aging human body. You may think that mainly the younger generation can have fun at the beach, however, that’s not true!

There are many different beach ball games and activities that seniors can enjoy. Regular trips to the beach will also have many positive effects such as reducing depression, feelings of loneliness, improve physical conditioning, increase the quality of life etc.

We will now take a closer look at some of the specific beach ball games and activities that seniors can engage in. So, time to get out of your beach chair and have some fun!


A game of pickleball is certainly quite enjoyable on the beach and all you’ll need to play is a pickleball set. This set should include a couple of whiffle-type balls, two paddles and a net.

Do note that you don’t even need a net to play this game. It’s basically a tennis-style game where you hit the whiffle ball back and forth while trying to score on your opponent. The balls are quite light at only 10 ounces which makes them perfect for use on the beach since they won’t cause any damage if they mistakenly hit another beach-goer.

How to Play: Pickleball for Beginners

Beach Volleyball

Another excellent game to play at the beach is volleyball. It is a fantastic game to play when there is a group of seniors that can be separated into two teams with two persons per team.

The volleyball used for beach volleyball is a lot lighter than the traditional volleyball used for indoor games. This makes the game a lot easier for seniors.

To play this game, each team has to shoot the ball over the net to the next team while trying to get the ball to hit the sand as opposed to being received and relayed back by the opposing team. This is a very fun, exciting and active game that people of all ages enjoy, including seniors.


One particularly popular beach ball game is tidalball. To play this game, you’ll need a tidalball set which includes 6 tidalballs of two different colors, 2 koozies and a sandscoop. Players then use the scoop to make holes in the sand along with trenches.

Then, players will have to try and get the balls into the holes while avoiding the trenches. The entire point of this game is to have fun and it is a very relaxed game that promotes social interaction and enjoyment as opposed to a lot of competition.

TidalBall Explainer Video


This is the beach version of beer pong, however, alcohol isn’t a requirement!

You’ll need 12 buckets where 6 of the buckets are one particular color and the other 6 are another color. You’ll also need 2 bucketball hybrid balls. These balls are constructed to easily handle the winds at the beach.

To play, there need to be two teams made up of one or two players. Then, you’ll need to stack each set of colored buckets together with a spacing of 15 to 25 feet apart from the other team’s buckets. The players will stand behind their buckets and then attempt to throw their ball into one of their opponent’s buckets.

Once a ball lands in a bucket, then that bucket needs to be removed from the stack. Each team is allowed to rerack their buckets only once. Once one team successfully eliminates all of the buckets of the other team, they win!

How to Play BucketBall

Beach Bocce

This is another beach game that has become increasingly popular over the years.

To play this game you’ll need to get a bocce ball set which includes 4 red balls and 4 blue balls, measuring rope and a white pallino along with a carrying case. You’ll need a space of about 27 feet to play this game which makes the beach a great spot to play.

There are two teams with each team being assigned a set of balls of the same color. The entire point of this game is for each team to throw their balls as close as possible to the pallino or the small white ball. Points are scored when an opponent throws their ball closer to the pallino in comparison to his adversary. Whichever team gets 13 points first, automatically wins.

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Next, another very enjoyable and popular beach ball game is Spikeball. You’ll need a standing net, ball and a carrying case.

This game is somewhat similar to volleyball, however, instead of spiking the ball over the net, you’ll be spiking the ball onto the net so that it bounces off of it. The point is to attempt to spike the ball in such a way that it makes it very hard or impossible for your opponent to spike it back to you.

Spikeball: The Basics

Beach Activities For Seniors

In addition to enjoying the beach ball games listed above, there are many other beach activities that seniors can enjoy. We’ll now take a closer look at some other fun activities that you can engage in.

Water Sports

Many seniors think that they are too old to get started in water sports, however, that is simply not true!

There are many types of water sports that you can try such as waterskiing, kayaking, surfing, skimboarding, riding jet skis etc. Most beaches have instructors that teach beginners how to get started in these sports and many of them also cater to seniors. There are even certain instructors that can work with people who have certain medical issues, disabilities etc.

Once you’re interested in trying out new water sports, there is always a way to safely get started and enjoy new experiences.


If you’re not a fan of simply lounging on the beach or playing games, then you may want to consider going fishing. There are many beaches that have certain areas designated for fishing or you can even charter a boat to take you on an ocean fishing excursion or deep-sea fishing.

This is actually a very fun and low-impact activity for seniors who love being at sea and catching fresh fish! There are also many companies that offer discounts for seniors and even different experiences and activities for persons with mobility issues.

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Explore The Boardwalk

There are many beaches that have a boardwalk with numerous restaurants, shopping areas etc. If this is more along your line of interest, then throw on your favorite beachwear cover up and be sure to check out the boardwalk before you head home. You can even pick up the latest beach styles, refreshments or even bait to go fishing.

Beach Safety

When visiting the beach, it is very important to take certain safety precautions as an older adult to ensure you’re well protected. First of all, you need to ensure that your skin is adequately protected against the sun which means wearing strong sunscreen as well as clothing that is comfortable and covers your body.

Your shoes should also be very comfortable and well-fitting so that you don’t accidentally fall. It is a good idea to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun as well as a hat to help protect your head from the sun and heat.

In addition to these items, you should always walk with refreshments and a lot of water, healthy snacks and any medication you need to use. It is important that you manage your hydration levels and blood sugar levels while at the beach to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time.

Also, don’t forget to walk with your camera so that you can document your lovely day at the seaside!

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Assistive Technology Professional

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