The Best Foot Scrubbers For Seniors and the Elderly [Long Handles & Easy to Use]

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Healthy feet have an important role to play in helping seniors maintain their independence, mobility and balance for as long as possible. One of the best ways of keeping feet healthy is through regular washing. Learn more about choosing a good, easy to use foot scrubber for older adults.

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Healthy feet have an important role to play in helping seniors maintain their independence, mobility and balance for as long as possible. One of the best ways of keeping feet healthy is through regular washing. Learn more about choosing a good, easy to use foot scrubber for older adults.

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Many seniors may not be able to keep up with a strict foot care regimen due to a number of factors including, physical and mental changes/conditions. 1

As the years go by, seniors normally develop a variety of foot problems that enhance the need for proper foot care. Common foot problems faced by seniors include issues associated with systemic diseases, structural, circulatory, skin and nails problems. 2

If your elderly loved one is unable to keep up with the necessary foot care regimen because they are unable to bend over or stretch enough to reach their feet and wash them properly, using the right foot scrubber for the elderly can help overcome this challenge.

Read on below for a comprehensive guide on how to find the best foot scrubber for the elderly, including a list of recommended products as well as an outline of what to look for in the best product.

Recommended Foot Brushes and Scrubbers for Older Adults

Here are my recommended products for seniors and the elderly who may be currently struggling washing their feet. Next, I’ll show you what features to looking for when shopping on your own.

Long Reach Foot Brush

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Designed to help users clean their feet and also apply lotion or even topical medications without having to stoop down low or bend over, the Long Reach Foot Brush is exactly what your elderly loved one needs to take care of their feet with ease.

This awesome product comes with a simple design that makes it quite easy to use. The brush has a 25 inch long handle, two interchangeable heads and nylon bristles on the head.

Why should you choose this product? Well, for starters, the long handle takes away any need for the user to bend over when cleaning their feet using the brush. This means that your elderly loved one will be able to take proper care of their feet on their own, regardless of whether they have trouble bending over or not.

Plus, the interchangeable heads, which can be used for cleaning feet or applying medication, make this a highly versatile product that can effectively meet the different needs of users. Last but not least, the Long Brush not only comes in a simple design but is also one of the most affordable options on offer.

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Redecker Inter-Digital Toe Brush

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Looking for an easy and effective way of cleaning the area between your toes without bending or stooping, then be sure to consider the Redecker Inter-Digital Toe Brush. This product is specifically designed to be used by seniors who have problems bending over, including those who have undergone hip operations.

This high quality German made product comes with a beautiful handcrafted beechwood handle, extra long handle measuring 31 ½ inches long and soft nylon bristles.

Thanks to the product’s extra long handle, reaching your feet and in-between your toes is easy and effortless – even for taller users. The soft nylon bristles on the other hand promise to scrub your feet clean without irritating or scratching the gentle skin. Plus, the bristles are guaranteed to remain in great working condition for an extended period of time, even with regular use, thanks to the use of durable nylon material in their manufacture.

Most importantly, this product is easy to clean – using a solution of warm water and soap. It also comes with a hanging hoop for easy and convenient storage.

However, it is worth noting that due to the natural wood handle, proper care must be taken when cleaning this product to avoid causing any unnecessary damage.

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Foot Scrubber for Use in Shower

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Want to scrub your feet clean while taking a shower without bending over, then the Foot Scrubber for Use in Shower is definitely worth your consideration. Simply put, this affordable product will give your feet a foot-spa quality experience right at home. In addition to cleaning your feet, this product also promises to soothe achy feet and enhance circulation.

To leave your feet completely clean, by getting to hard to reach area – including between your toes – this shower foot brush comes with hundreds of silicone bristles. The product can also be added to your foot odor treatment routine by combining its use with your preferred tea tree oil and foot wash.

One of the main benefits of choosing this product over the other options on this list is the fact that it also doubles as a foot massager. This means that you can use it to sooth achy feet; and, with it, relieve pain. Using the Foot Scrubber for Shower also helps boost circulation.

It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee for any buyer not satisfied with this product!

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Evermarket Magic Foot Scrubber

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Yet another multi-functional foot scrubber, the Evermarket Foot Scrubber is designed to massage and clean your feet, from front to back. More importantly, for those who would like to clean their feet without stretching or bending over, this product is definitely a must have.

In the simplest of terms, the Magic Foot Scrubber is designed to look like a shoe. It comes with more than a thousand bristles distributed at the base and strap, as well as a pumice stone at the back.

The product, which can be used by family members of all ages, is great at cleaning feet, and providing a foot-spa-like experience, by adding a massaging effect as well. Simply put, this product is specifically designed to leave your feet clean and feeling awesome!

The Magic Foot Scrubber comes with a 12 month replacement, or money back guarantee, for any customers not satisfied with their purchase.

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New Product Solutions TOE094 Miracle Foot Brush

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The TOE094 Miracle Foot Brush comes with an extra long ergonomic handle, soft and effective bristles and a pumice stone. With this product in your elderly loved one’s bathroom, you can be sure that they will no longer have to struggle with bending over or stretching just to effectively and safely clean their feet.

To ensure that users can easily reach their feet when using this product, the handle is designed to be extra long – measuring 30 inches. The Miracle Foot Brush has a curved ergonomic handle, covered with a non-slip surface, to facilitate a better and stronger grip during use.

For the best foot cleaning results, this product comes with a pumice stone on one side and more than 700 bristles on the other. Last but not least, the product is made from mold resistant materials, and comes with a hook design on the upper end for easy hanging when not in use.

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What To Look For When Buying A Foot Scrubber Or Foot Brush For Seniors

To find the best foot scrubber for seniors, it is important to consider a few important factors, including:

Ease Of Use

First and foremost, the best product must be easy to use. If you want your elderly loved one to use their new foot scrubber on a regular basis, be sure to pick something that facilitates convenient and effortless use. That way they won’t need to seek assistance whenever they want to use it, especially if they suffer from dementia.

Long Handle

If your elderly loved one has issues bending over or stretching to reach their feet or toes – for instance if they have undergone hip surgery – a foot scrubber with a long handle is a great choice. With it, they can easily clean or even apply lotion or medicine to their feet or toes without having to bend over. Since different products have different handle lengths, be sure to choose something that matches the exact requirements of your loved one.

Soft And Effective Bristles

Seniors normally have soft and sensitive feet. To prevent any unnecessary injuries, while ensuring the best cleaning results, it is recommended that you opt for a product with soft but highly effective bristles. Your main options here include silicone and plastic bristles.


When shopping around for the best foot scrubber, look for something that is easy to clean and dry after use. Otherwise your elderly loved one may end up using a product that is unhygienic over and over again without knowing – thus increasing the likelihood of ending up with an infection.

Using Shower Foot Scrubbers With Elderly

Shower foot scrubbers are a great option for seniors who are unable to stretch or bend over to clean their feet. These products resemble a small mat with thousands of soft bristles protruding upwards from the mat surface. On the bottom, some products feature suction to enable them to stick to the shower floor – ensuring that they remain in position during use.

If your elderly loved one does not have any balance issues, they can easily clean their feet on a shower foot scrubber by standing on it and rubbing their feet over the bristles. However, if they suffer from balance issues, sitting on a shower chair or stool when using the shower foot scrubber is definitely safer.

Quick Tips For Safe Foot Care For Seniors And Elderly

Conduct regular foot inspections

Wash feet regularly – preferably daily for more active seniors

Use a shower chair to reduce the risk of falling and relieve fatigue when cleaning feet in the shower

Keep feet completely dry after washing

Moisturize dry feet – avoid applying any moisturizer between the toes

Summary And Final Recommendations

Proper foot care is an important part of the overall wellbeing of seniors. With that in mind, it is worth mentioning that washing and drying your feet properly, on a regular basis, is an essential part of foot care.

For seniors who find the task of bending over or stretching to reach their feet more or less impossible due to their physical condition, a foot scrubber designed for use by the elderly can be invaluable. Then, seniors can be able to wash and dry their feet properly.

Choosing the right foot scrubber for seniors and using it properly to ensure proper foot care should be less of a hassle with the above information in mind!


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