Your Guide To Choosing The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Seniors

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Monitoring your heart rate is a good idea for anyone of any age but it is extremely important for seniors. In this guide, learn how to choose a heart rate monitor watch for seniors and which are the best.

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When it comes to cardiovascular health issues, seniors are considered to face a higher risk than other age groups in the population. In fact, of the estimated 86 million Americans diagnosed with heart related issues, about 44 million are past 60 years of age! According to an updated Fact Sheet published by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association.

Alive to these eye opening facts, the tech industry has worked to create various devices and solutions designed to help monitor heart health and identify problems as early as possible. Heart rate tracking watches are among the many products designed to help seniors keep track of their cardio vascular health.

A heart rate monitor watch is designed to track your heart rate from your wrist, without the need for a chest strap.

If you are looking for the best heart rate monitor watch for your elderly loved one you have come to the right place!

Read on for a detailed guide on how to choose the best heart rate tracker for your loved one. After reading this article you should be able to have an idea of how these devices work, the main features to look for, as well as a list of the top picks on the market right now.

Why Get A Heart Rate Monitor Watch?

Before going any further, it is important to start by answering the question, why choose a heart rate monitor watch?

Well, there are a few important reasons.

Heart rate monitoring devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes; however, none beat the convenience of heart rate tracking watches.

Designed to be worn on the wrist just like traditional wrist worn timepieces, these devices are comfortable, and will do their thing without interfering with the wearer’s hand and body movements.

Even if seniors are especially active, fitness trackers that provide heart rate data can still help seniors monitor their health.

This means that the devices can even be worn throughout the day for round the clock monitoring – your elderly loved one won’t have a pressing urge to rip the watch off because they feel uncomfortable or restricted when wearing them. The same cannot be said about other devices, such as heart rate monitoring chest straps.

Additionally, these devices come with a variety of additional features that track your overall health and activity levels (more on this later); thus, making them even more useful to the user.

Simply put, heart rate monitoring watches have their own unique appeal.

How Do Heart Rate Monitors Work?

Now that you know why these devices are so appealing – their popularity can be demonstrated by the huge variety of brands and models on offer- let’s look at how they actually work.

To measure your heart rate, these devices rely on the use of light and light sensors. Every time your heart beats, the volume of blood flowing through your blood vessels, including those in your wrist, changes.

A heart rate tracking watch monitors your heart beat by measuring how much light is reflected back into the watch – which is considered a measure of the volume of blood flowing in the vessels in your wrist.

It is important to note that some watches track the wearer’s heart rate continuously while others will only do so periodically – such as during and after work out sessions or at the wearer’s command. The best options offer both continuous and periodic heart rate tracking capabilities.

It is also worth mentioning that accuracy of these devices may vary with the level of activity of the wearer. They are less accurate when the wearer is too active – and the contact between your skin and the device is broken/ interfered with.

More active seniors can use fitness watches to monitor their heart rate during exercise to make sure they aren’t over doing it.

What To Look For In The Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch For Seniors

Accurate Readings

An accurate heart rate tracking watch will help you monitor your health better.

While all heart rate tracking watches do suffer from some weaknesses when it comes to taking accurate readings of your heart beat, as previously mentioned, some tend to be more accurate than others.

Flimsy options tend to be more inaccurate than the costlier, more refined watches.

Easy To Read Display

Seniors normally have weakened vision owing to their advanced age; watches with large easy to read faces enhance the visibility of the information displayed on fitness watches.

Always-on displays also make for easy reading of the data therein.

Comfortable Fit

If you want your elderly loved one to keep their new heart rate monitor watch on at all times, be sure to choose one that offers a comfortable fit.

Some watches even come with a number of changeable bands to ensure that wearers can match their watch to their clothes!


Fitness tracking watches need to power to work. You don’t want a device that runs out of power when you least expect it.

The best fitness tracking watch must be equipped with a battery that is capable of keeping up with your usage demands before it needs to be recharged.

Overall Health Tracking

In addition to tracking your heart rate, some fitness trackers also monitor other health related metrics, such as sleep, steps and calories burned among others, to give users a better picture of their overall health.


For added functionality, the best heart rate monitor watch should be able to connect to you smartphone – and even other devices in and around your home.

With such a device, notifications of any calls or messages to your elderly loved one’s phone can be conveniently sent straight to their wrist. This connectivity also makes it possible for users to sync all their fitness data in one place.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches For Seniors

Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch


FitBit is one of the biggest names in the fitness tracking wearables industry; and, it is no wonder that one of their watches is among the top picks. The Versa 2 is a generally a fitness tracker and will help you calories burned, sleep and steps, in addition to your continuously monitoring your heart rate 24/7.

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How It Works

This device will track your heart rate and other fitness metrics and display them on the screen. The always-on AMOLED touchscreen display makes for easy and effortless control of the device. Users can also connect to their FitBit account to sync and track their fitness data over time.

Why Choose It?

So, why is it great for seniors?

Well, it not only helps you track your overall health by tracking various metrics but also comes with a big screen that makes it easier to read for those with weaker vision. The larger screen also makes it easier for seniors to navigate the touchscreen controls. The watch also comes with built-in Alexa.

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Apple Watch Series 5


While being one of the more expensive heart rate monitors on this list, the Apple Watch 5 is also arguably the best of them all; designed for the most demanding users. In addition to being able to track your heart rate this watch also tracks your diet, sleep and features sedentary notifications.

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How It Works

The Apple Watch 5 will track your heart rate – displayed on the home screen of its always-on display – continuously and periodically/on demand. To navigate through the watch’s features and controls, you simply swipe on the touchscreen display.

Why Choose It?

This device is quite easy to use, thanks to its large touchscreen display, which is easy to read and navigate.

More importantly, this device features as a wrist worn fall detector due to it’s automatic fall detection, a unique feature not found in other heart rate monitors. The watch will connect you with one of your emergency contacts in the event you fall, at home or outdoors and are unable to get up!

However, all these features take a toll on the battery, which only lasts for about 18 hours per charge.

Garmin Forerunner 35 Easy to Use Fitness Watch


For more active seniors, the Garmin Forerunner 35 offers remarkable step counting in addition to accurately tracking your heart rate. Suitable for hikers, runners, swimmers and cyclists, this device displays your heart rate, steps and time on a large clear display.

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How It Works

This device tracks the wearer’s heart rate continuously using Garmin elevate technology. The user can pair the device with their smartphone to enjoy additional functionality and/or upload their fitness data to Garmin Connect.

Why Choose It?

The large clear display, featuring different sport modes, on the Garmin Forerunner 35 make for easy reading.

To makes things better, this fitness tracker also comes with a sort of panic button feature that enables the wearer to send their location to an emergency contact of their choice whenever something serious happens e.g. they fall or suddenly don’t feel well.

However, you cannot use this fitness tracker to track other metrics of your overall health or even respond to messages.

LETSCOM Smart Watch with Heart Rate Tracker


If you are looking to track your heart rate or overall fitness on a budget, the Letscom Smart Watch is worth your consideration. This affordably priced will track your heart rate, steps, sleep and calories.

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How It Works

This fitness watch allows you to track your daily real-time heart rate and a variety of other metrics relating to your overall fitness and health. You can even synchronize your data using Strava.

Why Choose It?

The Letscom Smart Watch gives users an affordable way to track their heart rate and overall fitness levels, without making things complicated. It features simple controls and a large and customizable display that is easy to read. For music lovers, you can play your favorite tunes on this smart watch via Bluetooth headphones.

DSmart 2021 Version Fitness Tracker


Another highly affordable option, the Akuti Fitness Tracker is designed to give users access to accurate heart rate monitoring technology without the huge price tag normally associated with fitness trackers.

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How It Works

This fitness tracker monitors your heart rate on a continuous basis, while also collecting a host of fitness related data that gives you a view of your overall health.

Your heart rate is displayed on the large display screen, while other data relating to your fitness, such as steps and calories burned can be viewed on your smartphone via the JYOUPro App. The watch can also be controlled via the app.

Why Choose It?

The Akuti Fitness Tracker comes in a sleek slim design that sets it apart from other options on this list. Even with the slim design, your heart rate is displayed in big-easy-to-read digits on the devices large colorful screen.

Wrapping Up

The best heart rate monitor should be able to accurately track your heart rate, and with it, help you stay healthier. While there is a sea of seemingly similar options out there, only a few actually cater to the unique needs of seniors.

While most of the top brands offer feature rich devices that come with all the bells and whistles when it comes to tracking your heart rate as well as your overall fitness levels, they tend to be quite costly. Fortunately, cheaper options are also available; however, these come with fewer features! But that might be just what you want.

All in all, choosing the best heart rate tracker for the elderly should be much easier with the above information in mind. I hope it helps!

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