The Best Lighted Magnifier For Reading

As we all age, reading small print and intricate crafting tasks like jewelry-making, embroidery, and sewing becomes a challenge for older adults. That is where high-quality lighted magnifiers like these come in handy.

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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Aging not only affects the body and mind of an individual, but it also impacts his/her eyes. Your eyes will lose the ability to focus on nearby objects as you age. You may find it harder to read and work at the computer when this happens.

So, I put together this guide to provide the information you need to know when shopping for a lighted magnifier and I’ll recommend some of the top lighted magnifiers for reading – especially for seniors and the elderly.

The Best Lighted Magnifiers For Reading

Here are my favorite lighted magnifying glasses for older adults. In the next section, I’ll show you which features and options are important for seniors and the elderly to consider.

1. Vive’s LED Magnifying Glass

Vive LED lighted magnifying glass
  • 5X and 10X Magnification
  • Size: 8.2” High by 4” Wide
  • 2 Bright LED Lights
  • Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Included)

Vive’s LED magnifying glass is perfect for senior adults. The device lets you do detailed work without any stress on the eyes. The magnifier has two lenses (5X and 10X) that are interchangeable. Each lens will produce a sharp and clean image without distortion. 

The lightweight glass comes with two integrated LED lights that are easy to turn on and off while in use. The product has a non-slip handle that is ergonomically designed for a secure grip. The high-quality acrylic lenses are quite durable while the plastics are lightweight and portable.

2. Ultra Optix Folding LED Lighted 3X Magnifier

ultraoptix lighted magnifier
  • 3X Magnification
  • Size: 2” High by 3” Wide
  • LED Lights
  • Uses 1 AAA Batteries

The Ultra Optix Folding LED Lighted magnifier is ideal for caregivers providing in-home care to senior adults with low vision. The 3X magnifier guarantees reading independence for seniors. The product is handheld, lightweight, and provides over 100,000 hours of light with the latest LED lighting technology.

The product has an optical quality lens that is durable and scratch-resistant. The LED light is powered by an AA battery and has a raised switch to enable seniors with limited finger dexterity to easily turn on/off the light.

3. Kaome Folding Magnifying Glass With Light

Image: Amazon API
  • 2X Magnification 
  • Size: 3.5” High by 5” Wide
  • Dimmable LED Lights
  • 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Where to Buy:

If you are looking for a rectangular, lightweight, and handheld magnifying glass with light, the Kaome Folding Magnifying Glass is for you. This device has a 2X magnification and is suited for checking labels on a product, reading small text on a map, and hobbies like crafts and jewelry. 

The product weighs only 8 oz grams and is easy to hold for long periods. The device comes with 5 bright LED lights along one side of the frame to provide plenty of light in low-light environments. There is a switch on the handle to turn on/off the lights. You need 3 AAA batteries to use the lights.

4. Carson LM-20 Lighted Magnifier

Image: Amazon API
  • 2X Magnification With 5X Spot
  • Size: 6.75” High by 5” Wide
  • 2 Super Bright LED Lights
  • Uses 3 AA Batteries or AC Adapter (included)
Where to Buy:

This is a great option for seniors looking for a magnifier that could stand on a desk or work table like a lamp. The product comes with a large lens (2X magnification) as well as a spot lens with 5X magnification. The magnifier has a flexible and adjustable neck so that the reader can move it closer when reading.

The lens of the device is made of high-quality crystal-clear acrylic while the LED light is powered by three AAA batteries or an AC/DC adapter. Some users have mentioned that the power cord of the light is not long enough.

5. LANCOSC Magnifying Glass with Light

Image: Amazon API
  • 3X Magnification 
  • Size: 2.1” High by 2.1” Wide
  • Dimmable LED Lights
  • USB Powered
Where to Buy:

The Lancosc LED Lighted magnifier comes with a dimmable lamp to allow you to adjust the brightness levels as you like. The device consists of a 3X real glass lens on a flexible gooseneck that clamps to your desk. The arm is surprisingly strong enough to hold the weight of the device.

The magnifier stays where you put it and lights up nice and bright. The device is ideal for crafters, readers, and anyone who is looking for a quality LED magnifying glass.

What Types Of Reading Magnifiers Are Available For Seniors?

There are different types of magnifiers for reading purposes. If you are shopping for the best reading magnifier for your senior adult, you should know about the different types of magnifiers available in the market and which option is best for him or her.

Here are some of the most common types of reading magnifiers for seniors:

Reading Glasses

Think of reading glasses are wearable magnifiers. There are even reading glasses with built-in lights. But they may look a bit awkward when used in a public place. Here are my recommended reading glasses for seniors if you’d like to learn more.

Magnifying Glasses

A magnifying glass is a handheld glass that you can use for reading. You can adjust the focus of these by moving the glass closer to or farther away from your eye.

Dome Magnifiers

A dome magnifier sits right on the printed material, and you should be at the right angle to see the print.

Bar Magnifiers

Bar magnifiers will also sit on printed material. They are specially designed for engineering professionals but can help readers who read line-by-line. 

Digital Magnifiers

A digital magnifier uses video technology to project large images onto a screen attached to the magnifier.

Magnifying Goggles

Magnifying goggles are handheld devices that have goggles between the reader and the small print. These magnifiers are popular with jewelers.

Tabletop Magnifiers

A tabletop magnifier is quite similar to a lighted magnifier but not as flexible as the latter. The device has a fixed top and the reader should get his/her eyes over the top to view the printed material. 

Lighted Magnifiers

These magnifiers are quite similar to desktop lamps. In addition to the light, the device has a magnifying glass that is placed between the reader and the printed material. 

Important Features Of Reading Magnifiers

There are many important features to look for when investing in the best reading magnifier for seniors. To buy a magnifying device that meets your needs, you should know a couple of things:


This is the most important thing to consider when shopping for a magnifying glass for reading. The magnification of a device is the number of times the lens enlarges the print text.

For example, a 2X device will enlarge the print text two times while a 10X device will enlarge the text ten times. Most seniors can opt for a 2X or 3X magnifier for reading printed text.

But if you have hobbies that involve tiny objects such as crafts and jewelry, you should opt for a device with a power of 5X or more.

Size Of The Lens

The size of the lens is another feature to consider when shopping for a magnifying glass for reading. The lens size determines how much you can see through it. Magnifiers with large lenses let you see as much of an object as possible through the lens.

Lens Quality

Avoid devices that create distortion around the edges. This is a common issue with low-quality and cheap reading magnifiers. A quality lens should show you a clear image so that you can read small print without any problem.


The device should be light enough to hold in your hand for extended periods. If you opt for a handheld device, make sure the magnifier weighs 200g or less. But if you opt for a magnifier with a stand, the weight of the device won’t be a big issue.


This is a must-have feature especially for seniors who don’t have a good reading lamp. The latest magnifiers have LED lights that are bright but don’t use a lot of power. You can power the LED light with a couple of AA batteries.

In fact, magnifiers with integrated LED lights make it much easier to read the small print in areas with little or no light.

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Wrapping Up

If you are shopping for the best lighted magnifier for reading, there are many features to consider before investing in such a product. The aforementioned article provides information on what you need to know when shopping for a lighted magnifier and recommends 5 of the best lighted magnifiers for reading.



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