7 Best Positioning Pillows for Bedridden Seniors & Elderly

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

While you can try cramming pillows under bedridden seniors, there are special kinds of pillows called positioning pillows that are especially designed to improve patient care and use by seniors and the elderly.

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Taking care of bedridden patients and seniors can be a daunting task, even for experienced caregivers and nurses. The task is magnified when you are caring for a bedridden senior at home.

Because they spend most of their time lying in bed, they require more care and a different kind of treatment than other patients. In addition, bedridden patients and seniors are more prone to health risks ranging from pressure ulcers and constipation to depression and back pain, as described by Belvedere Home Care.

Aside from these risk factors, bedridden patients and seniors are also at an increased risk of bed sores, which are painful sores formed by pressure restricted and concentrated on any area of the skin for a certain period of time, according to an article published by Woodruff Medical on preventing bed sores for bedridden patients and seniors.

Proper positioning of seniors can reduce pain and make older adults more comfortable while confined to bed.

Best Positioning Pillows for Bedridden Seniors

Most positioning pillows for bedridden patients and seniors are usually made of memory foam, quality foam, polyester, or even cotton. They are also designed very differently from the usual pillow as they seek to provide support for various parts of the body, such as the head, legs, and even the back.

Here are the seven best positioning pillows that could be found on Amazon for both bedridden patients and seniors.

Rather than an individual wedge-shaped pillow, the BackMax Positioning Pillow by Contour Products is a pillow set that provides multifunctional support and comfort for bedridden seniors but could also help with bedridden patients to improve their posture.

The pillow set is composed of three foam wedge pillows that could provide full body support and relief for patients and seniors alike. It also has a dimension of about 70 x 28 x 14 inches and features a non-skid bottom that stays in place.

Because it is filled with premium memory foam with a weightless and ergonomic pressure relief design, the pillows can be used in many different ways to relieve pain and to provide customizable support.

This wedge-shaped pillow for elderly pillow has a two-layered design with a top memory foam layer and a firm foam base for maximum comfort and firm support.

This pillow is excellent for relieving and it could also improve blood circulation and reduce stress spine. This pillow is great for elderly people who are suffering from certain ailments that could be relieved by correct posture and it is also a good choice for bedridden patients who are suffering from an injury or just underwent surgery as this product could help speed up the recovery process.

Aside from providing cushioned relief and support for both bedridden patients and seniors, it also comes with a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton that is breathable and easy to wash and clean.

This is a pillow that could help injured patients and seniors recover, reduce pain from various conditions such as edema, and improve posture and blood circulation.

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This U-shaped pillow is usually used by and recommended for pregnant women although it is great for bedridden seniors as well. This pillow is made of super soft velvet and has a weight of about 7 kilograms and a height and width of about 55 x 31 x 7.8 inches.

The shape provides great benefits to seniors because it reduces the risk of arthritis by providing them with full body support and making it comfortable for sleep, This improves the comfort of sleeping, watching TV, reading, or just resting. I can even reduce pain by providing supportive positioning.

Once it gets dirty, Queen Rose Comfy Arthritis and Pregnant Women Pillow can be easily cleaned because comes with a washable pillow cover. Note that some reviews mention the pillow might not be as soft as expected and might not provide maximum support for people who are shorter than most people.

The Angle by Back Support Systems

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This angle wedge pillow made from memory foam has a dimension of 27 x 20 x 10 inches, a weight of just about 3.5 pounds, and comes with a warranty for five years.

This product is clinically proven to reduce pain in the lower back, which is suitable for bedridden seniors and patients suffering from a range of ailments such as arthritis, spasms, stress, fatigue, sciatica, and strain. Due to its shape, it is the perfect therapy pillow that also gives support not just to the legs or the lower back but also to the spine by decreasing the pressure on muscles and discs.

It is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic while also being easy to wash and clean. It is also available in three different size.

However, it could have a strong chemical smell when used for the first time and it could be too high or too low for bedridden patients and seniors.

This wedge-shaped pillow designed and manufactured by Cushy Form is best for patients who need long term support but it could also be used by seniors for sleeping and reading. This pillow could easily turn a bed into a cozy and comfortable recliner and could reduce a range of health risks ranging from snoring and breathing issues to acid reflux. Because it is adjustable, this wedge pillow could help improve posture and reduce pain in the back, neck, and the head.

It is made of memory foam, which means that this pillow will not be too soft or too firm when bedridden seniors or patients use it. Cushy Bed Wedge Pillow has a height and width of about 26 x 25 x 7.5 inches and could also be used for leg support. It even comes with an easy-to-clean washable and breathable cover.

If you are worried with a patient or senior who has any allergies or illness, Cushy Bed Wedge Pillow is made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic material, which helps prevent any allergies or illnesses.

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Made of high-quality memory foam and a soft short plush cover, this pillow by Light Ease has a dimension of about 19 X 17 X 8.3 inches and it could also be used on a recliner, coffee table, or bed.

Because of its ergonomic design, this pillow is best for bedridden seniors and patients who need to have their legs/knees elevated above the heart level due to surgery such as hip replacement, ACL surgery, and/or femur replacement.

This wedge pillow is easy to carry around as it comes with a washable cover for easy maintenance as well as a handle for repositioning..

Note that the pillow ships compressed and takes time to expand. It also has a strong chemical smell when used for the first time but this dissipates after a few days.

This total back positioning pillow by Vertteo is made of premium medical memory foam filling with a high-grade cotton fiber cover. It weighs about 1.65 pounds and has a dimension of about 18 X 16 X 5 inches.

It is a versatile positioning pillow due to its ergonomic design and it will comfortably fit between the waist and keep the legs, hips, and back in perfect alignment to relieve pain in the back leg and hip. Because it’s molded, it keeps its shape providing both comfort and support.

Aside from bedridden patients and seniors, it could also be used by pregnant women due to its multi-functional capabilities that enable it to be placed anywhere in the body, including the stomach, under the knees, and ankles to relieve pressure in these body parts.

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