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Finding the Best Purse for Fibromyalgia for Less Shoulder Pain

Finding the Best Purse for Fibromyalgia for Less Shoulder Pain

The goal of choosing a purse for a person with fibromyalgia is to reduce pain while still carrying the things you need. The best purse for fibromyalgia pain is usually a cross body or other bag that helps distribute the weight. Hand bags and carts are other options too.
Purse For Fibromyalgia Featured Image
Purse For Fibromyalgia Featured Image
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Living with fibromyalgia is a major challenge. This is well known not only by those who are unfortunate enough to experience living with it or another chronic pain disorder.

But even those who have a loved one who suffers from fibro see firsthand just how hard this can be at times.

While it can sometimes seem hard to look for a silver lining, strong ailments often make for strong spirits, and a lot of ingenuity applied to solving a difficult problem.

Apply this same ingenuity towards finding the best purse for fibromyalgia pain and you are sure to find a pain-free purse.

Because of this, there are actually many good options when it comes to finding purses or purse substitutes that are designed with sufferers of chronic fibromyalgia pain in mind.

While you may need some restrictions due to pain or stress on the joints, there are plenty of good options out there that should be considered when looking for the perfect purse.

Reviews: Best Purses for Fibromyalgia

Read on for some of the best options out there when it comes to finding the best purses for those who need to live with fibromyalgia:

SASH Womens Crossbody Bag Over The Shoulder Cross Body Purse w/Compact Organized Storage, Anti Theft RFID and Adjustable Strap, Perfect for Travel or Everyday Use (Black Genuine Leather)Pin

SASH Crossbody Bags

Why I Recommend It

You’re not going to be able to research chronic pain-friendly purses and accessories before you run across someone raving about the benefits that a SASH crossbody bag brings to the table.

Focusing on a design that is aesthetically stylish yet is designed to minimize weight and pull on any one shoulder or part of the body, while also keeping the hands free.

This delivers a lot of practical benefits as there are plenty of pouches and zippers.

The crossbody design means less pressure is put on the shoulder, and the hands aren’t needed for carrying it which also makes this a solid choice for those suffering from arthritis as well.

They are lightweight, come in leather or faux leather, and the crossbody design makes them very well-balanced.

For many individuals suffering from chronic pain like fibromyalgia, the crossbody bags from SASH have been the perfect solution.

Vera Bradley Women's Cotton Little Crossbody Purse With RFID Protection, Regal Rosette, One SizePin

Vera Bradley Small Crossbody Purse

Why I Recommend It

These have plenty of space as well as a lot of functionality. There is more space here for storage for those of us who just need more storage space than the average smaller purse gives, and the versatility is a definite plus.

These are fun, cute, and most importantly offer more than one way to carry or distribute weight which is great as not everyone’s experience with chronic pain is going to be the same. This versatility is not found with most other options.

The 13-inch x 13-inch square size means plenty of storage space and there are six different colors/designs to choose from as of this writing. The materials are strong but lightweight giving the wearer the best of both worlds.

These backpack purses are incredibly well designed and another great option from Sakroots for those with fibro or other chronic pain ailments.

As a side note, the Sakroots also creates high-quality crossbody purses that could also be a great option if you’re not as big a fan of the SASH or Vera Bradley options.

Dakine Jordy Crossbody - Hoxton, One SizePin

Dakine Jordy Crossbody Bag

Why I Recommend It

Sleek, slim, and stylish, the Dakine Jordy Crossbody bag hits all three of the big “S’s” there. A durable bag designed to last in even consistently rough outdoor conditions, this is also surprisingly lightweight.

Lightweight and durable is always a great combination and these bags come in 8 different colors and pattern prints while also serving as an excellent solution for chronic pain sufferers.

These bags are a bit on the thin side, but they make up for it in vertical space and offer an over-the-shoulder or crossbody setup to carry in whatever way feels the most comfortable.

That versatility is going to come in extremely useful and makes this another great choice to alleviate discomfort or pain when moving about throughout the day and taking care of those tasks that just have to get done.

This bag looks quite a bit different from the others but for some is going to provide exactly the type of support and carrying capacity that you’re looking for.

AOCINA Crossbody Purses for Women Lightweight Small Travel Bag Shoulder Purses and Handbags with Multi Zipper Pockets (Black Flower)Pin

AOCINA Crossbody Purse

as of 04/19/2024 3:07 pm

Why I Recommend It

A lightweight medium-sized purse with an adjustable shoulder strap that can come out to a full 25 inches (or even detach for a new strap if needed) the crossbody purse, or “purse bag” as AOCINA likes to call it, is a really intriguing option that offers a lot of freedom for chronic pain sufferers.

This is a medium-sized crossbody bag that is lightweight, designed with big easy-to-open zippers in two spots for easy pocket access, and can be worn crossbody or over shoulder.

As of this writing, there are twelve different designs available that include a wide combination of different colors as well.

The materials are very high quality and have that perfect combination of soft and durable to make them comfortable while still being able to hold up to all the daily stresses that come with common and not-so-common use.

This is a hands-free model that allows you full range of movement and is likely to continue to receive rave reviews from those with chronic pain diving into what these bags have to offer them.

Focus on What’s Most Important: Less Pain!

The biggest thing to focus on when it comes to finding the best purse for someone who suffers from fibromyalgia is to find one that makes your life easier and doesn’t add to the pain.

Finding the best option that lets you carry around your things without causing pain matters whether that’s a conventional purse, handbag, or something else entirely.

Being able to minimize pain and discomfort in your shoulders should be the main goal when looking for the right purse.

If for some reason the options on this list aren’t going to be an adequate substitute then consider alternatives like having a portable walker with a basket and keeping the purse in the basket, or other similar options that allow the larger bags without putting undue stress on your body.

In Conclusion

The good news, as you can see, is that there are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding the right purse.

Whether you need a lot of space or a little, crossbody functionality or something more versatile, there are options here for you that meet your needs.

Live your life, get out and about with everything you need, and do so with confidence and style.

These great options can help with the purse question, and that is one less thing to worry about because life will certainly be more than happy to throw enough curve balls your way as it is!

What do you think is the best purse for fibromyalgia? Do you have other ideas or tips to share? Please leave them in the comments below!

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