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best walking canes for men

The Best Walking Canes for Men: Stronger, Sturdier, and Stylish

Buying a new walking cane can seem like a fairly simple proposition. After all, it is a pretty basic walking aid. Then, you look online and find that there are many options out there. And, they’re all designed for different needs and preferences. When choosing the best walking canes for men, there are a number of features that you should look for. It is important to buy a cane that will last and give you the extra support many men need.

A Man’s Cane vs a Woman’s Cane

When you are shopping for a cane, you will notice that many of them are designed specifically for men or women. There are a number of reasons for this. And, being aware of these reasons are very helpful when buying your own cane.

Walking Canes for Men are Heavier Duty

First and foremost, men’s canes are often heavier and stronger. This is to compensate for the fact that men are often larger and heavier than women and require more support.

The handles of men’s canes are also often thicker. This is because men usually have larger hands and need this extra surface area for a comfortable hold. Men with slight frames, or small hands, may be able to use a woman’s cane if they like a particular design or color.

Design Differences Between Men's and Women's Canes

A second example of gender differences in canes are the design features. Women’s canes are often made to be highly decorative as well as functional. This is reflected in the colors, materials, designs and patterns available in canes for women. It is not at all uncommon to see floral prints and wild patterns.

Walking canes for men tend to less decorative and in more basic, solid colors. However, many men’s canes supplement their designs with decorative handles and tips. So, they, too, are often designed to be attractive as well as functional. Your gender is no real barrier to getting a cane that looks good and works well at the same time.

It is also important to know the differences between walking canes and walking sticks. You can check out that post here if you want more details.​

different walking cane handles

Choose a Comfortable Handle

This is probably the most essential part of your cane. Unfortunately, people who are new to walking with canes will probably overlook the importance of this feature. The handle of your cane is the part in contact with your body constantly. And, your hand will press down on it everytime you take a step. An uncomfortable handle hurts your hand, gives you blisters or sore areas, or even makes you reluctant to use the support at all.

Handle Designs

Choosing a handle design that works for you is an extremely individual decision. The best handle depends on your own physical condition, how much weight you will put on the cane, and even your hand and skin strength and resiliency. Your cane handle should be large enough to spread the impact while still allowing you to easily grip the surface. It should also keep your hand in a neutral position, without any unnecessary or painful positioning of fingers.

A good way to determine which cane works for your needs is to try a few different options and see which one combines the right amount of support with ease of use. Here are some of the more popular handle options for men's canes:

  • Derby Handle -  This type of handle features an open-ended design that is created to allow for easy gripping. It also has a hook on one end so it can hang over the arm or off a coat rack.
  • Fritz Handle -This is a wide handle that is good for people with arthritis. The handle is open-ended like that of the Derby design.
  • Palm-grip Handle - Designed specifically to conform to the palm of your hand, this type may offer more support and ease of use. The Palm-grip handle comes in both right and left hand design, so make sure you order for your dominant hand.
  • Offset Handle - If you find a normal handle painful then this might be a good option. This handle is padded for comfort and comes in a variety of styles and designs.

Handle Materials

Cane handles are made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic and leather. The most important feature of the material is its comfort. Your hand should not slip and the handle shouldn’t cause pain or chaffing to the palm. If it does, send it back or choose another cane. If you find most canes painful to use, choose a padded material for extra comfort and support.

The Cane Tip

People who use canes usually do so because they have difficulty walking due to illness or weakness in certain parts of their bodies. These types of physical limitations often make slipping or falls a major concern. The tip of your cane does a lot towards stabilizing your movements.

Cane tips can be made of many substances including wood or plastic, but a rubber tip is probably the safest option available. Rubber tips will help the cane grip at the floor and will help prevent the cane from skidding or slipping out from under your weight. Even if your cane doesn’t have a rubber tip when you buy it, you can buy one separately if this is a concern for you.

older man holding a cane by the handle

Weight Recommendations

Canes come with weight limits. Depending on the material or construction of your new cane, it will have a recommended upper limit. It’s important that you know the limit before you buy a new cane. Your cane has to support all of your weight. If it isn’t strong enough than it could break while you’re in mid-step. That would be very dangerous.

The weight limits of a cane are usually shown on the product ad. It is really important that larger men check this first because many canes have weight limits of only 250 lbs. The weight of the user should be under the weight limit of the cane with several pounds to spare.

Height Limits

Height limits on canes make sure that you are getting the support you need and also for your comfort. Don’t let your new mobility device cause more problems than it solves. Buying a cane that’s the right height for your body can avoid injuries, strain and bad posture. This is especially important for men who tend to be taller than women.

Ask a friend, family member or caregiver to measure from your wrist joint to the floor when you are standing straight. This measurement is the best cane height for you. Many canes are available that have adjustments for different heights. These adjustments are usually pretty simple to make and do not require any tools. Most canes adjust by little steel push pins that pop in and out of alignment holes. Make sure the cane you buy has these adjustments.

My Recommended Walking Canes for Men

So, based on the discussion above, here are my recommended walking canes for men. Some of these, of course, are based on my own style opinions but there are a lot of options out there to choose from. Because these aren't your basic type of cane, it is important to know these may not be covered under Medicare benefits.

Best Carbon Fiber Cane for Men

For those who like a simple but elegant look, this Carbon Fiber cane from Harvy is worth considering. It is ultra lightweight but strong because of its carbon fiber construction. Includes soft touch Derby handle for a comfortable ergonomic fit. The cane ships out at 37" long but can be trimmed to fit with a hacksaw. Just pop off the rubber tip, cut to fit, and put the tip back on. Watch the weight limit though - this cane only holds 250 lbs.

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Best Walking Cane for Taller Men

This walking cane from Harvy is made extra long for taller men - men who are over 6 feet to 6'7" tall. It also has the benefit of folding up for easy carrying and storage when not in use. Elegant wood Derby styled handle with simple black shaft. It is also available in standard heights too at Amazon.

Harvy Extra Long Folding Cane
  • Adjustable from 39 to 43 inches in 1 inch increments

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Best Walking Cane for Larger Men

This cane from Drive Medical has most of my recommended criteria for men's walking cane. It is adjustable in height for a proper fit. Also, it is strong and durable with a 500 lb weight capacity. For easy storage and travel it even folds up into 4 pieces! ​It will be a bit heavier than some other canes, but that is what makes it more durable and able to support the larger man.

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Folding Cane Lightweight Adjustable with T Handle, Black
  • Cane folds into 4 convenient parts for easy storage
  • Attractive plastic handle with brass collar
  • Manufactured with heavy duty steel tubing
  • Comes with plastic clip to hang cane when folded
  • Handle Height: 33"-37"; Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

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Best Gentleman's Walking Stick

For some reason, this walking cane screams southern gentleman to me. I can just imagine a colonel sitting on his porch drinking a a mint julep with this cane to his side. This cane though is all about style with only basic support. The knob handle is not the best for arthritic hands. But, this is a cool looking cane for a man who just needs a little help with balance while walking and wants to look good using it.​

Walking cane - BUBBA STIK Texas style walking stick made of Mahogany Stained Tennessee Hardwood and...
  • Made in USA
  • Black anti-slip rubber tip
  • Brass handle hame
  • Solid Tennessee Hardwood
  • 39" tall can be cut to size

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Best Wooden Walking Canes for Men

Here are some of my favorite wooden canes for men based on style and design.​

Final Thoughts

Choosing a cane that meets your physical needs and looks good is more complicated than you might think. Choosing the wrong design can mean painful injuries to your hand, arm or shoulder, or could even cause falls.

Take your time when you’re choosing a cane, thinking first of functionality and secondly about the design. The best walking canes for men are comfortable to use and also meets the physical needs and limitations. Most are also available in a design that suits you and your lifestyle. There are even canes with built-in lights for men who are out after dark.

Tell me about your experience shopping for a men's cane. Do you have any recomendations or advice? Your comments and questions are welcome below!

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