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Best Walking Canes for Women: Combining Style with Function!

Best Walking Canes for Women: Combining Style with Function!

Women have special needs in walking canes. Because they are typically shorter than men, canes that height adjustable are important. Many women also prefer canes with a little style too. Here are the best walking canes for women.
Walking Canes For Women Featured Image
Walking Canes For Women Featured Image
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As you get older, changes in your body and joints make walking difficult. Injuries and illness can cause weakness in one side of your body.

Canes are a useful tool if you suffer from these types of difficulties. They take the pressure off the affected side and help you get around easier.

There are many different types of canes that are designed especially for women who have these issues.

To help you choose the right cane for your body and physical condition, I’ve created this guide to the best walking canes for women.

My Recommended Walking Canes for Women

Purple Blackberry Ladies Adjustable Mini Folding CanePin

Purple Blackberry Ladies Adjustable Mini Folding Cane

as of 05/29/2024 9:14 pm

HARVY makes this great folding cane especially for ladies who want classic style and convenience. This cane fits the bill on both.

The main color of this walking cane is black with a blue and pink floral pattern. It is topped off with a wooden derby-styled handle. The shaft adjusts from 32″ to 36″ which will fit ladies from about 5’0″ to 5’8″.

The cane also folds and unfolds easily for discreet carrying. It quickly stashes in a bag (one is included!) or purse so that it is available when needed. And out of the way when it isn’t.

Just a reminder that wooden-handled canes may not be the best choice for ladies with arthritis. You may want to look at one of the cushioned handled canes instead.

KMINA PRO - Folding Canes for Women Adjustable, Walking Cane for Women Fancy, Foldable Walking Sticks for Seniors Balance, Lightweight Aluminium Walking Canes, Fashionable Blue Flowers Cane.Pin

KMINA - Folding Cane for Women

as of 05/29/2024 9:14 pm

KMINA makes this folding cane for women in 15 different colors – including camo options!

I really like the handle on this cane. First, it is smaller and designed to fit a woman’s hand. Also, it is contoured to the shape of the hand. Finally, is cushioned with a soft foam grip.

Like many of the other ladies’ canes reviewed here. It also folds up to fit into a purse, backpack, or small bag. This is a great option for women who only need to use it occasionally.

HARVY Light Pink Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle Aluminum Adjustable Shaft Ladies Walking CanePin

HARVY Light Pink Ergonomic Ladies Walking Cane

as of 05/29/2024 9:14 pm

This cane has nearly everything a woman looks for in a walking cane. And, I do mean more than just a feminine color!

The smaller, contoured handle on this cane is a huge plus because it is designed to fit a woman’s hand better. The handle is also made of a soft, comfortable foam that reduces pain from grasping it. This makes it a great cane for women with arthritis.

The adjustable shaft is made to fit women from 4’10” to 6′ tall. Adjustment is made by sliding the bottom part of the shaft and locking it down with a lock nut.

Ladies Fashionable Soft Touch Derby Cane Black Triple Wound Carbon Fiber -Affordable Gift! Item #DHAR-9075408Pin

Ladies Fashionable Soft Touch Derby Cane

as of 05/29/2024 9:14 pm

Carbon fiber canes are known for being strong but also lightweight. But, they can also be quite stylish.

The handle on this cane is sized to fit a woman’s hand and is soft to the touch. While the soft touch is not cushioning exactly, it does make the handle a little more comfortable and easier to hold onto than a wooden handle.

Note that this cane is 37″ long. It doesn’t quickly adjust like some of the others but it can be cut to fit at home with a jigsaw or hand saw. This is a great way to get a properly fitting cane for those who are shorter in height.

Several other colors are available including basic black.

DMI Lightweight Aluminum Adjustable Folding Collapsible Walking Cane for Women, Wood Derby-Top Handle, BlackPin

DMI Lightweight Folding Walking Cane for Women

Not every woman wants a flashy, bold cane. Patterns and pastels aren’t for everyone! Sometimes, basic black is best!

So, here is a great cane choice for women who want a simple, basic cane designed to fit them. This cane does have the extra feature of folding up when not in use. So, the cane is easily stashed in a purse or bag when not in use.

The elegant wood derby-styled handle is known for comfort and for matching the natural contours of the hand. But, there is no padding to it so it could bother people with severe wrist or hand arthritis.

Why Use a Cane?

As we age, there are a number of changes in our body. Illnesses, disease, or injury causes weakness or pain, and make it difficult to walk safely.

A cane helps with that. They help support your weight and make you more stable, reducing the chance of falls.

Falls are serious for seniors. Seniors usually have more brittle bones, which break easily on impact. And they take a long time to heal.

For some seniors, breaks don’t heal at all and this greatly reduces your ability to move around. This is why you need to use whatever tools are available to stabilize your movements and avoid falling.

A Woman’s Cane vs a Man’s Cane: What’s the Difference?

So, what are the differences between a cane for women and a cane for men? Typically, women’s canes are more fashionable. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are often a fashion statement.

For women who enjoy looking and feeling good, choosing a cane that fits your style makes you more likely to carry and use it.

The second difference between men’s and women’s canes is the size and weight limit. Men are usually larger and heavier than women. They also usually have bigger hands.

This is why men’s canes are thicker with a bigger handle that’s easier for their larger hands to grip. In contrast, women usually have bones that are smaller and thinner.

This is why women’s canes have more petite handles that are gripped without unnatural finger placement.

walking canes women key featuresPin
Canes are made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, or metal.

Key Features to Consider

There are a number of key features you should consider when buying a cane. First and foremost, take a good look at the tip of the cane. This is a very important feature if you want to avoid falls.

Why? The tip of the cane comes into contact with the floor. Buying a cane with a plastic or wooden tip means that the cane is likely to slip or slide on smooth surfaces. This should be avoided at all costs.

A rubber tip is best for canes as it will grip at any surface and give you a stable hold on the floor. For seniors who need help with balance, look at a quad cane which has 4 tips on it for stability.

The second feature of canes is the stick itself. Canes are made from plastic, wood, metal, or a variety of materials. But, the material itself isn’t really that important.

As long as the cane is sturdy and recommended for your weight, choose the material based on your own preferences. And style!

Handle Designs

The design of the handle is another important feature of the cane. This will determine your happiness with your cane. Why? The wrong handle could cause pain or injury to your hand, arm, or shoulder.

If the handle is too wide, it will spread your fingers incorrectly and make every step painful. The handle of your cane takes your weight with every step. That’s why you need to make the right decision when choosing it.

There are a variety of different handles available. Try them all. Their comfort level is determined mostly by your body and physical condition. Make sure that the handle is padded well.

After using a walking cane for a few hours, you’ll need the extra support! Some of the more popular handles are as follows:

Different Cane Handles for Women

derby cane handlePin

The Derby Handle

This is one of the most popular types of handles. So, it comes in the widest variety of styles. It has a curved handle with a hook on the other side for hooking it over an arm.

fritz handlePin

The Fritz Handle

This is designed for arthritis sufferers and is straighter and wider than the Derby handle for an easier hold.

ergonomic handlePin

The Ergonomic Handle

Another handle that is designed for people with arthritis. It has a different design for the right and left hands which are useful for southpaws.

palm grip handlePin

The Palm Grip Handle

This is a strangely shaped handle that fits into the natural shape of your hand. This handle is also customized for the left or right hand.

Handle Materials

Cane handles are made from plastic, wood, metal, and foam. But, it’s usually best if you choose a padded option. This is because your weight will be pressing down on the handle with every step.

No matter how well-designed the handle shape, your palm will become sensitive. Also, make sure you choose a material that isn’t slippery. Your hand shouldn’t skid or slip even when the handle is wet.

Height and Weight Limits

Make sure your cane is the right length before you buy it. Some canes are adjustable which means you can shorten or lengthen it to fit.

When you are standing straight, the cane should reach to your wrist joint. The wrong cane height causes problems with your back, shoulder, or arms. So make sure you get this right.

Also, check the weight limit on your cane. These are usually written in the product description. The weight limit of a cane depends on its material and construction.

Buying a cane that isn’t made for your weight could result in it snapping mid-step. For your safety, always buy a cane that exceeds your weight.

Summary and Final Recommendations

If you suffer from weakness, injury, or pain as a result of aging, canes are one helpful tool. Using a cane keeps you active socially.

They also give you the support you need to run errands that keep your household functioning. Their support makes you more stable on your feet and reduces the chance of falling.

With this helpful guide, find the right cane for your needs. Don’t let the processes of aging stop you from getting out and living your life. Look for and use whatever walking aids you need to maintain – or even improve – your quality of life.

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2 thoughts on “Best Walking Canes for Women: Combining Style with Function!”

  1. Avis

    I’ve used a cane for 10 years and love the cane I use, but want to get a new one. This can fits into the palm of my hand. Can yu help me find one? It is so much better than a handle like a stick glued onto a pole as most canes.

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Hi Avis – Sounds like you are looking for is a cane with a “palm grip”. These canes have a wider handle that fits snugly into your palm and helps you support your weight better. They are more comfortable too. I don’t know the specific cane you had before but maybe this will help your search. –Scott

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