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Top 20 Bingo Gifts For Seniors (To Feed Their Obesession!)

Top 20 Bingo Gifts For Seniors (To Feed Their Obesession!)

Have your senior loved one think of you every time they shout "BINGO!" with these bingo themed gifts for seniors and the elderly.
Top 20 Bingo Gifts For Seniors
Top 20 Bingo Gifts For Seniors
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Do you have an elderly loved one who loves to play bingo?

If it’s one of their favorite games and is something that genuinely brings a smile to their face, check out these top 20 gifts to get them for any occasion.

Any of these bingo-themed presents are sure to leave a lasting impression!

Top Bingo Gifts For Seniors

Bingo Bag, bingo cards dauber bag, Bingo Lover's Handbag, bingo tote, bingo/handbag in one!, Canvas bingo bag now in 13 color choices!Pin

1. Bingo Dauber Bag


You can’t go wrong with a unique gift like the Bingo Dauber Bag. It’s a spacious, bright-colored bag with plenty of room for all the bingo daubers any player could possibly need.

If your aging loved one often has multiple daubers in different colors with them for their bingo games, this bag is an absolute must! It’s available in various colors and has a fun bingo-themed print all over it!

Blinged Bingo DaubersPin

2. Blinged Out Bingo Daubers


One thing everyone needs when playing bingo is a dauber. Let your elderly loved one express themselves and show off their dazzling personality with these bright, blinged-out dauber covers.

They’re available in different fun colors, including shades of bright, bold green, and orange! Your loved one will never have to worry about getting their dauber confused with someone else’s while seated at the bingo table.

Bingo Gift Basket #2Pin

3. Bingo Gift Basket

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Anyone who loves bingo would look forward to receiving this basket as a gift for any occasion. It’s a fun set consisting of a lucky rabbit’s foot, bingo daubers, a coffee mug, a fun hat, and more! It’s the perfect gift for any bingo enthusiast.

ABS Novelties Blue Bingo Pattern Double Cushion BlackPin

4. ABS Novelties Blue Bingo Pattern Double Cushion Back

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

The game of bingo often leads to hours of sitting in the same position.

Increase your loved one’s comfort with this portable bingo-themed cushion they can take with them to the bingo hall. It offers extra comfort and support while enabling them to showcase their love for this exciting and truly enjoyable game.

Most importantly, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around from one place to the next!

Red/Green Bingo Stop SignPin

5. Bingo Handheld Sign

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Screaming “BINGO” is one thing, but making sure the announcer sees that you’re the first to shout it out is another. With this large, colorful Bingo Sign, your loved one will be able to proudly announce that they’ve got Bingo on their board.

Not only is it convenient to have when playing multiple rounds, but it’s also an incredibly affordable gift to purchase for the bingo lover in your life.

Dab-O-Ink One Dozen 1.5oz Mini Tip Assorted Bingo DauberPin

6. Bingo Dauber Tips

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Anyone who loves bingo likely runs through multiple daubers throughout the week. If this is the case for your loved one, these bingo dauber tips can certainly come in handy. They’re easy to install and use and will fit on any standard dauber.

Bingo Money Jar | Bingo Gifts for Bingo Lovers | Bingo DecorPin

7. Bingo Money Jar


Give your loved one something to look forward to as they set their spare change in this Bingo Money Jar.

By the end of the week, they’ll look forward to popping this jar open, taking out the extra cash, and using it to play a few rounds of bingo at their favorite bingo hall!

It’s a great way to encourage them to save their spare change and use it to play something that brings them great joy!

Tapp Collections Bingo Dauber Portable Case with Carrying Strap - BlackPin

8. Tapp Collections Portable Bingo Dauber Case

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

No bingo enthusiast wants to leave the house without their daubers. Make it easier for your loved one to carry these daubers around with them by providing them with this spacious and stylish dauber case.

It holds multiple daubers simultaneously, keeping them secure until they’re ready for use. The portable case is available in seven distinct colors, including shades of green, pink, and black.

Sii New!!! Bingo #1 Dauber 6 Pocket Tote Bag (RED)Pin

9. Bingo Tote Bag

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

The spacious bingo tote bag is an excellent gift for anyone who spends hours at the bingo hall.

It offers more than enough space for daubers, a bottle of water, and any snacks your elderly loved one may bring with them, so they don’t have to worry about getting hungry while out and enjoying themselves.

What makes this bag even better is its fun bingo-themed design displayed on it!

Bingo Winner Handheld FansPin

10. Bingo Winner Handheld Fans


These fans are an excellent gift for bingo lovers.

Not only can your loved one raise this fan high in the air when calling out bingo to win their prize, but they can also use it to keep cool when it starts feeling a bit TOO hot in the bingo hall.

We all know how often that can happen when the room is crowded with dozens of people excited about trying their luck at a round of bingo!

I love Bingo, Bingo Lover Gift Grandma, Mommom, Bingo Bag Tote BagPin

11. I Love Bingo & My Grandkids Tote Bag

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Another excellent tote bag for bingo enthusiasts, this spacious and colorful bag lets your elderly loved ones show off their true loves in life, bingo, and their grandchildren.

It consists of a durable fabric and is designed to last, holding a massive amount of daubers over the years!

SANBOBO I Don't Need Therapy, I Just Need to Bingo Flannel Fleece Blanket Throw Couch Microfiber Soft Cozy Lightweight Luxury Bed Blanket 40"x30"for PetPin

12. I Don't Need Therapy, I Just Need Bingo Throw Blanket

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

This comfortable blanket is relatively self-explanatory. Who needs therapy when you’ve got the opportunity to play several rounds of bingo?

Of course, while that’s just a joke, it’s one that will likely put a huge smile on your loved one’s face the minute they see it.

"I Love Bingo" Lanyard Keychains (Pack of 12)Pin

13. I Love Bingo Lanyard Keychains


These cute keychains are the perfect gift for anyone who plays bingo for hours on end.

The fun, bright-colored accessories are great to use with house keys and other items, so your loved one can easily find the keys to the house or the car when digging through their purse or tote bag.

Tapp Collections Foldable Bingo Card Mat - BluePin

14. Foldable Bingo Card Mat

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Trying to keep track of different bingo cards at once may seem like a challenge. However, this foldable card mat makes it much easier.

Your loved one can put their cards on display and quickly look over each of them, marking down numbers under letters as they’re called out by the announcer.

You’ll find this simple and convenient mat available in red or blue, so pick whichever one you think your loved one would like best out of the two!

Bingo Dauber Bag- Bingo Balls Design (Blue) 10 Pocket w/Lucky Troll CharmPin

15. Multi-Pocket Bingo Ball Bingo Bag with Coin Purse

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Taking the traditional bingo bag to the next level, this convenient 10-pocket bingo ball designer bag comes equipped with its own coin purse, which your loved one can use to store coins and cash for additional rounds of bingo.

The bag comes in several colors, such as green, red, blue, and purple, and has more than enough compartments for anything and everything your loved one plans to take with them to the bingo hall.

Womens Bingo Squad Funny Bingo Player Game Women Men V-Neck T-ShirtPin

16. Bingo Squad Bingo Lover T-Shirt

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Anyone who loves bingo isn’t afraid to show it, and your loved one will be able to do just that when sporting this comfortable and stylish t-shirt.

The cute and cozy graphic tee is available in various sizes and colors, including blue, orange, green, and black, and is the perfect addition to any elderly bingo lover’s wardrobe.

BINGO Card Keychain Bingo Player Gift Embroidered Keyring Key Chain Key FobPin

17. Bingo Card Hand Sanitizer Holder


Most people carry portable bottles of hand sanitizer with them, and you can’t blame them! If your senior relative is doing the same, this bingo card hand sanitizer holder is the perfect gift.

It’s spacious enough to fit those 2-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer. The best part about this gift is its unique bingo board theme that you won’t find anywhere else!

My Lucky Bingo T-Shirt Funny Bingo PlayerPin

18. Funny Bingo Lover Gift My Lucky Bingo T-Shirt

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Another great piece of apparel for a senior relative who enjoys bingo, this lucky bingo shirt will quickly become one of their favorite t-shirts to wear.

In fact, if they win while wearing it, expect to see them in it each time they go to the bingo hall.

Ambesonne Bingo Apron, Colorful Illustration of Bingo Cards and Balls on Blue Sun Rays Retro Style, Unisex Kitchen Bib with Adjustable Neck for Cooking Gardening, Adult Size, Multicolor BluePin

19. Bingo Full-Length Apron with Pockets

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for your grandma, great grandma, or any other elderly woman who loves bingo, you can’t go wrong with this cute and funny apron with pockets.

They can wear it around the house while baking, cooking, or crafting! The apron comes in several fun colors, including blue, red, green, orange, and more, so you’re sure to find a color that the special person in your life will love.

MBMSO Funny Bingo Socks Bingo Lovers Gifts 2 Pairs Crazy Bingo Lady Dress Socks Bingo Game Gifts (Crazy bingo lady)Pin

20. MBMSO Funny Bingo Socks

as of 05/30/2024 2:15 am

Give the gift of humor and comfort with a pair of these bingo-themed socks. They’re black with bright, colorful bingo balls displayed throughout them and funny bingo-related text on the bottom.

Bingo Gifts For Seniors InfographicPin
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Final Thoughts

If you have a senior in your life who absolutely loves the game of bingo and looks forward to visiting the bingo hall to play for hours on end, these are some of the best gifts to get this person for any occasion.

Surprise your aging loved one with a thoughtful, bingo-themed gift that will make them laugh, put a smile on their face, or even come in handy for them as they travel around with their daubers and snacks to enjoy while playing with friends.

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