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The 6 Best Bottle Openers For Arthritic Hands

The 6 Best Bottle Openers For Arthritic Hands

From water bottles to pill containers, bottles are a daily part of many senior's lives. But, often arthritis can make twisting a lid off of a bottle a painful event. So, to help with this, here are the best bottle openers for arthritic hands.
smiling senior opening a bottle
smiling senior opening a bottle
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Arthritis is a very common condition, but that doesn’t make it easier to live with. Many seniors struggle with joint pain and a loss of mobility as they age. It can be frustrating to realize that basic tasks, like opening a bottle, are a struggle to complete.

Luckily, many manufacturers have created products designed to help people suffering from arthritis. Bottle openers for arthritic hands allow seniors to maintain their independence and carry out basic household tasks. Because there are so many fantastic, arthritis-friendly bottle openers on the market, virtually everyone can find a device that works for them.

Recommended Bottle Openers for People With Arthritis

These bottle openers make opening a bottle less painful and easier for people with painful arthritis in their hands and wrist:

Magic Opener For Bottles And Cans

This device is designed to open most bottles and cans with minimal effort. The all-in-one tool can be used to open many types of bottles and cans, including pull-tab soda cans, water bottles, and beer bottles. Its bright colors and bottle-shaped design make it easy to spot this tool in a drawer.

While the tool is simple to use, there are instructional videos available to anyone that’s having issues. Although it’s made to open standard-size bottles, there are interchangeable plates that allow it to open more unusually-sized bottles. However, these plates must be purchased separately.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Can be used to open soda bottles and cans
  • Instructional videos make this tool easy to master
  • Allows for one-hand opening


  • Extra plates must be opened separately
  • Bright colors may not appeal to all users
  • Plastic bottle opener could break over time
  • Can be challenging to use if you haven’t watched the instructional videos

Maxracy Premium All-in-one Bottle Opener

This bottle opener may not be large, but it is versatile. The tool can be used in a range of ways and can easily open many types of bottles, including bottles with twist-off caps and bottles that require a bottle opener. It can also be used to open soda cans and other cans that have pop-top lids.

It’s a simple-to-use device with a highly intuitive design. It’s made of softer materials, which makes it more comfortable to grip than many other bottle openers on the market. It’s a small, brightly colored device that doesn’t require counter space; you can just tuck it away in a drawer!


  • Comes with free jar opener
  • Ergonomic grip is designed to prevent slippage
  • Can open bottles of many sizes
  • Can open pop-top cans


  • Some users may not like the bright colors
  • Does not come with clear instructions
  • Ends may start to bend after regular use
  • Isn’t dishwasher safe

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5 In 1 Multi Function Multi-function Bottle Opener

This multitool will come in handy in any kitchen! It comes with a standard bottle opener, a bottle cap grip, an assist for pop-top cans, a pull-tab assist, and a jar seal breaker claw. It’s a versatile tool that can be used whenever you’re struggling to open something.

This is a small, lightweight device that is easy for arthritic hands to grip makes a great gift. Instead of buying multiple tools so that you can open cans, bottles, and jars, this device can do it all. It can also be used to reseal bottles to keep beverages like soda fresh.


  • Multitool has a variety of uses
  • Small tool that can easily be stored in a kitchen drawer
  • Can be used to open pull-tab cans
  • Inexpensive tool that is designed to last


  • Some users report discoloration after regular use
  • Can be difficult to keep track of all the tools
  • Jar opener is inferior to many other tools on the market

Jokari Multi Bottle Opener

This tiny bottle opener might not take up a lot of space, but it’s still an incredibly effective kitchen tool. It can be used to open bottles of many types, including beer bottles and water bottles. It can also be used to open soda cans.

The device is made from rust-free metal and is coated with a softer silicone. The handles are soft and extremely comfortable to grip. Because it’s so compact, you can keep one of these devices in every room of the house. You can even take one of these devices with you when you’re out of the house.


  • Available in a 4-pack, 6-pack, and 12-pack
  • Lightweight device that can easily open many types of bottles
  • Can be used to open nail polish bottles and other bottles with unusual lids
  • Small enough to keep in a pocket or a purse


  • Inexpensive device may show wear after regular use
  • Because it’s so small, it can easily be lost
  • Can only open bottles and cans
  • Made from lightweight materials, which means it may start to bend

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Brenium Multifunctional Bottle and Can Opener

This small, lightweight bottle opener won’t take up a lot of room, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. It’s an ergonomic device made from a dishwasher-safe rubber. Because it has a non-slip grip, it can be used even when your hands are wet.

It’s possible to use this device when opening smaller water and soda bottles as well as 2-liter bottles. It can also be used when opening beer bottles and soda cans. It can even be used to open any type of canned food that features a pull-tab. It may be a tiny device, but it still has a lot of uses.


  • Small design makes it highly portable
  • Bright orange color makes it easy to spot
  • Dishwasher safe materials make it simple to clean
  • Some users report that it eases pain in arthritic joints


  • Can’t open as many bottle types as some bottle openers on the market
  • Smaller size makes it easier to lose
  • Some users may not like the bright orange color
  • Device isn’t made from durable materials and may not last for years

Summary and Final Recommendations

Opening bottle caps should be easy, but it can be challenging, especially for people struggling with arthritis. Because many bottles are factory sealed, even people that don’t have arthritic hands may have a hard time opening bottles without an assistive device. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options available.

All of these bottle openers for arthritic hands are inexpensive, and they’re also incredibly effective. When these devices are used, opening a bottle will be as easy as it should be. If you or someone that you love has a hard time opening bottles, you should look into purchasing one of these devices. You may be amazed when you see how much of a difference the right device can make.

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