What are the Best Coffee Cups for Arthritic Hands?

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Arthritis pain can even take the enjoyment out of a nice hot cup of coffee. Holding onto a heavy mug with a thin handle adds to the pain. So, here are the best coffee cups for arthritic hands so you can hang onto that nice warm cup more easily.

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Growing old is a process that really does change things. You learn to appreciate the important things in life more including small pleasures. While many things change over time, and the wisdom of life and aging work their magic in only the way that experience can, some habits from youth make the long haul. For many of us, that morning cup of coffee is one of those things.

Also, losing that tradition is non-negotiable. From a great way to get that start in the morning as a young adult to a necessity to keep going during parenthood and middle age, for many of us coffee is more than a morning nicety but it is an absolute necessity for each day. Don’t let arthritis rob you of this lifelong morning ritual.

Even when arthritis gets really bad in the hands, there are multiple mug designs that are made specifically to help with the holding of a hot coffee mug. The following are some of the best coffee cups for arthritic hands when you, or someone you love, need a little bit of help to keep that morning coffee tradition a safe one

Reviews: Coffee Cups for Arthritis

Based on my experience working daily with seniors, here are the best coffee cups for arthritic hands after looking at over 50 different options:

Two things that stand out immediately about this arthritis-friendly coffee mug are the extra big handle as well as the grip-friendly design. This is a lightweight plastic mug with grip-friendly ridges around the mug itself and a particularly large handle that makes it easy to grip even with swollen knuckles or fingers.

While made of plastic to cut down on weight, it’s a double wall design that looks and feels like more traditional ceramic. Good in the microwave or in the dishwasher, these are an excellent option that hold up to 10 oz of liquid and give multiple options for getting a better easy grip. They can even be fitted with lids if you so desire.

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The Easy Grip-in Mug has a handle that is built right into the center of the cup. This design gives your hand a more ergonomic curve to reduce the pain from arthritis. Plus is will warm aching joints when using hot liquids!

This coffee mug holds 16 ounces of fluid and weighs about 10 ounces. It comes with an easy to open and close lid that rotates for use on either side and includes an adjustable drinking spout. It’s even dishwasher safe.

If you are looking for a travel coffee mug for arthritic hands – this is one of the best.

The Clay in Motion handwarmer mugs are certainly among the most unique looking and beautiful mugs in this list. The unique design comes from hand tossed clay, and features a very unique handle and clear influence from the potter’s wheel. These are hand made from the Motion Studio out of Oregon by a married couple of master potters and they are designed to allow your hand to naturally wrap and grip the mug in a way that makes it easy to hold.

They are durable, come in a wide array of beautiful brilliant designs that make them stand out as truly great pieces of art, and yet they are fully dishwasher safe, fully functional to keep your coffee hot and your hand warm (but not too hot).

These are among the most unique options on the list and if you are a big fan of art and having unique beautiful pieces in your home then you are going to love what these bring to the table.

A double walled double handle cup, this is a smaller cup that comes with a lid that can come on or off. Some lids are more sippy cup design while others are made for coffee. Two thumb tabs help with the placement or removal of a lid.

While this isn’t the highest rated one on the list, it does offer some options and for those of us who don’t drink quite as much coffee as we used to or have tremors that can make even most arthritis friendly cups a challenge. For these folks, this is a viable option.

Hands down this is one of our favorite options out there and the practical yet effective design just makes you think of Grandma’s wisdom. If the problem is the mug sometimes slipping from one hand, why not make it so both can firmly hold the mug?

The Dignity Mug was the invention of Granny Jo Products and is a unique two handle mug that allows you to use both hands to hold the mug, reducing weight, pull, and stress from both hands. There are many different grip options available, and this has been the go-to for many since 2005.

The mug is practical in design, allows it to be made with ceramic, which most of us have been used to for decades. This adds comfort, dignity, and allows for a very normal morning experience with coffee. These are safe for conventional microwave and dishwasher use, and a great option for arthritic coffee drinkers and allows them to enjoy their morning cup of coffee with dignity.

UPSTYLE Retro Eco-friendly Mug

$25.99 ($6.50 / Count)
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09/26/2021 05:00 pm GMT

This is a very new and very interesting option when it comes to coffee mugs, and the unique design has a lot to offer arthritis sufferers. The UPSTYLE coffee mug is made from wheat straw and is biodegradable. Most importantly, the design is very lightweight, very durable, and ergonomically designed in a unique way that makes it especially easy to hold. There’s even a natural thumb rest on the top.

These are easy to grip, virtually impossible to break, and environmentally friendly over the long term. Those traits combine to make this an excellent choice when it comes to drinking your morning coffee. The fact they are anti-bacterial and anti-dust are just added bonuses!

Sweese Porcelain Mugs Set

$27.99 ($4.66 / Count)
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09/26/2021 04:55 pm GMT

Looking more like a conventional white ceramic coffee mug with a slight handle alternation to make it a little bit more ergonomic and easier to grip, this is best kept as an option for individuals who occasionally have some sore joints or a really minor flare up. This isn’t for people with major arthritis issues, but is best left for those with just a really small occasional bit of soreness or stiffness.

For those people, these are an inexpensive and budget-friendly way to get that morning coffee with a cup that is much friendlier on the hand and fingers.

Summary and Final Recommendations

There are plenty of options when it comes to coffee mugs that are ergonomic, easy to grip, and can provide an outstanding drinking experience even for those who have trouble gripping because of arthritis or other similar ailments.

While the perfect solution for one person may not be the ideal mug for another, the good news is that when it comes to getting your morning cup of Joe, there are plenty of options out there. If one of these doesn’t get the job done, look at the other options out there and you are sure to eventually find one that works really well for you and your hands.

Take a look at the many options available, see which ones match your needs the best, and go on from there. Just because arthritis has set into the hands doesn’t mean you need to give up that little kick that gets you up and moving in the morning!

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