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4 Simple Options to Increase Door Security for Dementia Patients

4 Simple Options to Increase Door Security for Dementia Patients

A major concern for caregivers of people with dementia is them getting out of the home and wandering off. But, door security options for dementia patients like door alarm, mats, and locks can keep your loved one safe - and your peace of mind intact.
woman with dementia trying to open door
woman with dementia trying to open door
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When you are caring for someone you love who has received a dementia diagnosis, you may have some concerns. The biggest concern is the possibility of your loved one getting out in the middle of the night. You do not want your loved one to open a door while you are sleeping and end up in an unknown location. Not only is it a scary thought, but it is something that has happened to others in the past.

To prevent such a serious problem, it is important to review door security for dementia patients. When you invest in high-quality security products, you can stress less and feel better knowing your loved one cannot just open the door and leave at random and potentially put themselves in harm’s way.

As a caregiver of a person with dementia, your goal is to always keep your loved one safe. You don’t want your loved one to feel like they are locked in and stuck inside the home, but you don’t want them to go wandering around outside either.

Door Security Options to Keep Dementia Patients Safe

Check out this list of some of the simple door security options that are effective and convenient for the loved ones of those with dementia. Use any of the items on the list to make your home much more secure.

TOWODE Upgraded Wedge Door Stop Alarm

  • Available for less than $13
  • Loud noise quickly sounds off when the alarm is triggered
  • Easy to install and remove each day when you need to do so
  • Sensitivity switch allows you to choose a setting that is best for you
  • Does not slip after it is put in place
  • Lightweight and portable, making it easy to travel with the devices

Why I Recommend It

The TOWODE Wedge Door Stop Alarm is worth buying because of its affordability and effectiveness. With this product, you would place the wedge beneath the door by the door frame. If the door opens at random, an alarm sounds off. The noise is piercing enough to wake anyone up out of their sleep. You would hear the noise and instantly get up to see what is going on.

Many people use the door wedge to have an added sense of security against intruders, but it works just as effectively to provide door security when you live with someone who has dementia. You can use it at home and when you are traveling with your loved one.

This choice is a quick and easy way to add more security to your home to keep your loved one safe.

Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm

  • Available for less than $14
  • Quickly makes you aware of any doors that are opening while you are at home
  • Loud noise can alert you and others of what is going on
  • Comes with batteries
  • Backed by a warranty

Why I Recommend It

Although the product is known as a burglar alarm, the Wireless Home Security Burglar alarm works well in homes where people with dementia live. It is a product that you can place between the doors of your home. The alarm goes off when one door opens. The noise is loud enough to make you aware of what is going on, even if you are sleeping when the door opens.

If you want a simple way to secure the doors of your home and to know quickly if any of them are opened, this is an easy way to accomplish it. The added protection will put your mind at ease when it comes to thoughts of your loved one roaming around while you are sleeping.

Prime-Line S 4180 Door Knob Lockout Device

  • Keeps the knobs keyhole covered and concealed
  • Easy to install by putting the device on top of the knob
  • Available for less than $20
  • Keeps individuals with dementia from being able to turn the knob and open the door

Why I Recommend It

While alarms are always beneficial to have, you might also want to look into getting the Prime-Line S 4180 Door Knob Lockout Device. The device goes over the traditional doorknobs in the home and it may only be opened with a key. If your loved one has opened knobs in the past to get outside, you may want to consider getting this device for any knobs that lead to outdoor areas, including the front door and back door.

Yet another way to give yourself a bit more peace of mind at home, this lockout device is best to use at night. Be sure to have a plan in place though in case of emergency and you and your loved one need to leave the home suddenly.

Ideal Security Alarm Mat

  • May be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The 3-mode setting allows you to adjust the sound of the alarm and turn it off when you do not need it
  • Easy to put in place and set up
  • Durable

Why I Recommend It

Another way to create a secure environment without the use of traditional door alarms is to use the Ideal Security Alarm Mat. You can place a mat on the floor by each door that leads outside, including any side doors you might have.

Simply put these mats out at night. If your loved one is roaming the house and gets too close to the door, an alarm will go off from the moment the mat gets stepped on. The mat identifies the pressure that occurs when a person stands on it, which is how it works effectively.

A security alarm mat is a perfect addition to a home where someone with dementia lives. It is not always possible to predict when an individual with this condition will attempt to roam around. Unfortunately, people with dementia do unintentionally wander away from their homes at times.

With the convenient security mat, you can make sure that you hear a noise when your loved one gets too close to the door. You can either leave the mats out all day long or put them down on the floor at night when you are most concerned about your loved one leaving the home.

Why Is It Important to Increase Door Security for Dementia Patients?

happy family. portrait of elderly woman and adult daughter happily looking at camera. senior woman with their caregiver at home.Pin

People with dementia are often unaware of what is going on around them. At times, they may start wandering around because they feel afraid, stressed, or unaware of where they are. Due to their forgetfulness, they might assume that they are in the wrong place when they are at home where they belong. Because over-stimulation and stress can cause someone with dementia to begin wandering, you need to be prepared for what could happen.

You have probably heard stories about people with dementia getting out of the home, wandering off, and not being found for days or weeks. This happens when there is not enough security in the home. A person with dementia may no longer remember details about themselves, such as their name, address, or names of relatives. When they cannot remember this information, it becomes harder to reconnect these people with the loved ones that are looking for them.

Other ways to know if someone with dementia is up and moving are to use chair alarms or wireless bed alarms.

For more tips of providing a secure home for people with dementia, AARP has great guide for caregivers of dementia patients that you can read by clicking here.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Taking extra security measures means doing what you can to keep your loved one safe. If your loved one does try to unintentionally wander about, these door security options can let you know right away. Many of these options can make you feel more at ease, including door alarms, doorknob covers, and alarm mats.

You may want to invest in several of these products to use around the home for safety reasons. Once you have invested in the extra door security options, you may get better sleep at night because you no longer need to stress as much!

Do you know of other ways to enhance door security for dementia patients? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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  1. Caroline S

    Thank you so much for your recommendation for the Prime-Line S 4180 Door Knob Lockout Device. I just received it today and it’s a lifesaver!! I’m a caregiver for someone with dementia. It’s so easy to use, just take out of the package and put on the doorknob. I can finally rest easy not worrying about him going outside during the night. Thank you so so much!!!

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Thanks so much letting me know this, Caroline! I am so glad my recommendation helped make your life easier and safer for your loved one.

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    great article

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