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How Can I Make My Elderly Toilet Seat Higher? (5 Ways)

How Can I Make My Elderly Toilet Seat Higher? (5 Ways)

If an elderly person you love is struggling sitting and standing when using the toilet, any of these 5 ways can help you make their toilet seat higher and safer for them to use.
Elderly Toilet Seat Higher
Elderly Toilet Seat Higher
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Are you wondering how to make your toilet seat higher so you can be more independent in the bathroom?

One solution is to install a raised toilet seat. There are many elevated toilet seats for seniors and the elderly to choose from, such as taller toilet seats, toilet seat risers, raised toilet seats, toilet frames, and toilet seat lifts.

In this post, we’ll look at the options available for increasing the height of an elderly person’s toilet seat height to help you find a suitable solution that will work best for your specific needs and circumstances.

5 Ways To Make Your Elderly Toilet Seat Higher

1. Get A Taller Toilet Seat

One option for making your toilet seat higher is to simply get rid of your current toilet seat and replace it with a taller option. Taller toilet seats are uniquely designed with spaces connected to the bottom.

They come in different height options (2 or 3 inches) and designs like open, close, elongated, and round seat styles. Installing a tall toilet seat is one of the most seamless and effective ways to increase the height of your elderly toilet seat.

2. Install A Toilet Seat Riser

Alternatively, you can install a toilet seat riser under your existing toilet seat. Toilet seat risers come in heights between 2 and 4 inches and are attached using toilet seat bolts.

Most models are oval-shaped or round. Some toilet seat risers have a hinge that allows them to flip up when unnecessary.

You can choose between toilet seat risers that have handles and ones that don’t. Those with handles will offer extra support, making it easier and more convenient to use the bathroom.

If you choose a toilet seat riser with handles and have a large build, make sure you confirm the distance between the handles to fit your specific needs.

Elderly Toilet Seat Higher raised toilet seatPin
Choose the best height before buying and installing a raised toilet seat.

3. Install A Raised Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat is similar to a toilet seat riser.

However, there is one key difference.

Instead of installing a toilet seat riser underneath your existing toilet seat, a raised toilet seat doubles as a toilet seat and a toilet seat riser.

Raised toilet seats come in different height options between 4 and 6 inches. These toilet seats have other mechanisms for attaching to the toilet bowl.

Some models are attached to the bolts at the back of the toilet. Some have a clamping mechanism that connects the seats to the walls of the toilet bowls.

Finally, some have a unique fold at the bottom that clutches down inside the toilet bowl to prevent them from moving around.

4. Use A Toilet Frame

Another option is to use a toilet frame (also known as a portable potty or commode) over the top of your toilet. Most toilet frames come with a seat with adjustable height legs. You can extend the legs for a range of between 18 and 23 inches.

Most models come with a hard-plastic liner between the toilet and commode, ensuring everything falls straight into the toilet and does not splash out.

Some models, called drop-arm commodes, have special armrests that allow a person in a wheelchair to slide directly onto the commode seat.

Other models have a padded seat that can be useful for people with sensitive skin. Some foldable models can be hidden when guests visit or carried along when traveling.

5. Use A Toilet Seat Lift

Another effective way to raise your toilet seat is to use a toilet seat lift. Raised toilet seats help you use the toilet safely and conveniently by giving you a little push.

These lifts come with a pneumatic lift or a system of springs that offers extra support when sitting and standing up.

Some models use electricity or lithium batteries and can help you move from a standing to a seated position. Some models can raise the toilet seat up to 25 inches tall.

Summary And Final Recommendations

If your current toilet seat is too low, choosing which option to go with from the above list should be based on your specific needs and circumstances. Elderly persons and caregivers are advised to get a toilet seat-raising option that best works for them in the long term.

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  1. John Givens

    What about toilet-base risers? They can add a few inches at the base of the toilet to raise the it without having to put up with (sometimes) clumsy and unsanitary toilet seat risers. Reviews are good, but I don’t find many plumbing supply companies that sell or have even heard of them. Do you know of any real issues?

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