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Game Apps For The Visually Impaired That Are Fun And Easy to Use

Game Apps For The Visually Impaired That Are Fun And Easy to Use

Thanks to modern technology, there are now apps that help visually impaired seniors to improve their lives. Yet, visual impairments should not act as a limiting factor for the elderly. So in this article, we share with you some of the best game apps for the visually impaired that you and your loved ones might find enjoyable and helpful.
Game Apps For The Visually Impaired
Game Apps For The Visually Impaired
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With modern technology, visually impaired seniors can use many apps to improve their lives. Apps must be chosen according to the most urgent need a visually impaired senior has.

Did you know that more than 10 million people over the age of 40 years have visual impairments in the US?

While there are so many game apps now for seniors to choose from, here is a list of the best apps that visually impaired seniors can use.

The Best Apps For Visually Impaired Seniors

1. Voice Brief

The primary purpose of the Voice Brief app (available on the Apple App Store) is to be a voice assistant. It helps visually impaired seniors know the content on their phones without looking.

It enables you to read emails, weather forecasts, social media posts, and stock processes. You need to select what you need the app to read and how you would like to have it read.


  • The only languages it supports are American and British English
  • It has an announcer and a reporter


  • It allows you to adjust the speed of the voice
  • You have the liberty to choose between American English and British English
  • It reads content with a lot of smoothness
  • This app supports multitasking
  • It sounds like a personalized radio station


  • It could cause you minor irritations by going against your will
  • It has difficulty going through pictures with captions

2. Visual Brailler

The American Printing House created Visual Brailler for the blind. Seniors who are visually impaired will love its refreshable braille display input and output.


  • It has 6-dot braille on-screen keyboard
  • It allows the cut, copy, and paste features
  • The app has an indefinite number of 40-cell braille lines.


  • Gives instructions according to the individual’s pace
  • It can be used by sighted people too
  • It offers the easiest way to learn braille
  • The app helps detect spelling inconsistencies

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3. TapTapSee

TapTapSee comes as assistive technology. It is a mobile camera application powered by CloudSight Image Recognition API. It also makes use of voice-over functions.


  • It is designed to take pictures or videos for the identification of items


  • It can analyze two- and three-dimensional objects
  • It works within seconds
  • It always speaks the identification aloud

4. Smart Braille

Smart Braille helps visually impaired seniors read content by having them move their fingertips from left to right on their mobile screen. It is available on Android. Unfortunately, it cannot be available without a computer or smartphone.


  • It has USB options for saving work
  • It also has a display screen


  • It allows reading on the phone
  • Provides seniors who are visually blind with fast communication
  • It allows writing on the phone

5. Learning Ally’s Audiobook App

Learning Ally Audiobooks will go a long way for visually impaired seniors who can learn through listening. It covers up for their reading deficit. You can choose to use it to learn or just read through books.


  • It offers you confidential logins
  • It has learning sessions for every level


  • It gives you access to more than 80,000 audiobooks
  • It offers a 24/7 access
game apps for the visually impaired Facing EmotionsPin
The Facing Emotions app helps visually impaired seniors understand emotions.

6. Facing Emotions

The Facing Emotions app (available on the Google Play Store) is used to help visually impaired seniors understand emotions. It interprets seven main emotions. These emotions get translated into seven unique sounds.


  • After processing an emotion, a sound is made on the phone
  • It uses the back cameras
  • It works by scanning the face of the person a visually impaired senior is talking to
  • It uses a powerful processor and Artificial Intelligence


  • It helps you have a more in-depth conversation with others
  • It enriches the understanding of a visually impaired on what is being communicated
  • This application can be used offline


  • It is prone to misinterpreting emotions in some instances

7. Color ID

The Color ID app (available on the Apple App Store) names the colors of items for visually impaired seniors. It is a great way to learn colors if you have never had the chance to. It is fun to hear the colors of objects. You will enjoy the level of specificity it uses.


  • Used on iPhones or iPads
  • It has a color square with simple and exotic colors


  • It can technically name all primary colors
  • It is easy to use since all you need to do is tap the left corner for differentiation between exotic and simple colors
  • It uses specific color names such as “Moon Mist” and “Paris Daisy”

While the list given is not exhaustive, it highlights the best and most important apps.

Every visually impaired senior greatest need is to have an app that will help them identify what they cannot see. If a visually impaired senior has trouble using one app, consider trying an alternative app.

Best Game Apps For The Visually Impaired

Do not assume that visually impaired seniors do not want to play games and have as much fun as everyone else. If anything, game apps help them boost their morale, especially when they are alone.

Here is a list of game apps for visually impaired seniors that you can choose from.

1. Waveband

Waveband is a suitable app for visually impaired seniors who want to play musical instruments. It would be best to position the devices you are using to play sideways, up, down, or twist. Visually impaired seniors will love the chance it offers them to dance.


  • It is available on Apple devices
  • It has multiple instruments, including the guitar, piano, and drums


  • It gives seniors great fun
  • It is an excellent way to exercise
  • The app is available for free

2. Audio Game Hub

Audio Game Hub helps visually impaired seniors access up to 10 games. Some of them include archery, memory skills, and casino. If you cannot find your favorite game on the app, keep looking out. Additional games are added now and then.


  • It comes with a voice over
  • It also has an inverted color feature
  • It has a 3D audio


  • Different games have different sounds to avoid confusion
  • Specific sounds are also available for numbers, colors, animals, and obstacles
  • You have the liberty to choose a white background, black background, or blind mode
  • ­It does not use robotic-sounding tones

3. Mazes – Switch Accessible

Mazes – Switch Accessible is available to visually impaired seniors who have access to a switch controller. It can be accessed through step scanning. You will love its easy-to-use V-shaped mouse.


  • A complete set goes for $15.99
  • It has multiple mazes


  • It offers you three free mazes for practice
  • The game on this app can also be played on a touchscreen
game apps for the visually impaired  Color TherapyPin
A coloring app that seniors will enjoy is Color Therapy.

4. Color Therapy

Color Therapy is a coloring app with a wide variety of pictures. It includes both seasonal and non-seasonal images. Seniors who struggle using a book and pen to color will have fun using this app.


  • Pictures on this app are mainly American themed
  • It has both solid and granite colors
  • The app is free on the Apple App Store


  • It has thousands of colors to choose from
  • It allows visually impaired seniors to create pictures and share them on social media
  • It is best for seniors with dexterity issues
  • This app helps visually impaired seniors to have reduced levels of depression, stress, and anxiety


  • To access all services, you have to pay for the VIP All Access Service

5. Pet Rescue Saga

As the name of the app suggests, the game in this app is all about rescuing pets. You do so by clearing obstacles until the pets get to the ground safely. Pet Rescue Saga is one of the best ways to help visually impaired seniors retain their critical thinking skills.


  • It contains endless blocks
  • It has obstacles such as cages and frozen blocks
  • It has bonus tools such as hammers, rockets, and balloons


  • It has easy to use graphics
  • It offers seniors a zoom function
  • It is free on Google Play and iTunes
  • This app offers visually impaired seniors more than 2,000 levels to play

6. Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay app is an advanced version of a game previously known as The Sim. It requires you to create and maintain a virtual town. You also need to create people called Sim and dictate their lives. It requires you to imitate an ideal life by building relationships and families.


  • This app has a zoom function
  • Completed tasks allow you to earn virtual money prizes


  • It is ideal for dexterity issues
  • You control it using a single finger tap
  • The app is available for free
  • It offers visually impaired seniors a place to escape to and receive therapy
  • It has easier access than computer games

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Games Are For Everybody!

According to the World Health Organization, at least 2.2 billion people have some form of visual impairment. It also states that seniors above 50 are most prone to visual impairments. Visual impairments, however, should never act as limiting factors for seniors. That is where assistive apps for seniors can help.

Visually impaired seniors have different preferences. Do not try to force them to use an app that they do not like. The idea here is to keep them entertained, not to keep them playing games.

Endeavor to settle for the app that is their favorite. You can have several game apps to prevent boredom.


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