The 21+ Best Gifts For Forgetful Seniors

Becoming forgetful is often just a regular part of aging. Ranging from “senior moments” to more advanced dementia, these moments are aggravating. Here are the best gifts for forgetful seniors to minimize these events.

gifts for forgetful seniors
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Finding the perfect gift for your elderly loved ones can be difficult. You may find them telling you they don’t need anything when you ask them about gifts.

Because of this, you want to identify potentially useful gifts on your own.

People tend to forget more as they age. Sometimes, it is just a fleeting “senior moment.” Or, it could be more common.

If you are gifting to a senior that has a habit of forgetting things or someone with early-onset dementia, there are plenty of gift options you can choose from.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best gifts to consider for a forgetful senior in your life.

Recommended Gifts for Forgetful Seniors

More General Gift Ideas For The Forgetful Seniors In Your Life

1. Medicine Organizers

As you age, you can expect to add more and more medication to your daily to-do list. For someone who is already forgetful, remembering to take medication can be a tough task. Even worse, not remembering to take certain medications can put your life at risk depending on what it is.

Therefore, a very useful gift would be a daily pill organizer. You can even find pill dispensers for people with dementia that have built-in alarms. This can help to ensure that your loved one doesn’t forget to take their important medication when they need it.

2. Key Finder Devices

You’ve likely forgotten or lost your keys before. The same is likely true about your wallet. Imagine how many times a senior that is forgetful finds themselves in the same situation.

There are key finding devices like Tile which can help them identify exactly where their keys, wallet, or anything else is. There are small Bluetooth finders that you can attach to pretty much anything. This can make it nearly impossible to misplace or forget anything ever again when used properly.

3. Clocks and Alarms

Another great gift you could consider getting a senior who often forgets things would be a clock and an alarm. Having an easy-to-read clock can make it much less likely they forget what time it is.

Likewise, these calendar clocks for seniors typically have the date displayed right on it. Therefore, they will be able to see exactly what day it is by quickly glancing at the clock. Also, they will be able to set an alarm for whatever they want.

4. Puzzles and Brain Teasers

If you know a senior who is forgetting things a lot, having them incorporate some brain exercise activities in their daily life can do wonders. Try to find match-based puzzles and other kinds of puzzles that can help them keep their mind as active as possible.

The more active their minds are and the more they are using their brain, the better the chances they will be able to give their mind enough exercise to keep it functioning as optimal as possible.

5. Picture Phone

Those that suffer from early-onset dementia or Alzheimer’s will find it very difficult to remember names. Because of this, it can be very difficult for them to sort through a digital phonebook without associated pictures attached.

By gifting seniors a picture phone, they will be able to better retain the information and connect with those they need to because they will be able to use the picture(s) to dial. This is much easier for someone who suffers from a degenerative disease because they can recognize faces much better than names. There are also cell phones for dementia patients that use the same technology too.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of different gifts that can prove to be helpful to someone who suffers from a disease or for someone who is simply forgetful. Try to find a gift idea that not only fits your budget but one that will prove to be useful to their lives.

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