33+ Top Gifts For Seniors With Limited Mobility

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

These gifts for seniors with limited mobility help reduce the chance of a fall or prevent the need for seniors to get up and down so often. But, gifts should be fun, right? Here are my top recommendations.

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Aging does a lot of things to the body. Unfortunately, it can result in mobility being limited. If you know and are looking for a gift for a senior with limited mobility, there are plenty of useful options you can consider.

Throughout this article, you will learn about some of the best types of gifts you should consider for someone that suffers from limited mobility.

Recommended Gifts for People With Limited Mobility

    General Advice for Buying Gifts for Seniors With Limited Mobility

    To help you brainstorm some gifts ideas for a parent or grandparent who is having trouble getting around, here are some categories of gifts to consider:

    1. Smart Devices

    Smart devices are absolutely a God-send for anyone who is dealing with mobility restrictions caused by aging. Many seniors struggle with an inability to get up out of bed or even to get out of the chair. With voice automation and other smart devices, you can limit the need to get up by a significant amount. What’s even better about this is the fact that it will reduce the chances of a senior falling.

    Unfortunately, falling is the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Being able to outfit a senior’s home with various home automation smart devices can help them do things like turn on the television, turn on the lights, and more. You can find various useful smart home devices that can prove to be big assets to a senior in your life.

    2. Mobility and Walking Devices

    Any senior that suffers from mobility issues can benefit from having various walking devices and products that make it easier to stand upright. Unfortunately, those with mobility issues can find it very difficult to walk properly and to get around. There are even devices that can make it easier to reach certain things in cabinets that are located higher up.

    3. Safety Devices

    As mentioned, there are plenty of instances where seniors fall. This includes seniors with mobility issues and seniors without. After all, every 11 seconds a senior is treated for a fall. Because of this, the entire home should be outfitted with different safety devices that can make it easier and safer to get around.

    Several devices can serve this type of purpose. Some of the best devices can be installed and used in the bathroom. This includes things like shower seats, safety bars, safety grips, and more. All of these safety devices can prove to be extremely good and useful gifts for seniors in your life that suffer from mobility issues.

    4. Cleaning Devices

    As a senior with mobility issues, cleaning can be difficult. Unfortunately, cleaning can be a very strenuous task. Because of this, you might want to look for gifts that can make it much easier for your senior loved ones to maintain their homes.

    Luckily, there are plenty of cleaning devices that are meant to make the tasks and processes involved in cleaning and maintaining the home easier. Whether it’s a rod that picks things up off the ground, a surface robot vacuum, or even a lightweight vacuum cleaner. All of these things can do wonders when it comes to helping someone with limited mobility be able to maintain a clean and organized home.

    5. Better Lighting

    Anyone with mobility issues will find it very difficult to get up at night and see where they are going. There are plenty of nightlights for seniors that you can find that could make it much safer and easier to walk in the home at night. This can include LED strips placed on the floor, motion sensor lights, and more. The best lighting devices for seniors can make it much easier for them to see at night when they have to get up to go to the bathroom without hurting themselves.

    Wrapping Up

    Mobility issues can make even simple tasks relatively difficult. There are plenty of gifts you can find that can help seniors in your life that suffer from mobility issues.

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