27+ Great Gifts To Keep The Elderly Warm [Body, Heart, and Soul]

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Many seniors tend to feel cold most of the time for a variety of reasons. These gifts will help keep elderly people warm on both the outside and the inside. Here are our top recommendations.

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As we age our blood vessels lose their elasticity and may thin. In addition, the fat layers that insulate us also tend to thin – the net effect is that the elderly tend to feel the cold much more than those who are in their middle age or younger.

So that is why, when the colder weather sets in (or preferably as the first leaves fall from the trees) a gift that will allow those who are in their ‘Golden Years’ to enjoy a comfortable and warm winter will be tremendously welcome – and a concrete demonstration of the love and care you have for these important family members or friends.

The question is what sort of gift is appropriate?

There are any number to choose from. There is nothing wrong with a traditional quilt or blanket- or even a hot water bottle, but there are new versions of classics, as well as new products that can make the gift that much more meaningful and useful for the elderly.

Here are some great ideas for that extra special gift of love.

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Best Gifts to Keep the Elderly Warm and Toasty

General Gift Giving Advice for Cold Natured Elderly Seniors

1. Classic Electric Blanket

The classic senior friendly electric blanket is still one of the most popular gifts. The modern versions are much safer than has traditionally been the case, and the ability to set the blanket at various levels is a great feature. Many Queen sized and King sized versions also allow each side to be set at separate levels of warmth suitable for individual requirements.

2. Humble Pair of Gloves

Another great gift idea is the humble pair of gloves. However, technology has added to the functionality of the traditional pair of gloves. There are many variants that can now be plugged into a USB outlet and this charges integrated wiring that allows the glove to provide extra warmth for computer work on the coldest of days and nights.

There are also fingerless gloves that will allow for the easy use of touch screen devices – which are great for the tech savvy older person who wants to keep in touch at all times – and access the all-important information on the Internet.

3. Wearable Blankets

It seems unbelievable that no one had come up with the idea of a wearable blanket until only about a decade ago – after all the poncho has been around for countless generations.

However, today’s wearable blanket is available in fleece or wool – or a variety of man-made materials. They feature sleeves and a hoodie design that ensures that ears remain cozy – even on the coldest of nights. They are available in a number of sizes – but most people will find that the ‘one size fits all’ option is more than sufficient to cover all the usually exposed parts.

4. Sherpa Blankets

A great variant on the idea is the Sherpa blanket, which although more traditional in shape, they feature a polyester side (usually it’s this material) and one that imitates real wool. They’re usually a bit heavier than traditional blankets – and this adds to that feeling of coziness when they are used.

4. Heated Furniture Covers and Throws

Settling in for a cozy evening with a book, or to take in a movie can be unpleasant for the elderly person (or persons). Furniture can be cold to the touch and take forever to warm up when the only source of heat is the human body.

But there are now electrically heated furniture covers that can keep that couch toasty right from the get-go. They are available in a variety of sizes so there’s bound to be a version that is suitable for almost any furniture.

Wrapping Up

A gift of warmth is one that provides not only comfort on the coldest of days or nights – but also provides a heartwarming expression of love and care. With a little thought, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for that extra special older person in your life.

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