Resources: Computing and Digital Literacy

Welcome to our Computing and Digital Literacy resources, specifically curated for seniors who are navigating the world of technology.
Get insights into making decisions such as choosing between a laptop or a tablet, finding the most user-friendly and comfortable smartphones, laptops, tablets, computer mice, and keyboards.
We also provide vital tips on improving digital literacy, helping seniors understand and use technology with ease, and even teaching grandparents how to use a smartphone.
Dive into our articles that emphasize the importance of digital literacy for the elderly and assist in making your technological journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    Computer Mouse for Arthritic Hands

    What is the Best Computer Mouse for Arthritic Hands?

    Here are my recommended mice and mouse alternatives for helping with wrist pain, finger pain, and thumb pain from arthritis. Or, read on for a buying guide with advice on how to shop for a computer mouse for arthritis sufferers.

    Teach Grandparents How To Use Smartphone

    12 Tips For Teaching Your Grandparents How To Use A Smartphone

    Some seniors are missing out on the usefulness and convenience of smartphones. And you may want to teach your elderly loved ones how handy this device can be. So here are 12 tips for teaching your grandparents how to use a smartphone that you may use as your guide.

    seniors digital literacy

    Why Is Digital Literacy Important for the Elderly?

    Digital literacy is important for seniors and the elderly because it has a direct impact on their quality of life by providing access to information and long-distance family, saving time on daily tasks, and can even provide critical tools to manage their health.

    Simplest Laptop for Seniors

    Finding the Simplest Laptop for Seniors

    Many seniors just want a basic laptop that is easy to use. The simplest laptops for seniors are lightweight, have large screens, loud speakers, and keyboards with large buttons. Often a separate mouse is easier to use than a built-in one. Here are my recommendations.