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Clear View and Easy Counting: Hearkent Pedometer Watch Review

Clear View and Easy Counting: Hearkent Pedometer Watch Review

Our senior product expert tested the Hearkent Pedometer Watch, concluding it offers seniors a user-friendly, accurate, and comfortable solution for tracking steps and managing time.
Hearkent Pedometer Watch For Seniors (1200 X 800 Px)
Hearkent Pedometer Watch For Seniors (1200 X 800 Px)
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Simple Waterproof Pedometer Watch for Seniors: The Hearkent Review

I recently got my hands on the Hearkent waterproof pedometer watch (thanks to Hearkent for the free sample!). This watch is designed specifically for seniors who want to track their steps without the hassle of an additional device.

Out of the box, I noticed its user-friendly features, like the big bold print and the straightforward setup. Controlling the watch with its four buttons (S1 to S4) felt intuitive, and setting the correct time, date, and personal measurements for an accurate step count took no time at all.

Wearing the watch has been quite comfortable, and the band has many vents that add breathability. Over a few days, I tested its capabilities, ensuring it could withstand the shower while keeping an accurate count of my steps.

I appreciated the added functionality, like the 10-second rule to avoid false step readings and the straightforward method to set alarms and use the stopwatch. Its bold text and simple interface have been a breeze to use and interpret.

Hearkent Pedometer Watch Owners InstructionsPin
Setup is relatively straightforward thanks to the easy to follow user instructions.

Initial Setup

Activating from Ship Mode

I removed the protective sleeve and coverings from both the screen and back to get started. When I first turned on the watch, it was in ship mode to save battery. To activate it, I held down the top-left (S1) and bottom-left (S3) buttons for two seconds, which brought it to regular watch mode.

Setting Time and Date

Setting the time and date was straightforward. I pressed and held the bottom-right button (S4) for two seconds to start the process. I used the S4 and S3 buttons to adjust the time to 8:55 AM and the date to January 16th, 2024, ensuring I set the watch to AM instead of PM. Once done, I pressed S4 to exit and save the settings.

Personalizing Units and Measurements

I configured the watch for US measurements in inches and entered 155 pounds for weight and 68 inches for height. To return to the time display, I simply pressed S4. To correct from PM to AM, I held S4 and adjusted accordingly.

After inputting these details, a single press on S4 confirmed the settings. I could then toggle back to the time and step display.

Hearkent Pedometer Watch ButtonsPin

Watch Modes Overview

Time Display

Setting the time and date was a breeze. By holding the S4 button, I adjusted the hours and minutes to the current time. I made sure it displayed AM instead of PM, as I made that mistake initially. The bold and clear display makes it easy to read, especially useful for days when my eyesight isn’t at its best.

Stopwatch Mode

The stopwatch feature is quite straightforward. I could start timing an event or activity by pressing the S3 button while in this mode. I tested this while timing my morning walk, and hitting the same button again stopped the timer. It’s a simple yet effective tool when I need to time my activities.

Countdown Mode

When I had to remind myself to check the roast in the oven, I used the countdown mode on the watch. I set the timer for the needed duration and started it. It was convenient and easy to operate, which I appreciate on busy days.

Alarm Mode

Setting an alarm was just as user-friendly. After pressing the S3 button several times, I entered the alarm mode. I chose my wake-up time by holding down the S4 button. The alarm noise was a steady beep, adequate but not jarring—an excellent way to wake up or remind myself of an appointment.

Hourly Chime Mode

I activated the hourly chime mode to help keep track of time. It chimed every hour on the hour. This feature is helpful, especially on my busy days when time seems to slip by, and I need gentle reminders to keep on track with my schedule.

Watch ModeDescriptionBenefits for Seniors
Time DisplayShows the current time and date.Easy to read display helps seniors keep track of time and date.
Stopwatch ModeAllows the timing of events or activities.Useful for timing exercises or medication intervals.
Countdown ModeSet a timer for a specific duration.Helps in reminding seniors about appointments or tasks.
Alarm ModeSet an alarm for a specific time.Useful for reminders about taking medication or attending appointments.
Hourly Chime ModeChimes every hour.Helps seniors keep track of time throughout the day.
Pedometer FunctionalityCounts steps and tracks movement.Encourages seniors to stay active and monitor their daily steps.
Hearkent Pedometer Watch Comfort And ButtonsPin

Design and Comfort

Display and Button Labels

Operating the watch was straightforward, with its four buttons, S1 to S4, clearly labeled with “Start”, “Reset”, “Mode”, and “Light”. I found setting up the time and date relatively simple by holding down the S4 button and adjusting the settings with the S3 and S2 buttons. Numbers and letters were bold, enhancing readability.

Band Design

The band is made of typical rubber with a design that includes several openings for breathability. This feature made the band comfortable to wear throughout the day. It’s adjustable, too, offering plenty of sizing options, which allowed me to find a comfortable fit, avoiding any irritation, especially around my prominent wrist bone.

Battery and Water Resistance Info

My experience with battery life has been positive; it’s designed to last 18 months, so frequent changes aren’t needed. The watch’s water resistance down to 50 meters was an absolute convenience. I wore it while showering and washing dishes with no issues, which meant I didn’t have to fuss about taking it off and on.

Hearkent Pedometer Watch Step CountingPin

Real-World Usage Observations

Step Counting Accuracy

  • Overall Accuracy: I found the step counts quite reliable, which is impressive given the watch’s affordability.
  • 10-Second Rule: A built-in safeguard ignores movements under 10 seconds to prevent false step recordings. If motion continues past that, it retroactively adds those steps and keeps counting.
  • Historical Accuracy: Checking past step counts is convenient for tracking daily activity, ensuring the information is precise for the previous day.

10 Second Rule for Step Counting

I learned about an interesting feature called the “10-second rule.” This watch doesn’t count steps immediately; if you move for less than 10 seconds, it assumes it’s just an arm movement.

But if I continued moving for more than 10 seconds, it added those initial steps and kept counting. This helped ensure that the steps counted were due to actual walking and not just random movements.

Wearing Experience

  • Band Comfort: The band design, featuring multiple openings, promotes breathability and comfort throughout the day.
  • Size Consideration: Because of its larger size, there was occasional rubbing against my wrist bone, but adjusting the position quickly resolved this.
  • Waterproofing: I have worn it in the shower several times with no issues, which affirms the waterproof claim down to 50 meters.

Historical Data Access

  • Data Retention: The watch holds the previous day’s step count, which aids in daily tracking and making historical comparisons easy.
  • Display Legibility: The step count is in large font, making it easy to read without straining the eyes.
  • Recording Steps: For those keeping a written log, the watch’s history function lets you go back one day to capture the data, which is a handy feature for maintaining records.
Hearkent Pedometer Watch Alarm FunctionPin


After some time with the Hearkent waterproof pedometer watch, I noticed that the bold text on the screen made it easy to read numbers and letters.

The labeled buttons, detailed owner’s instructions, and rubber band with breathable openings all contributed to a user-friendly experience. Adjusting the time, date, and personalized settings for weight and height was straightforward.

I appreciated the built-in protections, like the 10-second rule for step counting, which helped assure me of its accuracy. The convenience of not changing the battery for roughly 18 months and wearing it in water without issue made this watch practical for everyday use.

After wearing the watch daily, my overall impressions were positive. Comfort was notable except for the occasional rub against my wrist bone, easily fixed by moving the watch slightly. The one-day historical step count was ample for my needs, and the alarm feature was a handy reminder.

For other older adults considering a simple, no-fuss watch that doubles as a simple pedometer, my days of usage suggest this could be a suitable choice.

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