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8 Helpful House Cleaning Tools For Seniors & the Elderly

8 Helpful House Cleaning Tools For Seniors & the Elderly

As we age, some tasks and chores become more difficult to accomplish before. One of these tasks is cleaning the house. Check out these 8 cleaning tools for aging adults that will make the job easier so you can get on with the things you actually enjoy doing!
Helpful House Cleaning Tools For Seniors
Helpful House Cleaning Tools For Seniors
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Seniors over the age of 65 are more active than ever before. But aging with grace doesn’t necessarily mean that the life you have lived isn’t catching up with you. Maybe cleaning house is more difficult now because you have a health condition, suffer from pain or are simply tired of years and years of household chores. These handy tools can help you get the work done more easily!

1. A Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is supposed to make life easier and is perfect for sucking up dirt and debris from carpets and hard surface floors. It is even ideal to use for dusting surfaces and other objects as well as cleaning upholstery and drapes. However, lugging around a heavy vacuum is going to make cleaning harder for seniors.

Fortunately there are a range of super light-weight vacs that perform just as well as the heavier models and are much easier to handle. A stick vacuum is a good option because it can be used upright or detached to clean in smaller and hard to reach places. I have an entire guide on choosing a lightweight vacuum cleaner for seniors and the elderly you can read for more information.

2. Combination Sweeper And Mop

Using traditional brooms and mops to clean floors is back-breaking work and not all that hygienic. Advanced combination sweepers and mops have larger cleaning surfaces and provide disposable wet and dry pads that are specifically designed to clean better and faster.

These tools are lighter than your old-fashioned broom or mop and have wider handles that are easier to grip. The handle of the mop acts as a detergent dispenser which means that there is no need to constantly rinse the mop in a bucket of water or to lug that bucket around with you as you clean. The top combination sweeper and mop for seniors is the Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1.

woman with arthritis pain from cleaning her housePin
Using the right tools can make cleaning easier and save your back some strain and pain!

3. Automatic Vacuum Robot

There is nothing quite like technology to take the hard-work out of cleaning and the automatic robot vacuum is an ideal choice for seniors. A user-friendly option is advisable as some of these robots seem to require a degree to operate. It is however a simple matter of programming the robot and then setting it to work. It will need to be cleaned out every once in a while but then so does a regular vacuum cleaner. There are a wide range of robotic vacuums available on the market and one can set you back anywhere between $140 and $1,000.

4. Electric Floor Mop

This is definitely one of the best innovations for seniors for cleaning hard surface floors without having to use any elbow grease. It works much like the combination sweeper and mop described above and comes with the disposable cleaning pads that make light work of floor cleaning. The mop is cordless, rechargeable and will clean for around 20 to 30 minutes before needing to be charged. There are a wide range of electric floor mops available on the market. Remember to opt for a light-weight model that is easier to maneuver and use.

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5. Dishwasher

Washing dishes by hand is one of the most hated household chores in the world no matter your age. Seniors however have special reasons for disliking doing the dishes. Skins become more sensitive as we age and washing dishes is terrible for hands and nails. Plus, gripping each dish, holding onto it and then applying the necessary pressure to clean it is much more difficult.

A dishwasher automatically washes and dries dishes. All you have to do is rinse the dirty dish, place it in the appropriate spot in the dishwasher and start the wash and dry cycle when the machine is full. Counter-top dishwashers are great for seniors living with back pain or arthritis because they don’t have to bend down to load and unload the washer.

6. Sonic Scrubber

This little gadget is ideal for scrubbing away tough dirt and grime. It looks similar to an electric toothbrush and functions in much the same way. It has interchangeable brushes to tackle different types of dirt on different surfaces. Also called an automatic scrubber, it eliminates the need to ever scrub tough dirt again. The brushes can wear out and may need to be replaced from time to time. These little machines are usually cordless and battery operated. It is recommended to opt for a rechargeable version so that the little scrubber is ready to work whenever you need it.

7. Extendable Handles

One of the reasons that seniors dread cleaning house so much is because it is difficult and painful for them to bend and stretch to get those cleaning tasks done. An extendable handle or extension pole reduces the need to reach or bend and can allow you to get to those hard to reach places. The handle is designed to fit on most traditional cleaning tools like brooms, mops, brushes, sponges, etc.

You can however also opt to simply buy cleaning tools that have longer or extendable handles. This will mean that you won’t have to swap the extendable handle from one tool to another as you need it.

8. Microfiber

Microfiber has been around for a while now and is a good replacement for most types of clothes and sponges that you use to perform daily household chores. The ultra-fine fibers remove and pick up dirt and grime much more effectively to take the hard work out of cleaning. Microfiber cleaning cloths can also be used dry to dust and are super good at picking up the finest dust without swirling it up into the air. Microfiber comes in every shape, size and color plus they have different features like super-absorbency.

My grandfather always said “Let the tool do the work” and “Always use the right tool for the job.” Easier to use cleaning tools like these will make housework much easier for people as they age.

Do you have other energy saving cleaning tools you recommend for seniors? Please tell me about them in the comments below!

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  1. Jacqueline Martin

    As a nurse, I’d like to caution seniors and elderly folks against an automatic vacuum robot! Even stepping aside suddenly to avoid it increases the danger of a fall. This is something to discuss with your doctor before taking any chances.

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