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Joe & Bella Men’s Polo Shirt Makes Dressing Made Simple Again

Joe & Bella Men’s Polo Shirt Makes Dressing Made Simple Again

The Joe & Bella Men's Everyday Polo is specially designed for easy dressing. Discreet side snaps allow the shirt to open fully like a robe, so arms can slide in without lifting overhead. The Joe & Bella Polo is ideal for seniors and men with mobility issues who require dressing help but desire their usual polo style.
Joe & Bella Men’s Polo Shirt
Joe & Bella Men’s Polo Shirt
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Joe & Bella were kind enough to send me one of their shirts to try out and review. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you!


Joe & Bella Men’s Everyday Polo

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  • Allows dressing without lifting arms overhead
  • Side snaps open shirt fully for easy arm access
  • Snaps are hidden for normal polo shirt look
  • Soft, breathable 4-way stretch cotton fabric
  • Classic men’s polo shirt styling
  • Great for independent dressing or with caregiver help


  • Snaps may be difficult for some with limited dexterity
  • 100% cotton fabric requires machine washing
Joe & Bella Men's Adaptive Polo Opens Fully for Limited Mobility (REVIEW)

The Joe & Bella Men’s Everyday Polo is ideal for older men requiring help dressing due to its innovative side seam snaps.

When opened, these hidden snaps allow the polo to fully open like a robe so arms can be easily slid in without lifting hands overhead or twisting shoulders. This avoids pain and difficulty for older men with restricted mobility.

The polo’s soft, stretchy fabric also ensures comfortable dressing. Once snapped closed, the classic polo look is regained, so men avoid wearing bulky adaptive styles.

In summary, the discreet side access design provides easy assisted or independent dressing while letting older men maintain their preferred polo style.

Use Code “Grace” to save 15%!

As a senior home safety specialist, I recently tested out the Joe & Bella Men’s Everyday Polo shirt. This adaptive men’s shirt is specially designed to make getting dressed easier for seniors and others who struggle with limited mobility or dexterity.

Who This Shirt Is For

The Joe & Bella Men’s Everyday Polo is an excellent option for:

  • Senior men who have difficulty lifting their arms overhead or restricting their shoulder mobility when dressing
  • Anyone with limited arm, hand, or finger mobility due to conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, tremors, or other mobility issues
  • Men requiring assistance from a caregiver for dressing

This adaptive polo allows men to dress independently or with just minimal help, while still maintaining a classic, stylish look.

Joe & Bella men’s polo shirt key featuresPin
To look like a normal polo when closed, the snaps are hidden.

Key Features Making Dressing Easier

What makes this men’s polo stand out is the innovative side-seam opening design:

  • Snaps run discreetly along the left side seam from the bottom hem up through the shoulder
  • Unfastening the snaps allows the shirt to open up fully like a robe for easy arm access
  • Snaps are hidden so the shirt looks like a normal polo when closed
  • Shoulder is cut wider on the left side to allow access to the arm opening when unsnapped
  • Snaps ensure the shirt stays securely closed when fastened

The fabric is ultra-comfortable 100% cotton with 4-way stretch. This, along with the slick feel, allows it to glide easily over the skin for dressing.

Joe & Bella men’s polo shirt testing experiencePin
The Joe & Bella polo shirt is perfect for everyday wear with its discreet side seam snaps.

My Hands-On Testing Experience

Having personally tested this Joe & Bella polo shirt, I can confirm it truly makes dressing much simpler for those with limited mobility. It works very similar to open backed shirts for older adults but can be used independently due to the side opening.

The side snaps discreetly open up the entire shirt like a robe for quick and easy arm access without having to lift arms overhead. By starting at the bottom hem, I was able slide one arm in, and then the other, before simply fastening the snaps back up from bottom to top.

Throughout my testing, the shirt stayed completely secured when fully snapped closed. The hidden side snaps went unnoticed by others, appearing like a normal polo.

The 4-way stretch fabric ensured a comfortable fit and moved easily against my skin as I dressed. I found the slick, cotton fabric nicely breathable as well.

The roomy arm openings also made getting my hands through the sleeves simple and painless.

I especially like that this polo retains a smart, classic men’s polo shirt style. Unlike some bulky adaptive clothing, the discreet side-seam snaps give it a smooth, tailored look perfect for everyday wear. It pairs well with their side zip chino pants too!

In summary, testing proved this innovative polo makes dressing independently or with assistance far simpler for senior men or others with mobility limitations. At the same time, its stylish design still delivers the classic polo style that men love.

Joe & Bella men’s polo shirt faqPin
This polo does not require special cleaning and also comes in various sizes and colors.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this adaptive men’s polo:

What sizes are available?

The Joe & Bella Everyday Polo comes in sizes Small through 3XL. Refer to the size chart on the product site to ensure the best fit.

What colors can I get?

This polo is currently available in Dark Navy, Black, and Sky Blue.

Can it be worn untucked or tucked in?

This versatile polo shirt looks great either tucked or untucked. The length is designed for both wearing styles.

Does it have to be dry cleaned?

The 100% cotton fabric can be machine washed cold and tumble dried low. No special cleaning required.

Is this shirt good for Parkinson’s tremors?

Yes, the side-seam opening and stretchy fabric are ideal for those with Parkinson’s tremors. Easy dressing helps preserve independence. Another great option for Parkinson’s is the Joe & Bella Magnetic Button Shirt.


For men needing an adaptive shirt for arthritis, limited mobility, or Parkinson’s, the Joe & Bella Everyday Polo is a great option. I highly recommend it to help senior men dress easily and maintain independence.

The discreet side-opening design offers a classic polo look perfect for everyday wear.

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