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Keep Your Remote Control From Getting Lost (8 Tips)

Keep Your Remote Control From Getting Lost (8 Tips)

Remote controls seem to have a habit of disappearing. Some seem to walk off by themselves! But I'm here to help you keep your remote control from getting lost.
Lost Remote Control
Lost Remote Control
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In this day and age, who can live without a remote control? They make our lives easier by giving us instant access to the shows, movies, and games we love. But what happens when we lose our remote control? Panic sets in! This can be especially troubling for seniors and the elderly!

How to Keep from Losing Your Remote Control

Keeping your remote control safe is important, especially if you tend to lose things often. Here are eight tips to help you keep your remote control safe:

Tip 1: Put the Remote Control in a Conspicuous Place Where You Will Remember to Look

Put the remote control in a conspicuous place where you will remember to look for it. This could be on a shelf or countertop near where you use the device, or in an easily accessible spot on the device itself. You should also get in the habit of putting it in the same place  every time you are finished using it.

Some good places to put it are on a shelf near the TV, in a drawer near the stereo, or on the countertop near the computer. I personally think the best place is on the TV itself or the table next to your favorite chair.

Tip 2: Use a Remote Control Holder

Keeping your remote control safe is important, especially if you use it a lot. There are a few things you can do to make sure your remote control stays with you at all times. One way to keep your remote control safe is to use a remote control holder.

These holders are specially designed to keep your remote control safe and can be mounted onto walls and furniture or even sit on the armrest of your favorite recliner. You can see examples of these at Amazon.

Tip 3: Create a Remote Control Finder Station

If you have a lot of remotes, it can be difficult to keep track of which one goes to which TV or DVD player. A remote control finder station can help.

This is a place where you can keep all your remotes, and you can easily find the one you need. Simply set up a box or tray and keep all your remotes there. If you have several to keep track of, label each one so that you will know which one operates which devices.

You could even use the remote control holder idea in Tip 2 for this purpose.

Tip 4: Keep a Spare Remote Control On Hand

If you have a remote control for your TV, stereo, or other electronics, it’s a good idea to keep a spare on hand. Accidents happen and sometimes you just lose your original remote. Having a spare makes it easy to watch your favorite show or change the music without having to search for the original remote.

Tip 5: Paint your Remote Control with a Fluorescent Paint Pen.

Consider painting it brightly (yellow, orange, pink) so that it’s easier to spot. You’ll see that easier than the standard black color that most remotes come in. Additionally, make sure to label it with your name and the date it was purchased so that you can easily identify it if you ever find it.

Tip 6: Get a Remote Control With a Wrist Strap

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t bother to keeping a remote control strapped to your wrist. After all, who has time to strap something around their wrist every time they want to change the channel or change the volume?

But if you’re like most people, you’re wrong. A remote control with a wrist strap is a great way to keep your TV remote from becoming a total loss if it falls off the couch or gets lost in the couch cushions.

Plus, it’s a lot less frustrating to be able to change the channel or volume without having to search for your remote all over the room. There’s a reason that the best universal remotes for seniors often have wrist straps built onto them.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep your TV remote from getting lost, consider investing in a remote control with a wrist strap.

Tip 7: If All Else Fails, Tie Your Remote to the Couch

And finally, if all else fails, tie your remote control to the couch! This will help ensure that it won’t get lost too easily. Just get some yarn or twine, wrap it around the remote, and tie it in a secure knot. Then you can be sure that your remote will be safe and sound.

You could also tape the string to it or even use superglue if you want to make it even more permanent.


Follow these tips and you’ll be able to keep your remote control from getting lost. We all know that it is the remote getting lost not you losing it, right?

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