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Coloring may seem like an uncomplicated task that is largely associated with little kids. However, in recent years, more and more individuals have come to discover its efficacy as a mood enhancer and stress reliever. Coloring has especially proven to have massive benefits to seniors.

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A recent study showed that seniors 65 and over who actively participated in creative tasks such as coloring had improved overall health, visited the doctor less, used not as much medication, and generally had fewer health complications. So as you can see, you can’t overlook the importance of coloring books for seniors.

However, because of the failing hand control and/or eyesight of seniors and elderly folk, their needs with regard to the coloring books they use are a bit different thus the necessity for large print coloring books for seniors.

Recommended Large Print Coloring Books for Seniors

To save you the hassle and time of scouring through the infinite number of adult coloring books online, here are a couple of large print coloring book recommendations for seniors to consider. Each of the mentioned coloring books is senior-friendly and easy to color while at the same time presenting a test that isn’t too frustrating.

The Colorful Past: A 1950’s Coloring Book

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This coloring book is on the simpler side as far as its designs. But, seniors will love this coloring book because of the nostalgia it will bring. Many elders and seniors love to talk about the past. A coloring book like this will bring back memories and create a great opportunity to share stories with family and friends.

Birds: An Easy Large Print Adult Coloring Book

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This particular coloring book can assist you in engaging a cherished one suffering from dementia and also help them to be calm. It acts as a therapeutic activity that is very advantageous to seniors with dementia. Coloring helps in concentrating their attention on an easy yet fulfilling activity, which reduces stress and anxiety and also promotes feelings of relaxation and calm.

This book in particular has large spaces for coloring with streamlined backgrounds to avoid distraction or confusion. It also has distinct and sharp lines with well-defined coloring spaces that provide high-resolution images.

50 Easy Mandalas Large Print Coloring Book

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This book includes various easy-to-color mandalas which are excellent for seniors undergoing eye deterioration, and anybody looking to alleviate stress and relax with uncomplicated coloring pages. Coloring is easy because each design has large shapes, thick lines, and is symmetrical.

The “Sweet Home” – Volume 1 Coloring Book for Adults

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If you want gorgeous and simple coloring images for seniors, this ‘sweet home’ coloring book will deliver hours of relaxation and peace of mind. This coloring book for adults features cute animals and items of a cozy home – including plants, sweets, flowers, cats, and so on.

This coloring book has been designed with the aid of a skilled psychologist who provided his expert opinion to incorporate illustrations that brought out feelings of serenity and calm to seniors. If you prefer a reassuring and cute domestic atmosphere, then this book is definitely for you.

Large Print Coloring Book: Easy Patterns for Adults

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This coloring book features easy patterns that any senior can relate to. It has gorgeous yet simple designs you can color. It is perfect for seniors because it is less complicated and relaxing. Some of the designs that you can expect to get include nature scenes, houses, animals, gardens, mandalas, butterflies, and flowers.

Coloring Book For Seniors: Floral Designs

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This particular Art Therapy Coloring book is ideal for senior citizens who love coloring. It comes with more than 30 stress-alleviating adult coloring sheets that feature various designs including animals, zendoodle, geometric patterns, and so on. With this coloring book volume, you can color anyhow you wish.

When seniors start coloring books, the amygdala relaxes. The amygdala is actually the fear focal point of the brain that gets triggered when one is stressed. When you engage in an activity like coloring, this part of the brain essentially relaxes.

Get the Right Coloring Tools

The type of coloring markers or pencils used really matters. Most senior citizens with hand deformities or arthritis don’t have the physical ability to use skinny pens and pencils. Also, when these coloring tools are held with a tight grip, it will result in discomfort and pain.

If you want to choose the right coloring tools for seniors, go for pens that are a bit bigger in size and have smaller tips. A fine-tipped pen will allow for improved control as the shading gets into smaller spaces, which greatly improves the final design. On the other hand, larger fat tips are difficult to control which makes it hard for the shading to stay within the lines, resulting in undue frustrations.

GC Writing Quill 72 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens

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The main feature of these coloring pens is their dual tips – chisel & fine coupled with vivid, bold inks, which makes them suitable for any drawing, writing, or coloring work. Ideal for seniors to unleash their imagination and craftsmanship!

With regard to lettering and coming up with bold artwork, standard markers used by kids don’t make the cut! AmazaPens Twin Tip Coloring Markers go a notch higher, enabling you to create compelling, colorful drawings with precision and ease.

They come in 72 dazzling shadings that make them suitable for simple relaxation, and general creative expression which is critical for seniors. They can be used in large print coloring books for seniors to make captivating greeting cards, color code planners & diaries, take notes, create original artwork, and draw diagrams.

Another advantage is that they have water-soluble ink that slides along smoothly – no fumes, smudging, or smearing. Every time they are used, you can expect incisive, clean lines. What’s more, the pens feature an ergonomic design meaning that they can be used for a long time without seniors experiencing fatigue.

Every set comes included with a carry case / handy storage which makes it ideal for seniors’ needs!

Benefits of Coloring Books for Seniors

Coloring is fun and reduces boredom.

This is a frequent grievance among many elders and senior folk. Before retiring and becoming a full-time senior citizen, chances are that the said individual had a rigorous and busy life as they tried to make ends meet every day.

When they become senior citizens, they suddenly find themselves not physically or mentally capable of performing some of the tasks they previously enjoyed. What’s worse is the amount of free time that one finds themselves with.

Tasks such as coloring help in reducing boredom, occupy the free time, and can prove to be a fun hobby for seniors.

Coloring is a social activity.

More often than not, coloring will involve more than one person which makes it a social activity. This is particularly the case for seniors living in assisted living facilities or group homes.

Coloring can also be applicable in a family setting as a social event. It can provide an excellent opportunity for elderly adults to bond with their younger grandchildren as they tell them some stories. This is good since it will create a vivid picture in the child’s mind of hanging out with their grandma or grandpa.

Coloring exercises coordination and hand dexterity.

The coloring movement needs continuous control of the pencil or crayon. This continual motion helps in exercising the arm and hand muscles. These coloring exercises help in improving hand coordination and fine motor skills which is important for seniors in their golden years.

Coloring is nostalgic and filled with memories.

Memory tends to fail as people get older. They may be memories that may be hidden deep in the subconscious and need to be triggered for one to remember.

Coloring books are more old-fashioned and are ideal for senior citizens because it reminds them of simpler times in their youth. As they color a certain design, it may resonate with a certain period in their life that gives them nostalgic feelings.

For elders and seniors suffering from conditions like dementia, using large print coloring books can prove to be therapeutic.

Coloring is a creative and self-expressive activity.

Coloring is a form of art that gives one room for creative expression. Having exciting color combinations for the coloring books can provide room for seniors to express themselves creatively and show they still got it. It also helps in keeping the brain engaged, which is integral in these latter stages of life.


The simple act of coloring can prove to be highly beneficial to elders and seniors. It assists in improving socialization skills, acts as a mood enhancer, and also betters overall health.

Large print coloring books for seniors are way simpler to use and are more friendly to the eyes compared to conventional ones. Taking into account the physical limitations of seniors is crucial and large print coloring books for seniors help in overcoming some of these associated limitations.

The pictures are gorgeous and realistic, plus the subjects are sure to be of interest to most seniors. Considering how affordable some of these beautiful coloring books are, you should definitely think about giving them a whirl. They will bring loads of relaxing hours of fun and excitement to seniors.

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