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9 Ways To Not Dress Like An Old Lady

9 Ways To Not Dress Like An Old Lady

No one wants to look or feel old, right? Well, one way you can look younger is by dressing younger. Here are some quick and simple tips to refresh your wardrobe and stop dressing like an old lady!
dress like an old lady
dress like an old lady
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Old age is finally knocking on your door with gray hair, an empty nest and a handful of grandchildren running around your home during the holidays. However, just because you are getting older, doesn’t mean everyone should know it.

Here are 9 tips on how you can dress younger by improving your fashion.

1. Show Your Ankles

If you are lucky enough to have skinny ankles, you should show them off. Remember, even when you add a few pounds, your ankles will still stay slim. Well, cropped pants or shorts are the best way to show off your ankles and look younger.

But, don’t rush into buying culotte pants because they end on the largest part of your calf. So, you might end up looking stubbier than you actually are. Choose dresses that show off the ankles but still make you look younger.

2. Create A Contrast In Your Fashion Style

Try creating splits in your outfit.

For instance, if you have to wear something more classic, you should go for the basic pieces like a blazer, cut pair of pants, shirts with a masculine cut or neutral colors. Even better, try matching something classic with something edgy for the ultimate younger look.

Another great look would be matching traditional outfits with sneakers such as a pair of pants, a classic suit or a dress. No one will notice your age and everyone will always assume that you are younger.

3. Fitted Jackets Instead Of Shapeless Baggy Blazers

If you have gained a lot of weight as you get older, you are likely going to feel a little sensitive about it. so, you’ll end up wearing a lot of shapeless and baggy jackets. Well, you should know that these items will make you look bigger than you actually are.

Therefore, it’s time to swap those baggy blazers for fitted jackets. You can’t go wrong with a shorter jacket reaching around the mid-hip that has a more defined waist. It will flatter your figure and make you look younger effortlessly.

4. Fitted T-shirts And Sweaters Instead Of Large Flower Print Tops

Yes, you might love those large flower print tops and t-shirts. However, when you are wearing them, people’s eyes are immediately drawn to the top instead of the person wearing them. They are big and extremely flowy thereby overwhelming you as you wear them.

If you are looking for a younger and more youthful look, you should look for a muted t-shirt or sweater that cuts closer to your body. You immediately look slimmer without the extra yards of fabric. The focus will immediately shift to you and not your outfit.

Even better, try adding the right color with your jacket or top effortlessly to look younger.

5. Forget About The Pleated Pants And Switch To Sleek And Straight Black Pants

Someone definitely lied to you that the pleats disguise your figure. They are doing the exact opposite.

You should know such sleek straight pants are perfect for every body type and always make you look like a young professional. As mentioned above, you should try to show off your ankles.

Therefore, you should try straight black pants that end at the ankle. However, if you are not feeling comfortable with this, you can try out a long pair of black pants that end at the top of your shoes.

6. Choose The Right Bra

Did you know that wearing the right bra instantly makes you look taller, younger and slimmer? Wearing the wrong bra can be quite uncomfortable and it also affects how your clothes fit over your body.

f you are continuously wearing the wrong bra, you will end up slouching and that will age you rather than make you look younger. Choose bras that come with a seamless style, especially with the molded cups that will show off your curves. Invest in the right bra and start looking younger immediately.

7. Choose The Right Type Of Glasses

The right pair of glasses will be the best accessory to your fashion so stop being afraid of experimenting.

Rather than wearing the drugstore frames, you should try out cat-eye frames that are quite flattering. Even the color of your glasses can make you look younger. They are also an easy and stylish way to look younger.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the right pair of glasses since they are available online or in your local glasses store.

8. You Can’t Go Wrong With The Right Pair Of Jeans

Yes, the right pair of jeans will take a lot of years off your age.

Of course, you don’t have to wear the old type of mom jeans that don’t flatter your shape. You can’t wrong with a pair of black, blue or white jeans. These colors are versatile and you can always dress up and down.

If you want to pull off the ultimate young look with a pair of jeans you can try out cut-off jeans that come with some embellishment at the calf. You should choose a signature pair of shoes, especially ankle boots. Match that with a slinky blouse and your ultimate fresh and young look is good to go.

9. Define Your Waistline

You need to show off your waistline but with a little discretion.

If your waistband is squeezing the waistline in a very obvious manner, you will not pull off the younger look that you are hoping for. If you want to pull off this young look, it needs to be effortless and casual. Certainly, you don’t want to look like you are doing everything on purpose.

For instance, you can pull it off if you tuck in your shirts and blouses. Even better, you can try half-tucking in your tops. You can tuck in the sides, the front or the back and let the rest of the fabric emerge casually. It’s a great way to show off your waistline in a casual and effortless way.

Looking young doesn’t have to be so stressful. Try these 9 tips for an amazingly fresh – and younger – look.

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  1. Irene Madrid

    I dress for FUN…….and change my attitude constantly. I DO allow a bit more for my waistline which increased an inch around age 70. Just looking in the mirror will tell me what looks good/bad. And , my mood tells me what I can carry on my day with or without. I love color and avoid black, which drains my color.

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