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10 Ways To Not Dress Like An Old Man

10 Ways To Not Dress Like An Old Man

As an older man, you may wonder what trends are suitable for your age without making you look too old - or like you are trying to look like a teenager. Here are some tips that will ensure you look younger with looking like you are trying too hard!
Dress Like Old Man (1)
Dress Like Old Man (1)
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Don’t let old age beat you down!

You can instantly look younger and fresh with the right look. If you are an old man who wants to try new looks to look younger, here are 10 best tips to help you not dress like an old man.

Who knows, you might start reliving your younger days with these new and amazing fashion tips.

1. Choose Vibrant Colors

Rather than ditching your clothes instantly, you need to transition into vibrant colors. These will make you look and feel younger. Remember, the color you wear plays a huge impact on your look.

Therefore, choose colors such as orange, sky blue, yellow and much more for a young and vibrant look. Certainly, you want to feel young and so does everyone else around you.

2. A Pair Of Jeans For A Younger Look

Unless you are attending a formal meeting, you should always have a pair of jeans with you. Most older men wear pants that make them look older and often forget to wear jeans.

Try on a good pair of jeans that fits perfectly and you will instantly feel younger. You can’t go wrong with black, blue or faded jeans. It should be easy enough to match your tops and jeans with these colors.

3. Choose The Right Pair Of Shoes

Yes, as much as you want to look younger, you must always feel comfortable in the right pair of shoes. If you are looking for comfortable shoes that also make you feel younger, try anything with a rubberized sole and premium leather for the upper part. The right pair of shoes will tie together your whole look making you look and feel younger effortlessly.

4. Fitting Sports Coats

A bulky and boxy sports jacket will not look flattering on you especially as you age. Even if you are looking to hide away a few pounds, you can’t go wrong with a fitted jacket.

The right jacket rests firmly on your shoulders and the sleeves should fall perfectly around your wrists showing only a quarter of the shirt cuff. There shouldn’t be any space left between your jacket and your torso. It’s time to throw away those large sports coats and look for fitting ones.

Even better, take them to your tailor and have them adjusted for the ultimate younger look.

5. Avoid The Combat Trousers

Yes, you might have worn a lot of combat trousers in your younger years but wearing them now will immediately make you look way older. Ditch those trousers with too many pockets or zippers and extra surface decorations.

If they are oversized, they should never be worn in public. It’s time to look for trousers that are more fitting and flattering to your body as you grow older. If you want to pull off the best trousers, look for something plain and simple.

6. Wear Trendy Tops

Don’t look for fashion advice from teenagers if you are older. You need to wear classy and trendy things. Certainly, just because you want to look younger doesn’t mean that you should be extreme about it.

The right tops for older men hoping to look younger include V-necks, crewneck sweaters and T-shirts. These tops will make you look younger effortlessly. You should choose tops that make you feel confident and sophisticated. You can’t go wrong with a polo shirt since they make you look and feel young.

7. Small Doses of Bold Patterns

Yes, bold patterns always catch someone’s attention and it’s the right way to make you feel young. However, if you overdo it as an older man, you’ll look insecure. Certainly, you don’t want people to think this about you.

Rather, you should try bold patterns in smaller doses. You could try a bold striped shirt, a bold pocket square, a louder tie, bolder pants or boutonniere. If you choose one bold item of clothing, the rest should be muted so they don’t overwhelm your personality. Your personality will pop instantly and you will look younger without forcing it.

8. Avoid The Bold Crazy Socks

Wearing crazy socks with bold patterns can be quite eye-catching. However, if not done right, you will ruin your entire look.

Well, rather than wearing these crazy patterns, you can wear two-tone striped socks with subtle color variations. They work perfectly well with your pants. They always look modern and fresh. They are perfect for the ideal younger look you want in your old age.

And, if you don’t want striped socks, you can’t go wrong with two-tone solid socks. These are more subtle and interesting to look at. They can also act as great conversation starters.

9. Cotton Chino Shorts

Most men have a pair of khaki shorts in their wardrobe. Well, if you are getting older, this is not the right time to pull out those khaki shorts. Rather, you should try out cotton chino shorts that stop slightly above the knee to bring out a more youthful look.

Don’t attempt to wear flip-flops with your shorts unless you are spending time at the beach. You should opt for a pair of loafers or woven leather. Even better, you can’t go wrong with driving moccasins that pull together a great younger look. You should look and feel relaxed and fresh with this amazing outfit.

10. Choose The Right Hat For The Hot Summer Days

If it’s too hot outside, you should wear the right hat for your age. Panama hats are the right choice to cover your head on a hot summer day. You should choose a hat with a shorter brim or in a lighter color to tie together your outfit effortlessly.

Most older men often choose something with a wider brim but it ages you entirely rather than flattering your face and making you feel younger. Choose a hat that fits your face and body shape to pull off a great younger look.

Looking and feeling younger doesn’t need to be hectic, stressful or expensive. With these 10 tips, you never have to dress up like an old man again!

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