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Pro Bono Lawyers for Senior Citizens (5 Free Resources)

Pro Bono Lawyers for Senior Citizens (5 Free Resources)

Some elderly people have limited incomes. So, when they need an attorney, they might not be able to afford it. Here are ways to find free pro bono lawyers for senior citizens.
Pro Bono Lawyers For Seniors Featured Image
Pro Bono Lawyers For Seniors Featured Image
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Older adults often seek help from their relatives and friends about legal matters. Whether it is regarding a living will, power of attorney, or setting up a detailed estate plan, without professional lawyers, you can’t get the correct advice.

That is why it is essential for senior citizens to get in touch with their nearest attorney whenever they want to file a legal paperwork or do anything that relates to the local law.

Hiring Pro Bono Lawyers

Retirement is one of those stages where you have to spend money by calculating every penny. You cannot splurge on anything, especially if you are living alone.

If that is the case, how will you afford the fee of a lawyer? Most law firms will provide unmatched services, but will also charge a lot of money as fees.

That’s when pro bono lawyers come into the picture. There are many community and nonprofit organizations that provide legal services at a low-cost and sometimes even for free.

If you are one of those who can’t afford a lawyer, here are some of the organizations that you can turn to, to get free legal services:

Area Agency on Aging is one of the best community resources from where you can get contacts for pro bono lawyers. In fact, they not only provide free legal services to older adults but also the caregivers.

So, if you or your caregiver need legal help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the local community legal service providers. They usually take down your location and the type of case you want help on. Then, they will connect you to a low-cost or free lawyer.

Here’s what you need to find the nearest pro bono lawyer in your area:

  1. Visit the Area Agency on Aging or Eldercare locator website.
  2. They will ask you for your zip code. Enter your zip code on the site.
  3. You will see a dropdown menu on your computer. Select legal services to proceed.

You can also connect to a representative from the Eldercare Locator by calling their nearest office.

Legal Services Corporation is another nonprofit organization that offers legal services to seniors and caregivers at a very low cost. They fund almost 133 nonprofit legal aid organizations in the US.

These organizations take on pro bono cases of people who are at 125% or below of the poverty guidelines according to the federal law.

If you are in that annual income level, you will become eligible for free legal services by experienced lawyers. However, the cost, if any, for the legal services, may vary depending on the available lawyers, your location, and your average income.

To find the nearest legal aid office near you, search for “legal aid” plus your city and state.


3. Pro Bono Programs

Pro Bono Programs match volunteer lawyers with low-income people so that they can work on their cases for free.

So, you need to visit the website, answer the questions that come on the screen, and in the end, they will give you the contact details of the lawyers who can take your case.

There are two ways how senior citizens and their caregivers can find a pro bono lawyer in their area: they can either visit the website of LawHelp or go to the pro bono directory map from American Bar’s Association. Discuss your case with the lawyer, and he/she will come up with the ideal solution for your legal problem.

4. National Disability Rights Network

This is a nonprofit organization offering legal services to senior citizens with disabilities.

It helps you get your deserved compensation to meet the regular household expenses. The website lists a variety of disability problems that a person may have. If your disability is on that list, you are eligible to receive money.

The lawyer will help you go through the entire documentation process, helping you at every stage.

If you were an employee of a larger company, you might have a chance to get free legal help. Many companies provide discounted or free legal services as a part of their Employee Assistance Program.

As an ex-employee in distress, you may enjoy this service at a very low cost or even without paying anything. You may need to get in touch with the human resource department to find the lawyers available to take up your case.


The life of a senior citizen can be a tough one, especially if you always find yourself short of cash. With no close family members around, you need to stay updated with these details about pro bono lawyers and caregivers so that they can come to your rescue during an emergency.

Follow the above steps to find your nearest pro bono lawyer and discuss the case in detail.

Do you know of more resources for free legal help for seniors? Please tell me about them in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Pro Bono Lawyers for Senior Citizens (5 Free Resources)”

  1. dominick morabito

    my brother has been stealing my mothers retirement income for years when I discovered it, he got power of attorney and told the accountant who discovered it to take a hike.
    I filed a report with the Sacramento ca sheriffs dept. and with adult protective services here in sacramento county.
    it has been a year and nobody has done anything.
    my mother is 91 and has dementia now and needs to be in a rest home with 24/7 care
    I am ready to sue the county the sheriffs dept and anyone else whos lack of caring is causing my mothers pain

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Hey Dominick – sorry to hear about that. Sounds like it might definitely be time to consult with a lawyer to see what legal options you may have – Good Luck!

    • Karen nebiolo

      I’m on ssdi I have stage 4 copd. This is the 2sd time ss has lost my check. I have had no problems for months. Everything is recorded. They say Nov I called and changed things not true. My check was due the 3rd. I get run arounds. I have no med. Little food. My rent bounced. Cable to be cut of and phone. On oxygen 24/7. May be turned off. I need help asap

  2. Herman G Buckman

    Good evening, I am requesting for assistance because my ex wife has deceived me that two of my sons actually belonged to my ex’s boyfriends as I was being informed that they are not my biological sons due to fraudulence of my ex. Therefore, I would like to file for DNA as I believe that the law is fair and justice on my end. To make a long story short, I would need to see a lawyer for more specific issues which can be clarified better when confronting with a lawyer.
    I am 72 years old.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Patricia Nolan

    I live in Colo. I have one child, I am in the process of making sure he is able to manage my estate either dead or alive therefore I am looking at a living trust. It allows him to determine my mental fitness without going to court. My question is in Colo am I required to change the title of my few assets to “Trust of______”? I am establishing a will and Power of Attorney for medical decisions.

    An option is to have a limited power of Attorney to establish my fitness and a change of title at time of death (I am not sure what it is called) for my Townhome. He is listed as beneficiary on both my IRA and my bank accounts.

    If you have a referral to a reasonably priced lawyer in my area that would also help.

  4. Constance

    I co-signed for my granddaughter regarding SallyMae loan,she isn’t keeping her payments up to date and its ruining my credit.Would like some imput as to what I can do?Plus I’m ninety one years old.

  5. Constance Randolph

    Would appreciate any and all information.

  6. Rosie Morris

    Hello, I am looking for a lawyer that can help me get access to my mother as I found out that her brother-in-law manipulated her into putting his name on the deed to my grandparents home without informing my sister(whose name is on the deed) and giving him POA over her. I only recently found this out when my Aunt tried calling my mother & was informed that she had been put into a facility, when she called the facility she was told that noone was allowed access to my mother because she had no family. Whatever other information you might need you can email me, this is frustrating for me & if you are able to help me with this matter I’m sure that we will get into more details.

    • Michele

      Hi Rosie I have some questions concerning a trust involving my home I need help to see what I can do so my sister doesn’t take it from me,my mom passed away yesterday. My sister is the power of attorney for the trust and she’s claiming that when my mom passes away she was going to take my house and sell it. My house was mine in the beginning I put 35,000 on it and then my dad went and paid it off and I didn’t even ask him to. The escrow papers in the very beginning we’re all in my name several months later my dad tells me to sign a piece of paper and send it back. I find out later on that I had signed the house into the trust family trust so now my sister and I never saw Eye 2 Eye she’s always been evil so I really need somebody to talk to me I have high blood pressure and it’s only getting higher. I’m literally feeling ill.Please help

  7. todd wayne johnston

    I am a 59 year old on disability for the last 10 years,I moved from Utah to here when first got ill, to live with my dad as he was disabled and needing some help, after 4 years our home burned down and he was put in care facility,I was homeledd after one week sister down the road commited suicide, my other sister had me move in the deceased sisters home, I was to do repairs and pay tax to live there, after 6 years I fell behind on tax, now im told to move imediatly, home is still in deceased sisters name, and never reimbersed for material bought for I need an attorney

  8. Andrea Dareing

    Senior looking for a pro bono or contingent attorney to help me with a case I
    would like to present. Have been renting a storage unit and on Oct. 15th 2020
    there was a theft. I pay every month in person so when I went in on Dec 1st, 2020
    I was told my unit had been compromised. I was very upset when told that it had
    happened in Oct and here it was Dec. They have a sign saying 24 hr surveillence
    so when I asked to see the footage I was told that a police report would have to
    be filed in order to see the footage. Come to find out after being told there was
    footage and then almost 2 months later there was not. Also the storage facility
    was allowing anyone who could get access to the storage facility 3 hours after the
    office closed. Total neglect on their part. False representing that there was over
    all coverage throughout the facility via video footage. So far $ 200,000.00

  9. i live in overton county tenn my nieghor capped the end of culvert and put in 4″ drainage pipe with they drive over .it causes severe flooding n my yard.have tried talking to them about it but now we don,t even speak.i don,t know what to do

  10. chris

    i need a pro bono lawyer asap. its very hard to find any help in pennsylvania for domestic violence against senior citizens.


    GOOD LUCK Ive been trying to find a pro-bono lawyer that can refer me to a low cost lawyer to represent mt i court for being scammed out of monies. Id be willing to pay $ 1.000 if i win the $ 7500 that was scammed from me,

  12. Glenda Deatherage

    I was injured @ work and for years now the city of Seattle has harassed me about paying some alleged overpayment. They cut my comp down to almost nothing and want me to pay. I am on SSDI because of stroke There is an RCW to help the indigent. A director of office Management in WA State could pay this out of an overpayment reimbursement fund. They waited for two years and the stroke to come after me. Please help.

  13. Ellen Baker

    Need a lawyer who is familiar with dealing with an HOA community who is singling me out and harassing me with incorrect information they have been “told”.

  14. Lucy DeJesus

    Lucy DeJesus

    I need a pro bono lawyer or low Fee lawyer. We had a house fire in 5/12/22. Now on 12/7/2023 we are barely in our home. Our case is we hired a contractor to paint our home outside. He requested $5,000 for the job. That was his request. Has not finished the job, but says the job is done. We called him several times and does not return calls. We need the paint job completed as we are putting the house up for sale. This has held us up as we were planning on putting it up in October.

  15. Osbon

    Will it matter, because unless you’ve helped these people above, it really doesn’t matter what I write here. It appears in-justice happens all over and pro-bono attorneys don’t take these cases unless they can get paid. I don’t care what the Movie’s say, there is No John Travolta, or Matthew McConaughey going to help me, even if the law is on my side. There isn’t an attorney out there that will help me because it is the right thing to do. Prove me wrong. BCO

    • Scott Grant

      Hi Osbon! I’m sorry you feel that way. I am personally not a lawyer. I was just trying to provide a resource for people to find help. Looks like this article needs some updating so let me see if I can find more helpful resources.

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