The Best Walker Wheelchair Combos: Walkers That Convert to Wheelchairs?

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Combo rollator transport chairs are hybrid walkers that convert to wheelchairs. So, if a senior gets tired and needs to rest, you can quickly convert their rollator walker into a transport chair. Then, you can safely push them to your destination. The best rollator transport chair combos convert quickly, have comfortable seats, and built-in footrests.

Here are my Top Picks:

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Walkers that convert to wheelchairs are essential tools for seniors with limited mobility. They give the elderly the freedom to walk around as they please. But, when the senior needs the extra support or needs pushed, they quickly change into transport chairs.

The best walker wheelchair combos have comfortable seats, storage areas like baskets for personal belongings, hand brakes, and handles that adjust to properly fit the user. They are great tools for both seniors and their caretakers.

The Best Walkers That Convert to Wheelchairs

Here are my recommended combination walker wheelchairs based on my work experience and mobility training.

Medline Translator Combination Rollator and Transport Chair,


Medline took care to make the seat more comfortable than some of the competing transport chairs. They made it larger at 19″ wide – most other transport chairs are only 18″ or even 17″ wide. Another upside of the seat is that the seat is fully accessible from both sides – both when used as a rollator and a transport chair. This is because the back rest easily flips from one side to another.

Both seat and back rest are upholstered with black nylon which is very durable and easy to clean. The seat is set at 20″ off of the ground and is not adjustable.

Wheels and Casters

Both front and rear wheels on this product are solid rubber and require no air or maintenance. The rear wheels are a bit larger than the front casters larger, measuring 7“ in diameter. The casters are smaller 6“ wheels which swivel freely.
They roll smoothly over most surfaces but there are some downsides regarding the size.

The casters aren’t very wide though. Because of this, you might encounter some problems when rolling on uneven terrain with cracks. The casters can get stuck in larger cracks. If you stay inside or on smooth surfaces though I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

Arms and Arm Pads

The arm rests on this device are padded but other than that are pretty standard. They are slightly shorter than full-length arms, with the frame having a curvature to make your wrists more comfortable. Also, they are not removable and can’t be flipped back, moved or adjusted. However, they are durable and sturdy like the rest of the frame.

Footrests and Legrests

What this rollator/transporter lacks with the arm rest, it makes up for with really great foot rests. They are designed similar to the footrests Medline installs on its wheelchairs and they’re fully functional. You can swing them out of the way when the chair is transformed to a rollator. Also, the plastic foot pad folds so they won’t be in the way when you get in and out of the chair. Also, they can be completely removed which makes the chair lighter for transporting it.

Wheel Locks

The Translator has loop-style wheel locks mounted to the back canes which are controlled by the person pushing the chair/rollator. They are very easy to operate – when you push them down the wheels are completely locked. The locks are sturdy and placed on the rear wheels. This is very useful for different situations when the device needs to stay in place. Of course, you should engage the locks anytime you get in or out of the chair or if you stop while using it in rollator mode. The wheels are unlocked by pulling the loops up.


There are two adjustable parts to the chair. First, the length of the leg rests can be adjusted. Properly fit leg rests reduce leg and back pain and make the chair more comfortable overall. There is a little lock on the rear side of each leg rest just above the foot panel. When you unlock it you can adjust it to your desired length, so even taller people can have a comfortable ride.

The other very useful adjustable feature is height of the push handles. Their height can be set to the preferred level of person pushing this device by simply loosening the knob placed behind the arm rest. The total height of the chair is then somewhere between 32″ and 36.5″. This is also important when the user is walking in rollator mode. A properly fit walker is important to overall safety and reducing the chance of a fall.

Folding and Transportation

This is a very light product that most people can easily lift and pack anywhere. The overall weight is 19.5 lbs. It can be folded nice and flat by lifting the middle section and bringing the lateral parts together. The dimensions of this combo when folded are 33.0″ x 10.7″ x 31.5″.

Other Options

The manufacturer gives you a choice when ordering – you can have this product in red or blue color. Other options aren’t available, because Medline included some very useful features in the standard package, for free.

Included Extras

The extras you get with this rollator/transporter are a really nice touch. First, you get a large pouch which is attached under the seat and behind the leg rests. It looks really good and is roomy enough for plenty of your stuff. Also, there is another bag added to this chair. It is attached to the armrest. It’s a little different in shape and very convenient because it’s within arm’s reach. Finally, on the opposite arm rest you get a cup holder which is a great addition on any product.

Review Summary

There are many satisfied users of this product. Customers praise the versatility it offers because it’s simple for anyone to use and transform. It’s lightweight and very easy to operate. The brakes are efficient and lock it in place so users have really good stability. Also, it looks pretty nice too. A downside users noticed are the front wheels. They are rather small and tend to get stuck in cracks. Also, this product may be too wide to go through narrow spaces. It’s up to you to decide if it’s right for you – if you value comfort and the presented downsides aren’t a problem, you can be sure you are getting a fine and durable product.

How to Convert the Medline Translator

This is for sure the easiest product to convert. The simple process is only 2 steps. First, push the back strap fabric towards the handles of the rollator. Then flip the legrests around from their locked position towards the front of the chair. That’s it. All accessories you need stay mounted to the chair with no need to carry around extra parts.

This video walks through the converting this rollator into a transport chair:

Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair and Walker Rollator

This is a versatile product made to function both as a rollator and transport chair. Because of the design it can easily be transformed from one to another, so you have both the independence to walk by yourself, and the comfort of being pushed by your caregiver. The weight capacity is excellent – up to 300lbs, while the product itself is pretty light. Let’s have a look at some of the features and how to get the best out of this product.


The seat is nice and upholstered, but it doesn’t give off the impression of being too comfortable. The size is also pretty small – 13.5“ wide and 13“ deep. However, it’s going to be good enough to sit in for shorter periods of time. When used as a transport chair, the seat is 21“ high relative to the floor. The seat can be lifted and underneath there is a nice carry pouch for your personal belongings. It’s decently sized and looks quite nice. Also, in the pouch, there is a handle on which you pull for additional help when folding the chair. You get a back rest padded with foam in the middle for added comfort when riding. When you use the device as a rollator, the back rest flips to the front.


All four wheels on this dual function device are the same size. They are 8“ in diameter, and made to be solid which means they are flat free and require no maintenance on your part. Front wheels swivel, while the rear wheels are static. However, they could be a little larger, since users have reported that the chair isn’t very stable when used as a transportation chair. The reason for this is that the front wheels turn back and because the feet of the person riding extend forward, the chair can easily be tipped forward.

Arms and Arm Pads

The arm rests on this rollator/transport chair are versatile too. They are long enough to rest your elbows, and have padding for added comfort. They can be locked in two positions – when riding in the chair they can be flipped up to support the arms, and when used as a rollator they are unlocked and pushed down to get them out of the way.

Footrests and Legrests

There is a flip-down footrest included. When used as a rollator it is packed under the seat, secured with a strap and streamlined with the rest of the rollator. However, when you want to transform it into a chair, it pulls out and flips down so you can place your feet. It’s nothing too fancy, but it will give you good support.

Wheel Locks

The Duet has loop handles with dual function. When you pull them up they activate the brakes, while if you push them down they activate the wheel locks and secure the device in place. This is a very important function in both types of use – to get rest and stability when using the rollator, or to secure it in place while getting in or out of the chair. The loop handles are controlled by the person pushing the device, which means that if you’re riding in the transport chair you have no access to the brakes.


This is one of the main points here because it can be transformed from a rollator to a transportation chair and the other way around. The foot rests, arm rests and back rest can all be flipped or folded in order to give it the desired function.

This device allows you to increase comfort for the person pushing, either for you or your caregiver. The height of the handles can be adjusted – there is a knob which when loosened allows you to pull the handles up or push them down so they are in the proper level for your arm length. Their height  can be between 31.5 and 37“ relative to the ground. The handles are also padded and contoured for comfort.

Folding and Transportation

The Duet is pretty light and easily transported. Total weight is only 20lbs, making it possible for almost anyone to lift it and put it in a car trunk. While you can’t take it apart, you can fold it to make it more compact. The total dimensions of this device are 25.5″ wide x 37″ high x 26″ long. When folded, the length is reduced for a number of inches. There is a security lock on the side which when released allows the chair to fold nicely front to back. You then lock it again so that it doesn’t open during transport.

Other Options

When buying, you can choose the color of the device. You have black, blue and burgundy to choose from. Other than that, not many options are available. It has a pretty straightforward function.

Included Extras

The pouch under the seat is not really an extra because it’s part of the design, but as we mentioned it’s really nice and useful. The manufacturer didn’t include any other accessories with this product.

Review Summary

There are many people who bought the Duet and have plenty nice things to say about it. It’s easily transformed from rollator to a chair, it’s extremely light so anyone can lift it, and the build is sturdy and very good. However, as we already mentioned, there are some downsides to this product. The greatest of them is lack of stability and balance when used as a transport chair.

As explained, when the feet extend in front of the chair and the front wheel swivel back, it’s really easy for the chair to flip to the front when you come across an obstacle, because the balance is lost. For this reason you have to be very careful when pushing the chair and pay attention to the surface you are going on. If these don’t present too much of a problem for you, this is a very nice and versatile product.

How to Convert the Drive Duet

This one does take a little bit of work to go from a walker to a rollator. First, you will have to move the backrest to the other side of the rollator using quick push pins. Next, fold the armrests up. Finally, fold the legrests down from the main frame.

The advantage to the Duet is that all the parts needed are attached. There is no need to carry around extra parts.

The video below walks you through this process.

Lumex Lightweight Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair

The Hybrid LX is a highly versatile product which can serve both as a rollator and as a transport chair. It’s designed to be very light, and at the same time very sturdy with the maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.  This product is easy to use and very handy if you don’t want to buy two separate items.


It comes with a wide 18“ mesh seat which is strong enough to easily support the weight of the user. However, because of the design, seat depth is only 11“. This can be a problem for some users, so you should be aware of it. The seat and backrest are both black. When it comes to backrest, it’s flexible, soft, wide and made from polyester.  It’s fairly wide to give you good support and posture. Seat height relative to the ground is 21.25“, and it can be adjusted together with the rest of the frame.


The Hybrid LX has 4 wheels of the same type – solid 8“ wheels which require no maintenance and serve you well both outside and inside. The only difference is the design because the front wheels can swivel. Also, front wheels can be completely removed when you fold your rollator/chair so you can save space in your trunk or closet.

Arms and Arm Pads

The armrests are made as an extension of handlebars and to be truthful, they aren’t particularly special. They are aluminum – same as the rest of the frame, and without any padding. Also, they seem to be positioned too high when the person riding in the chair places their elbows on it. They can’t be flipped or removed.

Footrests and Legrests

Compared to other similar products, leg rests on this device are pretty nice. You have a separate rest for each leg, with panels to place your feet on and also straps behind your heels to prevent feet from slipping. They are placed at a comfortable angle so you won’t be straining your legs while riding. An additional upside is that the leg rests can be completely removed when folding this rollator.

Wheel Locks

Brakes are placed on the rear wheels, and controlled by the person pushing this device. You get loop-lock brakes which are pretty secure. When pushed down they lock the transport chair in place. The brakes themselves are made from metal and are also very efficient.


Besides the fact it can be transformed from a rollator to a transport chair, you can also adjust the height. You can release the security lock in the middle of the frame and lift it up (the seat remains at the same level, while the backrest and handles are set to a higher level). The height of the handles can be set between 30“ and 37“. Nothing else is adjustable.

Folding and Transportation

As we mentioned, this rollator is very light – it weighs only 22lbs, which is amazing considering the user weight it supports. It is 26“ wide and 40“ deep (this includes the footrests and handlebars). When disassembled, it becomes much smaller because the footrests and the front wheels can be removed. Also, it folds laterally and becomes fairly flat. To help in this process, there is a handle on top of the seat on which you pull when you want to fold. All this makes it really easy to store and transport.

Other Options

When ordering, you can choose the color of this rollator. The manufacturer has made two colors available – blue and titanium. The price is not the same, but this depends on your supplier. Other than this, you can order a carry bag for your product, in which you can store and protect your Hybrid LX when you take it apart. This is very handy for transport.

Included Extras

A very nice addition to this transport chair is the carry bag which is attached under the seat. It has a good quality, and it’s large enough for plenty of your belongings when going for a walk or a ride. Also, you get a 3-year warranty on the frame and 1-year warranty on other parts.

Review Summary

Many people testify this is a fantastic rollator/transport chair. It’s light and easy to push even for older people. It’s compact and a perfect choice for traveling. You can push it since it gives you stability while walking, and when you get tired you can sit in it and be pushed by another person. While it performs really well on all flat surfaces, you can encounter some problems on uneven terrain.

Like other products of the same type, it presents a tipping hazard if you’re not careful. If you come to a larger obstacle the front wheels can get stuck, the balance lost and the whole chair will tip forward. All things considered this is a nice product you won’t regret buying.

Converting the Lumex Hybrid

The Lumex Hybrid is one of the easiest to change for transport. First, you simply push the back support fabric to the other side of the rollator. Then you attach and lock the leg rests. The side supports become the armrests.

There are a few drawbacks to consider here. First, I think this puts the senior in an awkward riding position. Especially if they are shorter or short-bodied. They will end up in a position where their arms are unnaturally high.

This is probably ok for short rides from the car to an office. But, not for a day spent shopping at the mall.

The drawback here is that you have to carry the legrests with you. They do not stay attached to the rollator. But you can store them in the under seat pouch so that they will be readily available.

Here is a short video from the manufacturer highlighting these options:

ProBasics Transport Rollator

This in an interesting combination of a rollator and a transport chair, with a different design compared to similar products. It has a lightweight aluminum frame which supports users of up to 250 lbs. It’s a nice combo which has some limitations, but overall works pretty good. Take a quick look at some of the features it offers.


The seat on this product is not very large. It’s 14.25“ wide and 13.25“ deep. This means that it will possibly be too small for some people. It’s padded for increased comfort. Seat to floor height is 21.75“. The seat flips up when the chair is folded. The backrest is reversible so it can give you support when sitting in either direction. When you use this as a transport chair, the upper part of the padded backrest serves as a push handle for the chair operator.


All wheels on this product are the same size – 8“ in diameter. They are solid and perform good on variety of surfaces. Also, if you use this inside, they won’t mark your floor. When used as a transport chair, the rear wheels swivel which is the opposite from the majority of other products from this group. This makes handling and controlling a little different. The whole design on this rollator/transporter is sort of reversed compared to others.

Arms and Arm Pads

Arm rests are a part of the same construction as the back rest, and they don’t seem very comfortable to be honest. They are short and there is a part of the frame that blocks your arms from resting properly so you can only rest your elbows. There is also no padding. You could almost say that in transport position this product has no arm rests.

Footrests and Legrests

This product by ProBasics doesn’t have your usual foot rests. You only get two foot panels which flip up when not in use or down when you want to rest your feet. They are placed directly under the front end of the seat, and we think the angle at which it sits isn’t very good for some people. If we have to find an upside to this, it’s that the whole thing doesn’t take up much space.

Wheel Locks

This chair/rollator has good wheel locks, which are controlled by the loop brake handles placed under the push handles. You push them down to lock the wheels in place and make the device stable for rest, entry or exit. However, these are unusual too. The brake handles are only accessible when you use this product as a rollator. In that case they function as on any other similar product. On the other hand, when you are in transport chair mode, the brakes are inaccessible to the person pushing the chair which isn’t very good. They can be reached by the person who is riding in the chair, but the position is awkward and you would have to extend and lift your arms a bit which some people can’t do.


The height of the handles can be adjusted, making them higher or lower to better suit you as the user of this rollator. This is a nice detail. However, it’s not very useful if you use the product as a transport chair because in that case the person pushing uses the padded push bar on the other side. Besides the handles, nothing else can be adjusted.

Folding and Transportation

This rollator is pretty light, weighing 22lbs. This makes it very practical to be lifted and put in a car trunk or a closet. Of course, you need to fold it first. If folds front to back. You lift the seat, remove the pouch underneath and then lift the joint in the middle of the security rod that connects front and rear part of the rollator.

Other Options

When it comes to options available when you buy, there aren’t many. You can choose the color of your rollator – it can be red or blue. Also, the manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty on the frame, and also a 1-year warranty on other parts.

Included Extras

With every purchase there is a waterproof nylon pouch installed under the seat. The size is pretty good, and you get easy access to it by simply lifting the seat. It can be completely removed when folding the product. Other than this, there aren’t any extras included.

Review Summary

People who tried this product are mostly satisfied, but there are different opinions. It is well built, sturdy and durable. It’s good for people who need additional support while walking because the wheels lock good and you can sit on it and rest. On the other hand, some people have said that they encountered problems while putting it in the trunk of their car because the back rest and the handles stick out too much.

In conclusion, this is somewhat unusual product because of the design. It can be of very good use to you if you use it as a rollator most of the time, and rarely as a transport chair. If you need to be transported more often, you should probably look for a different product because this one has several big flaws.

How to Convert the Pro Basics Transport Rollator

At first glance, it seems that the rider would face the rear once this rollator changes over for pushing, but that is not the case. This one is also very easy to change over because all you have to do is flip down the foot plates and you are ready to go. You can convert this one too while the patient is seated in the chair.

Here is the secret to this one: After converting the chair, the helper walks around to the other side and uses the top part of the backrest bar as the push handle. Kind of like pushing a shopping cart.

wheelchair symbol

Rollators vs. Transport Chairs: What’s the Difference?

Typically, rollators and transports chairs are created for 2 different purposes. And, you usually cannot substitute one for the other. These are the exception to that rule, however.

Uses for Rollators

folsing rollator walker with seat
A Typical Rollator Walker with Seat

Rollators are used by seniors who are able to walk but need a little assistance due to weakness, balance, or COPD. They have a seat built on to them that gives the senior a place to rest when they need it.

But, rollators are not meant to be pushed by other people. They have a higher center of gravity. So, pushing a person in a rollator is risking a tip over and fall. I know, it’s common to see people being pushed in these at the mall but it isn’t safe. Just going over a small threshold is enough to make these tip.

You can read more about rollators by clicking here if you’d like to learn more about them.

Uses for Transport Chairs

A Typical Transport Wheelchair

Transport chairs are meant to be pushed by a caregiver with the senior riding in the seat. So, can’t a senior just use the handles on the back to walk with and then get in the seat when they get tired? Sorry, but no.

The handles on the back of a transport chair are not for weight bearing or support. They are there only for the convenience of the senior’s companion. They are designed to be counterbalanced by the weight of someone in the seat. Leaning on these handles for support without someone in the chair will cause it to tip backward.

So, using either of these products in a way they weren’t intended, could lead to injury or falls. But, the combo rollator transport chairs meet both these needs by letting a senior walk when they want and ride when they need to.

Walker Wheelchair Combos: A Buying Guide

These rollator transport chairs are one of my favorite pieces of medical equipment (yes, I do have favorites) because they are handy for both the user and the caregiver. Here are some tips for you when shopping for a combination walker wheelchair.

How Can a Rollator Transport Chair Combo Help?

Here is a common scenario. You take your grandmother, Mary, to the doctor’s office for her monthly follow up and to pick up a few prescription refills. Now, Mary is fairly independent and likes to get around by herself so she walks beside you with the help of her rollator.

But she gets about half-way there and suddenly need to rest. Because she uses a rollator, you have a seat available for her to rest on.

The problem now is that you are going to be late. You were already running late but now it’s worse. What can you do?

Can you just use the rollator as a wheelchair and push her? No, it is unsafe to push a person in a normal rollator. They have a high center of gravity and will tip over quite easily.

You can’t make her walk because she could possibly fall. If there was only a way you could magically turn this rollator walker into a wheelchair and push her.

The good news is that a rollator transport chair product is exactly what you need in that situation.

Uses for a Combination Wheelchair and Walker

It’s no secret that seniors tend to have balance issues. Walkers can greatly reduce the potential for dangerous, even life-threatening, falls. They provide a sense of stability and safety that you just can’t get anywhere else.

However, it’s also a great feature to have a chair built into the walker, even if you’re not necessarily immobile, so that you can take a break and have a rest whenever you need!

If you have a more serious medical condition like neuropathy, these walking aids are essential physical therapy tools as well. They allow you to practice walking while giving you the option to be handled by a caretaker if you can’t walk for any particular reason. These devices make you – and your caretaker’s – lives much easier overall.

In general, both walkers and wheelchairs tend to provide seniors with a sense of independence and safety. They also put their families’ minds at ease, knowing that they have that tool to support them throughout their everyday lives and daily tasks that can be extremely difficult without one of these tools. Just getting around the house can be a hassle as we get older – but it doesn’t have to be with these helpful mobility products.

Important Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair Features to Consider

There are several important features to look for when shopping for a convertible walker wheelchair. Many of these have to do with safety and convenience of both the user and the caregiver.

Choose a Lightweight Model That Folds for Easy Portability

All of these products are foldable so that they can travel with you easily about everywhere you go. Look for one that is lightweight too. This makes them portable and easy to lift and place in the trunk of a car.

This is especially important if the caregiver has any medical issues to that prevent them from lifting heavier objects. My recommendation is to find one that weighs 25 lbs or less.

Look for a Comfortable Padded Seat

All of these combo chairs have seats as well since the person will need a place to rest. Look for a chair with a soft, comfortable seat.

Standard nylon upholstery is ok for short rides but not for longer ones. I recommend investing in a good cushion if the senior will ride in it for long periods of time.

A Convenient Place to Rest the Legs Is a Must

Because these products double as wheelchairs, it is important that they have a place to rest the legs and feet when the elderly person is riding.

Otherwise, their feet can get caught in the wheels or drag along the ground. This is both uncomfortable and unsafe.

But, these legrests and footrests also need to be out of the way when the senior is walking with it in “rollator mode.”

Fortunately, the models I will recommend below have legrests that fold out of the way when they aren’t being used.

Adjustable Handle Heights Fit Taller and Shorter People Better

It is important that the rollator fits the senior properly. Find a model that has adjustable height handles. This allows them to be raised or lowered so that the user isn’t bent over or putting too much stress on their upper body. The proper handle height is when they meet the wrist joint.

Choose a Front Facing Seat When in Wheelchair Mode

Note that, for safety, these products are designed to be used with the senior facing forward. Occasionally, I see these being used backward with the patient facing towards the rear. This is unsafe and, even, a little awkward looking.

When shopping, think about where the user will be while you are changing it over. Most of these do require the patient to be standing or sitting somewhere else. This is because a part needs to be moved or accessory parts like footrests need to be installed.

Summary and Final Recommendations

Rollator transport chairs like these should be considered by any senior who needs mobility assistance and is using a rollator. They really do present the best of both worlds for a user and a caregiver. Walk when you want to walk. Rest when you want to rest.

When shopping for walkers that convert to wheelchairs, make sure the model is light and easy to fold. This makes them much easier to transport and load into the back of a car.

Also, make sure the chair includes footrests that are adjustable to fit the person. You also want a transport rollator with a nice, wide, and comfortable seating area.

These are a few of the best walker/wheelchair combinations on the market today, but feel free to search around yourself and find out what would work best for both you and your caretaker.

If you ask which of these I think is the best rollator transport chair overall, I would say go with the Medline Translator. It has a great mix of features, is very lightweight, and has extras none of the others offer.

Buying one of these devices is an important step toward mobility and independence, so check them out today and let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

For heavier seniors, check out my list of bariatric rollators.

Have you ever used one of these hybrid wheelchair walker products? If so, please share your experience and recommendations in the comments below. If you found this guide helpful. Please share with your friends on social media.

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