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Older adults will be able to enjoy a better quality of life when their safety is guaranteed. So in this article, we share our list of the top-rated safety apps for seniors you can download today.

Safety Apps For Seniors
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In the digital world that we live in today, there are now apps for basically anything, and many of the top-rated safety apps for seniors have been specifically designed to help seniors so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

If you are exploring the expansive world of applications, we have done the research for you to identify some of the best senior apps in 2022.

Personal Safety Apps For Seniors

Snug Safety

Snug Safety is a free and friendly daily check-in app dedicated to people that live on their own. The app is very easy to use, regardless of how uncomfortable or comfortable the person may be with the latest technology.

How Does Snug Safety Work

Snug Safety is a very simple app that checks on your loved one every day.

When the person responds, the app shares a motivational quote, but when they don’t respond, the app sends a message to the emergency contacts to alert them that the person may need help.

It Is Fairly Simple

  1. The first step involves setting up the account. This will involve putting in the person’s email address and name. From here, the emergency contacts need to be chosen and the deadline for the daily check-in.
  2. The app will send a reminder before the chosen time each day, requesting the person to go onto the app to “check-in.” All that is needed from there is to push on the large green button!
  3. After the check-in, the 24-hour clock will be reset.

If the person does not check-in within the required time limit, the app initiates an alert to check if the person is ok.

When using the Free Plan, the app sends the emergency contacts a message (text) that will say that the person has missed their check-in.

When using the Paid Plan, a Snug dispatcher will make a call to the cell phone to check if the person is ok. If they fail to answer the call, the dispatcher will leave a message (voicemail) with the callback number.

From here, they will make a call to each of the emergency contacts.

If the person still hasn’t checked in, or the dispatcher has not received confirmation that an emergency contact will check on the person, the dispatcher will request what is known as a Wellness Check to the last-known location of the cell phone.

Learn more about the Snug Safe Safety App here.

safety apps for seniors medical alert
One of the best emergency apps available for seniors is the Red Panic Button app.

Best Medical Alert Apps For Seniors

Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button app is one of the best emergency apps for seniors and is very similar to the medical alert necklaces.

But rather than having to wear either a bracelet or trinket to remain safe, the user just needs to keep their phone nearby.

If anything happens that is medically related or emergency-related, the user just needs to push the Red Panic button in the app, and it will instantly send a message to the contact list that was chosen when setting up the app.

The app will also broadcast the location of the person that the user pre-selected to receive for emergencies.

Fall Protection And Notification Apps

FallSafety Home

The FallSafety Home app is ideal for seniors that may feel worried or anxious about falling while they are home alone.

Rated as one of the best senior safety apps for iPhone, FallSafety Home provides automatic alerts when emergency assistance is required and intelligent and innovative fall detection.

The account setup and the installation process are very easy and allow the user to choose emergency contacts of their choosing that will be notified when a fall is detected.

The app is free when only using one emergency contact and is available for iOS and Apple Watch.

Emergency Apps For The Elderly

The Senior Safety App is one of many emergency apps dedicated to the elderly, and it is good for Android users looking for effective apps with several emergency features.

This is an app that provides a quick and easy way to ask for help when faced with an emergency. And it is able to detect sudden jerks while driving or for tracking inactivity or a fall.

If any of these situations arise, the app will alert all the pre-set emergency contacts. This free app is only available for Android devices.

GPS Tracker Apps For The Elderly

Keeping watch over a senior family member is not always that easy, but with the latest available technology, many tasks have become much easier for everyone.

Today, there are many safety applications such as Senior GPS Tracker or GPS Tracker For Seniors that use a GPS signal to accurately pinpoint on the Smartphone Map the exact location of your family member or elderly parent.

Below are some of the features that can be found in a personal GPS tracker app:

It Helps You To Keep Track Of An Elderly Family Member

Senior GPS tracker will help you to keep track of a senior member, which will also help them to live an independent and more comfortable life while giving you peace of mind or reassurance when it comes to their safety.

With this GPS tracker installed on the phone, you can get their exact location in real-time, which can help you to find them quickly when they get lost.

These apps also include a range of other useful features, including Geofence alerts, Location monitoring, Inactivity Tracker, Fall Alert, Low Battery Alert, Location Logs, and more.

The security of an aging parent is very important to many people, and any extra measure that can be taken to guarantee their safety is usually well worth it.

See my favorite GPS tracking apps for seniors and the elderly here.

safety apps for seniors living alone
These apps could be a lifeline for the elderly who are living on their own.

Best Apps For Seniors Living Alone

Seniors that live alone often greatly enjoy the independence and personal freedom that comes with living on their own. However, these are perks that are not without a few risks.

When there is no one close by to respond or help, even minor falls can turn into life-threatening events when an older person is not able to let someone know that they need help.

At the same time, when a person doesn’t have someone around to provide companionship, isolation or loneliness can also impact their mental and emotional health.

And with so many elderly people experiencing declines due to age in hearing, vision, and mobility, day-to-day tasks often become a lot more challenging.

But with the assistance of technology, seniors and the elderly who live alone can use apps to improve some of the ways they do things while at the same time providing protection and more privacy.


Research has suggested that when a person lives on their own, the risk factor of falls is higher among seniors. The FallSafety app allows users to turn their smartphones or a smartwatch into a fall-detection device.

It is very easy to install, and the user can either add 1 emergency contact if they want to use the app for free or up to 5 contacts if they decide to subscribe.

Once the account is set up, the app will run continuously regardless of whether the person is using their smartphone or not.

If your loved one or you falls, this app automatically detects the fall thanks to the built-in accelerometer. From here, a Panic Button appears on the phone’s screen.

When the user presses the button, it will notify the emergency contact(s), providing the user with that lifeline when needed.

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When a person falls or sustains a bodily injury, it is not always possible or easy to call 911. In some cases, the pain caused by the injury can make it hard to speak, or maybe a landline cannot be reached.

In an emergency such as this, seniors that are living alone may benefit from using the Rescu app, which will automatically dispatch a first responder to the location of the user with two simple taps on their phone.

This app includes state-of-the-art GPS technology, yet it is still very simple to use even when it comes to non-tech-savvy users.

And due to the no-call system, it is the easiest and fastest method to secure help when a person is faced with an emergency.

When setting up an account, the Rescu app will ask for all the relevant medical and personal information and emergency contacts.

When an alert is sent, the app will immediately send all this information to an emergency responder, which can help them when it comes to how to care for the patient.

It will also send text messages to each emergency contact, which will also let them know that the person is faced with an emergency.

Rescu can be a lifeline for elderly people living on their own or for caregivers that need to know their loved one is safe.

Check out these apps for seniors who walk alone to improve their safety while they get their daily exercise.


With such a wide range of useful apps dedicated to seniors, it may seem a bit overwhelming to begin with.

When you start your research, ask a loved one, family member, or friend for help, especially when you are not sure how the downloading process works or how to set one up on your phone.

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