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Easy Solution for a Senior’s Cold Hands? Savior Heat Heated Gloves

Easy Solution for a Senior’s Cold Hands? Savior Heat Heated Gloves

With up to 6 hours of adjustable heat per charge, touchscreen fingertips and a moisture-blocking membrane, Savior Heat’s rechargeable gloves provide real winter relief for senior and elderly wearers.
Savior Heat Heated Gloves (5)
Savior Heat Heated Gloves (5)
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As a Certified Senior Advisor and Senior Home Safety Specialist, I understand the challenges that seniors and the elderly face, especially when it comes to keeping their hands warm.

That’s why I’m excited to share a fantastic solution to this problem: battery-powered heated gloves.

Savior Heat designed these particular battery-powered heated ski gloves with features to keep seniors’ hands nice, warm, safe, and dry for hours, whether they’re outdoors or not.

Thanks to Savior Heat for gifting me a pair of these gloves so that I could share this information with you.

In the following video, I walk you through each of these features and show you how to use these gloves to keep your hands toasty warm all winter long.

An Easy Solution for a Senior's Cold Hands: Savior Heat Gloves

Introducing Savior Heat Gloves

These rechargeable electric heated ski gloves are an incredible innovation that can bring immense comfort to seniors and the elderly. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what makes these gloves so helpful.

Savior Heat heated gloves unboxing kit componentsPin
The package include a pair of gloves, the user guide, 2 battery packs, charger, and a storage bag.

Unboxing and Features

When you open the box, you’ll find the Savior Heat Gloves, an owner’s manual, a storage bag, a charger, and two battery packs. The gloves are joined, but you can easily separate them by pushing a clip.

Inside each glove are pouches with connectors where you can insert the battery packs.

The gloves feature a power button and three indicator bars to control the heat settings. You can choose between low, medium, and high, depending on your preferences and the weather conditions.

Here’s a Tip! To extend your battery life, start them out on high, then turn them down once your hands have warmed up!

These gloves can provide heat for 2 to 6 hours and start warming up within 30 seconds!

Savior Heat Gloves attaching the batteryPin
Attach the batteries to the cables and place them in the glove pouch to get started.

Comfort and Convenience

What sets Savior Heat Gloves apart is their combination of comfort and convenience.

The gloves are designed with padding that provides warmth without restricting movement. This means seniors can wear these gloves and still easily carry out their daily activities.

Additionally, the gloves are waterproof, ensuring that water, ice, or snow won’t seep through and make their hands wet.

To further protect against moisture, there are tightening straps at the wrists and above, which you can adjust according to your preference.

Savior Heat Gloves connecting the chargerPin
To charge the batteries, remove them from the pouch in the gloves and plug in the charging cable.

Charging and Compatibility

Charging the Savior Heat Gloves is a breeze. To charge them, simply remove the battery packs and connect them to the provided USB connector.

You can then plug the connector into a USB plug or directly into a USB port. It takes around two to three hours to charge the batteries fully.

What’s really cool is that you can also use these gloves with your phone or other mobile devices. The first finger or the thumb of the gloves are touchscreen compatible, making it easy to use your devices without having to remove the gloves.

Savior Heat Gloves controlling the heat and power buttonPin
The bright red power button and three heat settings are easy to see and control.

Considerations for Seniors

While the Savior Heat Gloves offer a practical solution for many older adults, it’s important to consider their level of hand function. The connection between the gloves and the battery packs is snug, which might require some strength to plug and unplug.

Individuals with weak hands or painful arthritic joints might find this process difficult or even painful. However, once the gloves are charged and ready to use, managing and operating them is effortless.

Savior Heat Gloves Video using mobile devices with gloves attachedPin
You can use your mobile devices without removing the gloves!

Enjoying the Benefits

One of the key benefits of the Savior Heat Gloves is the long-lasting heat they provide. Seniors can confidently wear these gloves for up to six hours, ensuring their hands stay warm even during extended periods outdoors.

Whether it’s for a leisurely walk, running errands, or participating in outdoor activities, these gloves have got you covered, quite literally!

Savior Heat Gloves disconnecting batteryPin
The battery connection might be difficult for more eldelry users or people with arthritis.

Outsmart Old Man Winter

Savior Heat Gloves are a game-changer if you’re looking for an easy and effective solution to combat cold hands. They offer comfort, reliability, and convenience, making them an excellent choice for seniors and the elderly.

The intuitive controls and thoughtfully designed features truly set these gloves apart. I encourage you to give them a try and experience the warmth and comfort they provide. Remember, warm hands mean a happy heart!

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Stay warm, and until next time, take care!

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