Great Senior All Inclusive Vacations: Leave the Planning to Someone Else

All inclusive vacations for seniors offer a wide range of activities, lodging, and dining experiences that are all paid in advance. They are perfect if you want a great vacation planned out by experts who know the destination well.

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When you’re young, it can be fun to travel the world with nothing more than a backpack, phone and credit card.

As you get older, though, you start to have less tolerance for the stress and the ‘slumming it’ that can be associated with staying in cheap motels over hotels.

That’s why senior all inclusive vacations sell so well. Many senior citizens tend to prefer their vacations to have a little more luxury to them.

It’s a relief when you can just pay one fee and have all of your needs taken care of. This includes transport, accommodation, tours and activities, and food and drink.

All Inclusive Means Less Planning, More Fun

Travel is often fraught with challenges.

  • Figuring out where to stay, how much money to bring per day, what to eat, which activities to go on, and how you will get around is not fun.
  • Senior citizens often feel nervous when they are away from home. Especially if they are abroad where they don’t speak the language well. Learning how to navigate a new public transport system or drive on unfamiliar roads is a challenge for everyone but it is even harder for those who are a little older.
  • Finding places to eat that are going to provide food suitable for a senior with strict dietary requirements can be tricky. Knowing where is good in terms of pricing isn’t easy either.

These challenges can be offset with the right senior all inclusive vacations package!

Why Should Seniors Choose All Inclusive Vacations?

All inclusive packages are great for several reasons:

  • One up-front fee for everything taken care of
  • Less planning, less stress
  • Packages designed for seniors take special requirements into account
  • A single point of contact for any questions or concerns
  • Destinations that seniors will love

Top Senior All Inclusive Vacations

If you are looking to go on an all-inclusive vacation, you have a lot of options. Some of the best senior all inclusive vacation destinations include:

Enjoy Exclusivity at the Rendezvous in St Lucia


This all inclusive couples-only resort in the Caribbean is ideal for senior citizens who want a luxurious, quiet and peaceful retreat.

No kids, no stag and hen parties, no rowdy groups. Just peace, tranquility and luxury. The resort is the ultimate in sun, sea, sand and service. It is not aimed exclusively at senior citizens.

You will find young couples there too, but it is most certainly senior friendly.

Take in the Caribbean at Beaches Turks and Caicos


The all-inclusive resort at Beaches Turks and Caicos is ideal for seniors.

This is another resort in the Caribbean, which means beaches, pools, sun and tranquil islands.

If you’re full of energy you can go explore and try water sports or diving.

If you’re looking to be a little lazy then you can stay by the pool and enjoy service, drinks, and entertainment.

Explore the Castles and Lands of Ireland


Looking for something different than a beach vacation? An all inclusive tour of Ireland is a nice change of pace.

Ireland is a stunning country with a rich heritage, beautiful scenery, and great Whiskey. Another plus: it’s a good place for seniors to visit since the primary language is English.

You’ll get some great photo opportunities at the castles and in the countryside. Plus, with an all-inclusive tour you’ll find that you have no logistics to worry about. Your every need is taken care of. offer a great Irish tour with breakfasts included as well as a selection of other meals. One of the activities they provide is a medieval banquet!

This is an awesome way to check Ireland off of your bucket list!

Get to Know a Little More About Eastern Europe


A trip around Eastern Europe is a great idea for people who want their all inclusive vacation to be a little more varied. Eastern Europe is made up of several countries that each have their own unique personality and flavor.

There are many tour operators that cover Eastern Europe. Stride Travel and Tour Radar both have a number of tour options ranging from short trips to ones that spend three weeks or more exploring the mainland.

Be sure to check what is included in the trip, since it isn’t always immediately obvious how many meals are provided, for example.

The best packages will make sure that you are well looked after.

Go Luxury Camping in Maguide, France


If Glamping (glamorous camping) or all-inclusive caravan holidays are your thing, then one of the many Yelloh Village resorts could be a good option.

These resorts take the stress out of a holiday in France, taking care of everything for you.

Maguide is a good start for those who are looking to relax and unwind in a quiet area of the French countryside.

There are plenty of other resorts run by Yelloh Village so you can take your pick of different settings.

And, they are all run on an all inclusive basis, so you can count on a great experience.

Trips for All Tastes

As you can see there are many different options when it comes to senior all inclusive vacations.

Whether you’re the active sort or prefer things to be more on the lazy side of things, there are attractions to suit you. We haven’t even touched on traditional cruises!

Rendezvous is the best choice, in my opinion, because it combines luxury and exclusivity. You know before you book exactly what sort of clientele will be there. This means that you can look forward to a good holiday, with no stress. It’s a great setting, and the service is top notch.

If you’re not in the mood for beaches, there are plenty of other getaways in cabins, caravans and city resorts. Choose a more adventurous vacation if you feel so inclined!

That’s the beauty of all inclusive vacations. You can tailor them to meet your need. Yelloh Village has something for everyone, and with the right all inclusive tour operator you can get a great vacation that covers all of your needs.

Not all package vacations are aimed at seniors though. But most all inclusive holidays will suit seniors as well as younger people.

So, if you’re planning a couples getaway now that the kids have flown the nest, or you’re looking for a chance to explore, take a look at resorts for a stress free break.

What all inclusive senior vacation ideas do you have? Please share your ideas and experiences in the comments below. If this guide was helpful, I’d really appreciate a social share!

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Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

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