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Sleep bras are exactly what their name suggests - ultra-cozy, wireless bras that senior women wear for extra support while sleeping. If you are shopping for the best sleep bras for seniors and elders, you have come to the right place.

sleep bra for elderly
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While a comfortable sleep bra for seniors has the same features as normal wireless bras, the former is way more minimal in design. These bras don’t have pinching clasps, removable pads, or overly strappy structures. In fact, they are quite easy to put on and take off. The lightweight structure and the second-skin feel of the bra make it ideal for seniors and elders to wear when sleeping.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for the best sleep bra for seniors and elders. This article provides information on what you need to consider when buying sleep bras for seniors and elders and reviews some of the best sleep bras on the market today.

Recommended Sleeping Bras For Older Women

Here are our recommended sleep bras for seniors and the elderly based on comfort and support.

Breast Nest Bra Alternatives for B to HH Large Cups

  • Pull-over design
  • Stretchy fabric fits multiple cup sizes
  • As comfortable as not wearing a bra.
  • Non-constrictive and free
  • Wicks moisture and helps you stay dry and fresh.
  • Machine washable

The Breast Nest Bra is one of the best sleeping bras designed for older women. If you are looking for a bra that gives you the exact feel of NOT wearing a bra, you don’t need to look further than this product. It can also be used when exercising.

The product is made from the highest quality soft moisture control modal fabric to give you the necessary comfort in summer, or if you experience hot flashes due to menopause. It ensures a good fit since the fabric is quite stretchy.

On the other hand, the bra is great for elders with sensitive skin. This bra has an easy pull-on option for wearing. It comes in two styles.

Playtex Women’s Full-Coverage Bra

  • Front hook and eye closure
  • 4-way support
  • No-slip straps
  • Tagless design
  • Hand wash only

This is one of the best sleeping bras for seniors and elders and is also one of the best bras for seniors with sagging breasts specifically.

The product is designed with super breathable and stylish mesh material so that you don’t feel hot or sweaty when wearing the bra. The front-closure with bigger hooks facilitates the putting on and taking off of the bra for elderly women.

You can easily adjust the straps of the bra to suit your requirements. The bra is wide enough on the shoulders to feel comfortable while sleeping. It consists of super soft padding and elastic strips on the cup which makes it the best-fit bra for senior women.

Bali Women’s Double-Support Spa Closure Wire-Free Bra

  • Seamless lining
  • Rear hook and eye closure
  • Front adjustable straps
  • Innovative spa pouch design
  • Tagless
  • Machine washable

Bali is a popular brand that designs supportive bras for seniors with sagging breasts. So, it’s considered one of the most comfortable bras for senior women. The bra has almost all the features that any woman over 50 years would look for in a sleeping bra.

The easy straps let you adjust the bra on the front, but the bra has a back closure. The product is made of high-quality and soft Jacquard fabric to provide older women with perfect comfort and support. The bra doesn’t have an uncomfortable underwire in it. This bra has an elegant and eye-catching design with lace-trimmed scallops.

Carole Martin Full-freedom Wireless Comfort Bras

  • Stretch fabric fits B, C, D, & DD
  • Front hook and eye closure
  • 3 pack includes white, beige, black
  • Extra wide straps stay on your shoulders
  • Machine washable

This is considered one of the best front hook sleeping bras for seniors and elders. The straps have extra width to provide the best support to the breasts and back – which makes the product the best lift bra for older breasts.

The bra is designed with high-quality nylon-spandex material that is stretchy and comfortable. It is ideal for mature or heavier figures. The cup size is adequate an stretched to fit varying breast cup sizes of older women.

Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Seamless Pullover Bra

  • Pull-over style
  • Built it padding and no wires
  • Seamless stretch fabric
  • Ribbed knit for shaping and support
  • Hand wash only

This is one of the best pullover bras specially designed for older women. The pullover option is easier for seniors and elders who have trouble clasping hook and eye closures. It is also ideal for older women with sagging breasts since it provides extra support on the front as well as the wide racer-style back.

The bra is designed with nylon and spandex material that is stretchy and airy to give the best fit and lift to drooping breasts. The product has a ribbed knit design to provide proper shape and support to your sagging breasts. You can buy the product in all sizes and two basic colors.

What Do Older Women Need In A Bra?

A lot happens to “your best girls” over the years. They significantly change with menopause, and very few women over 50 years of age want to wear the same type of underwear as they did when they were in their 20s and 30s. In fact, their bodies, tastes, and priorities have significantly changed over the years.

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When you are 50, your breasts produce less estrogen and progesterone. Hormonal changes result in your breast tissues being replaced by fat – which makes your bust flabbier and the skin less elastic and looser. Most senior women feel that their breasts feel tender and more sensitive as they age.

Changes in Support Needs

The requirement for bra support will change as a woman ages since her bust becomes less firm. A bra with a good lift helps you avoid skin irritation over time. A wide back and firm material in the cups help provide better support for your breasts. You may opt for an underwired bra for superior support plus extra lift.

On the other hand, if you wear a pacemaker or don’t want to wear an underwired bra for whatever reason, go for a non-wired or wireless bra with good support and lift. If you think or feel that your breasts are growing during the menopause phase, you may choose a bra with a cup that is elastic and unpadded.

Breathable, Moisture Wicking Designs

Hot flashes are common during the phase of menopause and could last for many years. Selecting a bra made of breathable materials like cotton without padding will help you during this period. Periodical sweating is one of the most visible symptoms of menopause.

If you have such symptoms, you should buy a bra that is made of a material that wicks away moisture. Such a bra will help wick moisture away from your body without the material feeling damp. On the other hand, if you are a senior with extra sensitive skin or nipples, look for a molded bra without seams.

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Bra Buying Tips And Advice – What Senior & Elderly Women Should Look For In A Sleeping Bra?

There are a few factors to look for when shopping for the best sleeping bra for seniors and elders. In fact, the best sleeping bra is the product that gives easy solutions to the problems you face.

While a younger woman may look for the size and style of the bra, a senior woman needs to look beyond these two factors. Here are some of the most common factors to look for when shopping for the best sleeping bra for seniors and elders:

1. Size

The best sleeping bra for elders should fit perfectly. In fact, size matters for all women looking for bras, but it is even more important if you are an older woman. The most important thing is to measure your size by measuring the band size and the cup size of the bra with a measuring tape.

No elder woman will want a bra that is too tight or one that has a band too tight – especially when sleeping. Special attention is given to comfort when designing bras for elders.

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2. Comfort

Comfort is the main factor to consider when buying a sleeping bra for seniors. The material of the bra, the capacity of the cup, the tightness of the band, and the adjustment of straps are important considerations where comfort is concerned.

3. Support

The primary purpose of a sleep bra for elders is to support their breasts. If you have large breasts, you might need supportive underwires, and the bra should cover the maximum part of your breasts.

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4. Closure Options

Back closure options are more common in the market. But most seniors may experience trouble with such bras. The front-closure sleeping bra is the best option for elderly or senior women. If arthritis limits the movements of your arms to a certain extent, this type of bra is an excellent choice for you.

Older women who feel stiff and experience difficulty in making twisting movements should opt for a front-closure bra. That way, you don’t have to struggle closing the bra at the back. With a front-closure bra, all you need to do is to put the arms into the bra similar to putting on a jacket, and then fasten the closure at the front.

5. Quality

Never compromise the quality of the sleep bra just to save a few bucks in the process. The closures and sliders should be made with durable materials and the bra should be well-constructed. The senior will have peace of mind with a quality and comfortable sleep bra.

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