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Using A Bar Of Soap In Bed For Arthritis For Better Sleep?

Using A Bar Of Soap In Bed For Arthritis For Better Sleep?

Have you heard about this? People are actually putting a bar of soap in bed for arthritis pain relief! But, does it really work? Let's take a closer look.
Bar Of Soap In Bed For Arthritis Featured Image
Bar Of Soap In Bed For Arthritis Featured Image
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Have you heard about this? People are actually putting a bar of soap in bed for arthritis pain relief!

Having arthritis means exploring some of the more unique theories in medicine. One of these theories is none other than the “bar of soap in bed” trick.

Honestly, there’s not much science to back it up. But, while it seems odd, thousands of people say this home remedy works like a charm. They even claim it helps with leg cramps and restless legs.

Instead of using a bar of soap in the shower, you will be bringing it to bed with you tonight! Let’s examine what you have to do and why it works.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind this is to take a soap bar and place it under the sheets before going to bed. In general, you will place a fresh, scented bar of soap near your feet. This will help spread a soapy scent through the room as you try to get a good night’s sleep.

A soothing scented bar of soap is supposed to help calm the nerves and make it easier to sleep pain-free.

It’s a simple solution that has proven to work for people over the years.

Benefits of Using Soap in Bed

For those getting started, make sure to find a scented soap you enjoy smelling. Remember, it needs to calm the body, and that’s only going to happen if you prefer soap. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect and make it impossible to rest when it’s time to sleep.

1. Soothing Scent

Rather than dealing with the smell of your sweat in the middle of the night, you get to enjoy the perks of a soapy scent wafting through the air.

This is something that will allow the body to settle down and relax. Instead of dealing with a myriad of different scents (especially if you have a partner next to you!), it’s nice to have a soapy scent in the air when you wake up.

According to, the best scents for sleep and relaxation are lavender, vanilla, valerian, and jasmine. They also suggest using any scent that you personally enjoy – if you find it pleasing, it will relax you!

Along with the nice scent, it will also psychologically impact the body as you sleep. You will feel as if you are sleeping in a basket of soap, which can be comforting to many people. If you choose the right type of soap, it can be a life-changer immediately.

2. Controlled Variable

While most people think about the idea of having a nice scent to sleep through, it’s also going to come down to having a sense of control. Many people don’t realize this, but several variables are at play every night, such as the amount of light in your room or the temperature.

You may try to automate and/or regulate these details, but there are always discrepancies. Unfortunately, these little changes can be more than enough to trigger a flare-up.

By setting a bar of soap under the sheets, you will know the scent is a controlled part of your night. This can soothe the body and make it easier to rest for 8-10 hours pain-free.

3. Reduces Movement During the Night

To the surprise of many people, they tend to move a lot during the night. This can cause a flare-up because the body doesn’t settle in the same position.

Since the average arthritis patient is recommended to sleep on their back or on their side, it’s difficult to avoid pain if you are moving all the time.

This is why more and more people enjoy using a solution such as this to stay in one position. The soothing nature of the soap calms the body down and makes it easier to remain in the same position. Essentially, you will not be tossing and turning all over the place!

Final Thoughts

So, are you going to go ahead and use a bar of soap in bed for arthritis pain relief? Well, if it works, then why not give it a try?

No, it’s not going to cure your arthritis. However, this has been used before and continues to help individuals dealing with unrelenting pain due to their arthritis. In a situation like this, you will want to explore as many options as possible to get a good night’s sleep, right?

Using a bar of soap in bed isn’t going to hurt and may become a life-changer for you as soon as you use it. It could make you feel better even if it’s just a placebo!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Using A Bar Of Soap In Bed For Arthritis For Better Sleep?”

  1. Rebecca Hodges

    I definitely will use the bar of soap tonight.I’ve heard of this before.I’m looking forward to it with an open mind.Why not??

  2. B. Woolston

    I have been using a bar of soap for joint pain for years. I can’t explain why but it works.

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Thanks for the personal testimonial – it is a weird phenomenon for sure!

  3. Claire Cost


  4. Lynnmarie

    I have used Lavender, Vetiver, and several other pure essential oils for years to help me sleep. I make linen sprays, and topical blends, which I rub on the bottoms of my feet and apply on my wrists. I also diffuse the oils so the whole room smells good. It really helps, but the scent fades away before morning. I am going to try using a bar of lavender scented soap tonight. From my personal experience I know the scents help me sleep so I am glad I found another idea to add to my sleep aroma therapy.

    • Scott Grant

      Great ideas Lynnmarie – thanks for sharing with us!

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