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The 6 Best Stabilizing Utensils for Parkinson’s (That Quiet Shaky Hands)

The 6 Best Stabilizing Utensils for Parkinson’s (That Quiet Shaky Hands)

The hand tremors that sometimes come with Parkinson's disease can be aggravating. Especially when it comes to eating. Here are some of the best stabilizing utensils for Parkinson's to make eating a smoother process.
Stabilizing Utensils For Parkinsons Featured Image
Stabilizing Utensils For Parkinsons Featured Image
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When you or someone you know has Parkinson’s disease, you know all too well the suffering that this ailment can cause in so many ways.

One of the most difficult daily activities is eating without dropping food. It can be very frustrating. That’s why it’s important to have the best stabilizing utensils for Parkinson’s at your disposal.

Occupational Therapists recommend that the best stabilizing utensils for Parkinson’s be used on a regular basis for the ultimate way to deal with these issues.

The Best Stabilizing Utensils for Parkinson’s

There are many different brands on the market for stabilizing utensils. When finding the set that will benefit you the most, you want to consider price, functionality, and practicality.

I have picked the 6 best stabilizing utensils that you will want to consider on the market today:


GYENNO Parkinson Spoon for Hand Tremors


Product is made of FDA -approved materials and is also anti-bacterial.
Rechargeable batteries are replaceable if needed.


Charge is good for 3 meals so you should charge it every day for continued use.
Utensils are wider and some have complained that makes eating difficult for smaller people.

This utensil set for people with Parkinson’s uses an electronic motor that vibrates. This vibration helps offset the hand tremors caused by the disease.

Here is a video that shows this spoon and fork set in use with an explanation of how it works:

User reviews are mixed on this one. Some users swear by it and others said it didn’t work at all.

The issue seems to be around how bad the user’s tremors are. It seems to work best with mild to moderate tremors. There is also a bit of a learning curve to it, so it probably takes some practice and experience to get the full benefit.

Weighted Utensil SetPin

Vive Weighted Utensils Parkinson Spoon and Fork Set plus Knife



This set comes with a 60-day guarantee and this is a huge benefit for you. If you are unhappy with this set of utensils for any reason, you’ll be able to return the set for a new one or a refund.
You will find that you’ll get an excellent grip with this ideal utensil set. Not only is it great looking but it also is easy for you to transport too.


Once again, the price is a little bit higher for the weights in the utensils. The weights offer huge benefits for people with Parkinson’s.
You’ll find the time to get used to them a tad frustrating at first. Once you use them for a while, this is the best set of all of them.

You’ll have the optimal functionality with this weighted set of utensils. The weights are an unbelievable benefit for people who experience slippage while eating.

If you suffer from Parkinson’s, this is common when you are trying to eat delicate especially. You’ll love how these utensils will give you an added edge when you need it.

I love the way this set looks especially. It offers functionality and practicality in many ways that are highly beneficial when I suffer from my tremors.

BUNMO Adaptive Utensils for Elderly, Arthritis, Weak Hand Grip & Handicapped | 4 Piece Set | Convenient Travel Pouch | Lightweight | Arthritis Gifts for Seniors Over 80 | Gifts for Disabled AdultsPin

BUNMO Adaptive Utensils

as of 06/20/2024 12:23 am


I like the grip of this set of utensils because I could use them for delicate foods. They are also very nice looking.
The price is excellent because you can’t beat it for a set like this. This set offers great functionality.


It took a little while for me to get used to them. I liked them after using them for a while.
You will need to replace the set after using them a lot. Not too bad in terms of how long you can use them before you have to replace them though.

This is a great bargain and it includes forks, knives, and spoons. They are made wider than other utensils and since they are weighted, it makes this stainless steel set of utensils ideal.

Your hands will be able to grip them easily. You’ll be able to cut food from up above, like meats and other types of foods. They are made for Parkinson’s sufferers because they are shaped well.

Adaptive Utensils WEIGHTED (4-Piece Set) Non Slip Wide Handles for Hand Tremors, Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease or Elderly use | Cutlery Silverware - Knife, Fork, and SpoonsPin

Weighted Adaptive Utensils for Hand Tremors, Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease

as of 06/20/2024 12:23 am


This set has a great price point. I like this set for the practicality that it offers for such a low price.
The utensils are nice looking. You could take them with you when you are visiting other people’s homes for a meal.


The utensils will take time for you to get used to them. The pieces of the set do work well.
You might need to replace them sooner than other sets of utensils. That’s because they are less expensive and they do not come with the weights in them.

This is a stainless steel 4-piece set that looks fantastic. With this set, you’ll be impressed with the way that you’ll be able to consume your food in a much better fashion.

You won’t need to worry about dropping food off of your utensils with the way that is made.

Oneida Paul Revere 5-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 1Pin

Oneida Paul Revere 5-Piece Flatware Set

as of 06/20/2024 12:23 am


This set has a great price tag and that is always a benefit to you the consumer. It also comes with a warranty so that if there are any manufacturer problems with the utensils, you’ll be able to have them replaced.
There’s no polishing involved and that makes these types of utensils excellent when it comes to cleaning up. The set is made of stainless steel.


Always, the utensils may take you a while to get used to because of the weights in them. Once you are used to holding them correctly, they become a huge benefit for you.
You’ll want to package them right when you’re going to someone’s place for a meal. Just keep them wrapped in a cloth for easy carrying.

This stainless steel of utensils is great for everyday use and you’ll be glad that it never needs polished and still looks great. This is great for you because if there are any manufacturer problems, you’ll be able to have the pieces replaced.

You’ll love the way that you will be able to use these for harder types of dishes, like meats and larger meals. The handles fit comfortably in your fingers for an excellent grip.

Kinsman KEatlery Weighted Utensils, Set of 4 Includes Knife, Fork, Teaspoon and Soup SpoonPin

Kinsman KEatlery Weighted Utensils

as of 06/20/2024 12:23 am


Excellent for anyone who suffers from hand tremors. These utensils make eating with them very simple and easy.
You’ll love the grip of these utensils, they allow you to maneuver for any type of meal. This set offers great versatility whenever you have something fantastic planned.


Your purchase is not returnable with this particular set. You must keep it after purchasing it if you have opened it so be sure that it is the set that you wish to purchase. Take your time in deciding whether or not this will be the most practical for your use.
It’s a little bit pricier than other ones but worth it in the long run. This set may take a little bit longer to get used to but it offers a fantastic ability to control all of the movements that you need while you are eating.

This set of four pieces each, which includes: knives, forks, and spoons is great to use for all different types of dishes.

You’ll want to time getting used to the utensils because the more that you practice with them, the less difficult eating will be. It is a little bit higher than the other utensil sets.

Why Do People with Parkinson’s Need Special Eating Utensils?

You know that with Parkinson’s, the tremors within the hands are devastating at times. Picking up small things is hard and eating is a chore in itself.

Preparing the meal is also difficult because the fingers tend to be weaker than other people who don’t have Parkinson’s.

With the best stabilizing utensils for Parkinson’s Disease, you’ll feel more confident when you are able to handle these types of issues.

What Utensil Options Are Available to People with Parkinson’s?

There are utensils that utilize weights, special handles, and swivels to assist someone with Parkinson’s.

This will allow you to mobilize the hand in a better way so that you can pick up the food quicker. In many cases, these utensils will prevent spillage too.

Quick Mention of the Stabilizing Utensils for Gifts

If you know someone who has Parkinson’s, these stabilizing utensils make an excellent gift idea. Not only for a holiday but birthdays and any other special occasion throughout the year. They can benefit from them in many ways.

When you have the best stabilizing utensils for Parkinson’s, you’ll be able to eat in a relaxed fashion. These are all excellent choices for you so that dealing with the disease will be much easier.

Do you have other devices or tricks for making eating easier for people with Parkinson’s disease? Please leave your comments and suggestions in the section below!

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